Author Sean Hyman claims that his Absolute Profits System will provide you with a “secret calendar” that “generates consistent, predictable, and reliable results… nearly 100% of the time.” Sean claims that this calendar was initially developed by Wall Street insiders to take advantage of the ups and downs related to 19 different sector funds, which he has now made available to the public.

The Absolute Profits System is distributed by NewsMax based out of West Palm Beach, FL, which holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any online customer reviews specifically regarding the Absolute Profits System.

How the Absolute Profits System Works

The sales page for the Absolute Profits System is presented by its author, Sean Hyman, who is also the author of Biblical Money Code, and many others. Mr. Hyman begins with a story about Merrill Lynch that takes place in 1968. According to him, the company completed an “extensive study” that showed a recurring six-month up-and-down cycle, which if followed, would have allowed investors in different market sectors to have earned 250% more than the popular “buy and hold” strategy at the time. As a result, the Wall Street analysts that were part of the study “put their findings into a unique annual financial calendar,” which was distributed to “a very small inner circle of insiders.”

Sean now claims that he’s gotten his hands on a “rogue version” of this calendar, and this forms the basis of the Absolute Profits System. In it, Mr. Hyman claims that you’ll find out how to “hold on to each of the [19] sector funds [ETFs or mutual funds] for only two to six months,” at which point you’ll sell for a profit. Then, after the six-month down cycle has passed, you’ll once again purchase these 19 funds, and repeat the process. While Sean admits that there is no perfect system of making money, he claims to have partnered with a mathematician to create a superior version of this calendar that comes equipped with a “crash alert,” which can let you know “if the stock market was approaching a major crash.”

According to Sean, you can “increase returns to 21.49%” using the Absolute Profits System, which is “one of the simplest, most reliable, and predictable ways to invest your money.” He claims that it makes “money when times are good and when times are bad,” and that you simply have to “mark off the 38 dates on your calendar.” When this day arrives, you’ll “simply execute the investment.”

The Absolute Profits System is also claimed to help you pick the best stock out of the entire sector whenever it approaches its “prime season,” and includes the following:

  1. Email Trade Alerts that lets you know exactly when to buy and when to sell.
  2. Weekly Tuesday Update that contains a video explaining market occurrences and current positions.
  3. Monthly Absolute Profits Interview that will answer long-term strategy questions in a Q&A format.
  4. 24/7 access to the entire Absolute Profits library, which includes the active version of the Prime Season Calendar.
  5. Email Crash Alerts
  6. Training Videos on Sean’s various other investing concepts.
  7. “Free” bonus: Prime Season International Calendar, which will “show you exactly when you should invest in a country’s stock market.”

In addition, you’ll also receive the following special reports:

  • The 12% Guide to Capital Gains
  • The 12% Guide to Income
  • The 12% Personal Finance Blueprint
  • The Insider’s Guide to Real Wealth Investing
  • 5 Currencies That Will Trounce the U.S. Dollar
  • 3 Uncommon Income Plays for the Renegade Investor
  • The Investing 101 Guide

Absolute Profits System Pricing & Refund Policy

When purchasing access to the Absolute Profits System, you’ll be presented with three different membership options:

  1. Standard: 6-month subscription for $99.
  2. Deluxe: 1-year subscription for $147.
  3. Premium: Includes a one-year membership to Absolute Profits, in addition to a copy of Sean’s book The Six Keys to Financial Success and three Exclusive Reports: Conquer the Commodities Boom, The New Golden Age of Dividends, and 3 Little-Known Income Strategies to Triple Your Return, all for $147.

The Absolute Profits System comes with a 90-day, 100% refund guarantee. However, even if you cancel, you’ll still get to keep a copy of the Prime Season Calendar.

Keep in mind that your Absolute Profits membership will be automatically renewed each year, though you will receive a notification from NewsMax when this is about to occur. Also, you’ll be enrolled in Sean Hyman’s other program The High Income Factor at your first renewal, which will cost you an additional $97 per year.

To request a refund or to cancel your automatic renewal for any NewsMax investing program, simply contact customer service at 800-485-4350 or via an online form.

Bottom Line: Is the Absolute Profits System a Scam?

While we didn’t find any information that would lead us to believe that the Absolute Profits System is a scam, keep the following in mind:

The Absolute Profits System website uses a video to promote the program, which, despite its length, provides few details, and uses a lot of general statistics and emotion. In our experience, this is generally a red flag.

In addition, we were unable to locate any online customer reviews during our research. Because of this, it’s difficult to gauge overall satisfaction levels. However, some of Sean’s other investment systems, such as the Biblical Money Code, appear to have relatively low customer satisfaction ratings.

With this in mind, if you’re looking for a viable investment system, you may want to research some of the more popular methods that include positive customer feedback.

Do you have experience with Sean Hyman’s Absolute Profits System? If so, share your experience with the world and write a review!