Ankle Genie is a compression sleeve that you wear on your foot and ankle. It is meant to reduce foot fatigue from standing on your feet for extended periods by providing support for your ankles, while smoothing and massaging the ankle to promote healing and rejuvenation.

A TeleBrands product, the Ankle Genie is sold under the As Seen on TV brand, which by now, you've most likely seen being advertised all over television.

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How Ankle Genie Works

Ankle Genie’s soft, neoprene construction supposedly massages your feet and ankles while you wear it. By doing this, it promotes healing in your foot and ankle and rejuvenates the ankle. And you can wear it over socks and underneath any type of foot wear. The product website claims Ankle Genie is good for doing activities and specifically lists golfing, tennis, hiking or biking. Plus, it relieves swelling during airplane travel and gives you relief when your ankles swell from fluid retention, varicose veins or poor circulation.

You simply put the Ankle Genie on using the built-in zipper and use the adjustable velcro closure to adjust it to your foot size. Then, you just wear it for as long as you need to. The website claims it gives you 24/7 support for your ankles if you wear them all day.

Ankle Genie Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

The Ankle Genie sells for $10 for regular size or $12.99 for large, plus $6.99 shipping and handling for a total of $16.99 or $19.98, respectively. You can also add a second Ankle Genie to your order (although you can opt out) for an additional $6.99. If you opt to receive the second Ankle Genie, your total would be $23.98 for regular or $26.97 for large.

The Ankle Genie is covered by TeleBrands‘ generic 30-day money back guarantee. To return it, follow the return information included in the package. Send all returns to the address indicated on your packing slip/invoice and include the following:

  1. Your order number and/or your complete name, address, and billing phone or email address
  2. A detailed explanation regarding your reason for returning the item(s)
  3. Information about whether you would like a refund or a replacement

Bottom Line – Should you buy the Ankle Genie?

With numbers consumer reviews on the Ankle Genie, the most common complaint is that one size does not fit all, no comfortability, and the zipper tends to break rather quickly. Also, it's important to note, that chances are that the Ankle Genie would not be a permanent solution for your swollen ankles as it is an As Seen on TV Product and those tend to provide little to no result versus what you may have expected initially. If you are suffering from tensions and swollen ankles, it is recommended that you speak with a family doctor and see if this is a good remedy for you.

However, the Ankle Genie is not an overly expensive item so if you suffer from sore, swollen ankles and feet and you think it’s worth the risk for the price, you may find this product to your liking.

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