Aqua Stone, a TeleBrands product, is a porous sphere that acts as a natural humidifier that doesn’t require electricity or filters, plus it looks like a piece of decor in your home rather than a humidifier. Because it doesn’t require electricity or a battery, you can place it anywhere with no hassle and it is also silent. It can apparently humidify a room for days at a time. 

How Aqua Stone Works

Although the product website doesn’t actually say what the Aqua Stone Humidifier is made from, it does say that the porous material draws water up from the bowl it sits in through capillary action and then humidifies the air through naturally occurring evaporation. All you have to do is fill the bowl with water and place it in the room you want to humidify.

Aqua Stone Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

Aqua Stone sells for $19.95, plus an undisclosed amount for shipping and handling (calculated at checkout). For that, you receive an Aqua Stone and a mini Aqua Stone. You can also get a second Aqua Stone and a second mini Aqua Stone for paying additional shipping and handling. It is not clear if you are forced to take this second set or not. Technically, the mini Aqua Stone and the second set of Aqua Stones are “free.”

Aqua Stone is covered by TeleBrands’ generic 30-day money back guarantee. For that, you will receive your purchase price back, but not your shipping and handling, and you will also have to pay to ship the item back. To return your product, follow the return instructions that come with it. If you have questions, you can contact TeleBrands at 1-855-668-1655.

Bottom Line – Should you buy the Aqua Stone?

Aqua Stone doesn’t appear to have any consumer reviews online yet, primarily because it just came on the market and their website was only registered on December 9th, 2013. Therefore it’s difficult to say if it works as advertised or not. It certainly seems to be a good idea if it does work. However, one important thing to consider before you make the purchase is that the website does not mention anywhere as to how often you need to change the water in order to keep the Aqua Stone active as promised.

As the promotional video points out, electric humidifiers can be a tad on the bulky side and they can be a hassle to refill and clean (although not nearly as much of a hassle as the video makes it look). Electric humidifiers also generally cost $100 and up, as the video says. If the Aqua Stone appeals to you and you are willing to risk your shipping and handling fees to find out if it works, it might be a good purchase for you.