About Bella Dior

Are you frustrated with your skin’s appearance, but don’t want to invest in costly surgeries? Bella Dior claims that their anti-aging skincare could be your newest secret weapon.

Combining ingredients previously only available to dermatologists, this claimed super-concentrated serum promises to reduce fine lines and restore your confidence—all while being gentle enough for regular use on delicate, aging skin.

Can Bella Dior help you turn back time more effectively than a doctor? Let’s take a look at the products, claims, ingredients, and customer reviews:

What’s Bella Dior Good For?

“Look younger instantly”—that message is at the heart of Bella Dior’s promise to their customers. The anti-aging product claims to remove wrinkles in as little as three minutes by delivering:

  • A concentrated serum of high-quality, lab-tested ingredients that tighten aging skin
  • Maximum hydration, resulting in fewer dry patches, faster healing time, and a youthful glow
  • Advanced rejuvenation, including improved elasticity, minimized pores, and decreased age spots

Beyond offering a breakthrough formula, Bella Dior claims to care genuinely about improving your skin’s appearance, with the aim of helping you to feel beautiful inside and out.

Who’s Behind Bella Dior?

Dr. Paula Sutherland—that’s who cheerily explains the benefits of Bella Dior to visitors of the product’s official website. Introduced as an aesthetician and skincare specialist, Dr. Paula Sutherland claims to have over 15 years of experience in the skincare industry.

A medical degree (as insinuated by the honorific “Dr.”) and fifteen years of experience would certainly qualify Sutherland as an expert worthy of consumers’ trust. Unfortunately, a Google search performed at the time of our writing returned no information on Paula Sutherland—including any credentials matching that name.

Which leads us to ask: who’s really behind Bella Dior?

Our next best guess is the team of dedicated skincare professionals that Bella Dior’s website claims crafted their breakthrough formula. While these skin care professionals remain unnamed, we are given a list of three designer ingredients that could lead us to a source.

What Are Bella Dior’s Active Ingredients?

Lipogard, Pentavitin, and Trylagen PCB are listed as the three patented ingredients that are claimed to give Bella Dior its effective kick. Two of the designer compounds are manufactured by a company called Centerchem, while the third is made by Lotioncrafter:

  • Lipoguard is a patented designer compound manufactured by Centerchem. It’s described as an “oil-soluble free radical scavenger that prevents lipid peroxidation.” Free radicals cause cellular damage, which can result in early aging, though only in the recommended concentration of between one and three percent.
  • Pentavin is another patented compound by Centerchem. Described as a unique binding mechanism, Centerchem claims that Pentavin ensures instant hydration that lasts for 72 hours, resulting in strong improvements in the skin’s comfort and appearance.
  • Trylagen PCB is manufactured by Lotioncrafter. This blend of active peptides is claimed to boost collagen production, as well as strengthen and protect existing collagen bundles. Lotioncrafter states that the benefits of Trylagen PCB have been demonstrated in vivo (meaning on a living organism) and that the compound has been proven to significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles around the eyes.

Both Centerchem and Lotioncrafter are international suppliers of specialized, high-performance ingredients that enable cosmetic chemists to formulate unique products using their patented compounds. Note that all three of the listed ingredients have suggested concentration levels to ensure they perform as intended.

While Bella Dior does list their other ingredients (which we’ll discuss shortly), the brand does not disclose what concentration of each of the above active ingredients is included in their formula—leaving consumers to wonder whether or not there’s enough to be effective.

Additional Information About Bella Dior

On the product’s official website, a full list of the product’s ingredients shows that the formula is both water-based and includes alcohol. Customers with sensitive skin should note that, despite Bella Dior’s claims of lasting hydration, the inclusion of alcohol means that the formula might prove drying.

Next, despite the claims made by Lotioncrafter, Centerchem, and Bella Dior regarding the efficacy of their formulas, consumers should know that their statements and implications have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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That’s the norm for cosmetics, which are regulated as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS). This is the essential difference between what’s considered a cosmetic and a drug—drugs, or medications, are evaluated before they even hit the market.

It’s important for you, a consumer, to understand is that cosmetics are regulated under GRAS because they are recognized as not making significant permanent changes to your skin.

What should you take away from that information? It boils down to this: If a product is available without a prescription, it simply can’t be strong enough to wipe away your wrinkles to the degree of a prescription drug or in-office procedure, such as a facelift, or the FDA would apply stricter regulations.

This isn’t to say that Bella Dior doesn’t work, but it’s important for consumers to recognize marketing language that denotes the difference between suggestions, such as help” and “improve,” and concrete promises of wiping away wrinkles in an instant.

How Much Does Bella Dior Cost?

Here’s where things get tricky: Bella Dior is only available through a free trial offer. The cost is $6.95 upfront, and customers are given 14 days to test the product before deciding if it’s a good fit before charges for the full price kick in.

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Note that this is 14 days from the time Bella Dior ships, not when you receive your package.

After your 14 days have passed, you’ll be charged $95.13 for your order of Bella Dior. Meaning that, depending on shipping times, you might only have a day or two to test Bella Dior before deciding it’s not right for you. (More on this shortly.)

Also, note that Bella Dior isn’t a one-time purchase. Instead, ordering once automatically enrolls customers in an autoship program, which means that your credit card will be charged $95.13 every 30 days until you call to cancel.

While the website states that you’re allowed to call and cancel at any time, customers who didn’t read the fine print might find that they’re already out one or two payments before calling customer service, leading to charges that exceed their expectations.

Due to our experience writing about anti-aging scams, we generally advise against signing up for free trials or autoship programs—consumers can find that customer service is difficult to reach, unauthorized charges continue to appear, and you may have difficulty obtaining a refund.

To give Bella Dior a fair shot of improving this impression, we contacted their customer service at the given phone number, 866-251-4985. And guess what?

Instead of navigating our way through endless call trees and hold times, an exceedingly friendly and helpful customer service representative named Alex answered the phone within 30 seconds of dialing.

Alex put some of our fears regarding shipping times at ease, stating that, should a customer not receive their order of Bella Dior with ample time for testing, they do provide extensions on a case-by-case basis. He also noted that, should you not be satisfied with the product, customers are given 30 days to call for a refund—and that canceling your membership is as simple as giving them a call.

Bottom Line On Bella Dior

Given Bella Dior’s inclusion of three patented active ingredients, at least one of which that has been subjected to clinical trials, it’s our opinion that use of this product might result in the decrease of wrinkles and fine lines. However, whether or not it works as claimed depends on the concentration of their active ingredients—which remain undisclosed.

It’s important for potential shoppers to remember that, because Bella Dior is regulated as a cosmetic, it’s unlikely that the formula will equal the results of the costly surgeries to which it’s compared.

Additionally, customers who purchase Bella Dior without reading the fine print might find themselves surprised by the high charge on their credit cards—which, remember, will recur every 30 days.

However, if you’re aware of the limitations of a cosmetic formula and the potential charges, there is an upside: In our experience, Bella Dior does deliver on their claims of attentive customer service. Meaning that, while Bella Dior might not erase all of your wrinkles, you certainly won’t be forced to grow old waiting for someone to help you with your order.

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  • 4 out 4 people found this review helpful

    Total Scam! Buyer Beware.

    • FL,
    • Sep 23, 2016

    This company is a total sham. They suggest that they offer a 60-day trial, which is not true. A week after they shipped their "trial" product, there was a recurring charge to our account for $184 under two separate business names; LuxeDior and ChangedYou.

    What does that have to do with Bella Dior? I'm glad you asked.

    They are all the same company. They do business under at least 5 names that I've found so far; BellaDior, LuxeDior, Elite White, Changed You and NutriLabs. All 5 businesses are based in Tampa, FL on Lois Avenue, Tele: (866) 251-4985 / (866)251-4950.

    We contacted customer service 6 times in total, starting immediately after sending back their "trial" product. They verified that the returned product was received on 8/4 and I spoke with the customer service manager Mark Randall.

    Each time they told us a different lie about processing the refund. First, they said our credit card declined the refund so they had to send us a certified check. Then they told us that too many people complained about having to be home to sign for the certified check, so they mailed a check regular post. Next, they told us that they have had complaints of checks going missing and ours must have been stolen, out of our locked mailbox. The next time, the CSM Mark said that their fraud department would be contacting us about the "stolen" check, which never happened. It's just a lie after a lie with these people. This back and forth has been going on for 7 weeks.

    While writing this review, I even found a YouTube video of a user warning that these people used her Botox results video to fraudulently sell their product. The link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_UH_QfBUPM

    At this point, I don't expect to get the $184 back from these scammers but you don't have to be a victim either.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 11 out 11 people found this review helpful

    Scam, Avoid This Company

    • Denver, CO,
    • Aug 16, 2016

    When I started receiving the products and charged the full amount (the initial marketing very sketchy and not clearly outlined for the consumer), I immediately called the company but could not get through. I left a message requesting cancellation; I also called my credit card company who refunded my money. However, the full amount of the product was charged AGAIN the following billing cycle. I emailed the customer service email address and someone named 'Mark' responded stating Bella Dior is "in litigation" with my bank!

    I responded and questioned "in litigation", demanding they stop billing me for a product I have repeatedly stated I do not want. I did not get a reply, so I contacted my credit card who promptly removed the charges again.

    I did further research into Bella Dior. On an online search, it states the company comprises of one individual Raymond Faloudi of Venice, FLA. Also connected to that name were approximately 7-8 other companies that, on closer examination, appear fraudulent. I had an in depth conversation with my credit card representative and they are willing to continue refunding the charges as long as Bella Dior fraudulently charges my account, but what a waste of everyone's time! Avoid this company like the Zika virus!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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