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When launching an internet business, the acronym KISS (Keep It Super Simple) is often the key to success, and Brainly, a collaborative community of more that 30 million worldwide users helping one another to learn and explore, claims to have taken this to heart. All you have to do is ask a question related to your subject and get an answer. What could be more simple than that?

Headquartered in Poland, Brainly claims to bring students of all ages together from across 35 countries and 12 languages, with a stated goal of reaching more than 100 million users by the end of 2015. And considering their position as the largest social learning network, their recent $9 million Series A funding, and media attention from popular outlets such as Forbes and TechCrunch, the company appears to be well on its way.

But although the concept may be simple, how exactly does Brainly work?

Ask a Question, Get an Answer: How Brainly Works

Let’s say you’re working on some algebra homework and become stuck on a specific problem. You’ve looked through your book and asked a couple friends, but you just don’t know how to solve it. It’s getting kind of late and your eyes are becoming heavy, and you just need to finish this last problem before you can go to bed.

In an instance like this, Brainly might be able to provide a solution. This points-based Q&A website claims to provide crowd sourcing for homework, which can allow you to learn and explore answers related to your problems. This includes subjects such as english, mathematics, social studies, business, and history. Before asking your question (or even signing up for an account) though, you can browse Brainly’s fairly extensive archive of past questions and answers.

Asking Questions on Brainly

In order to ask a question, you’ll first need to sign up for a Brainly account by manually entering your information, or you can use your Facebook credentials for a faster signup process. Then, after signing up and deciding which question to ask, you simply need to choose a subject from a drop down list, type your question, and then press the “Ask a question” button.

According to Brainly, any questions you ask should be straightforward and should not contain links to external sources. And if the question is complex, it may be better answered in multiple questions. However, once your question is posted, Brainly claims that 80% get answered within 10 minutes (see more about this in the Consumer Feedback section).

For each question that you ask, Brainly provides the ability to receive up to 2 acceptable answers, which are verified by a team of 450 moderators for accuracy, and who will delete answers if they contain too many errors. Also, if you don’t understand one of the answers, you can request further information for clarification.

For getting your homework questions answered on the go, Brainly also has apps available for Android and iOS devices.

Brainly’s Points-Based System

Brainly’s services are offered free of charge, although they are points-based. In other words, when answering questions, if yours is deemed the best, the you’ll receive 50% of the total points offered by the user who’s asking the question. And when it comes time to ask your own question, you’ll award points to the user who best answers it.

However, before you start answering questions, you can earn 20 points for registering your Brainly account, 10 points for completing your profile, 10 for verifying your email address, and another 5 for logging in once daily. In addition, if you’re the one asking a question, you’ll receive 25% of the total points for choosing the best answer.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About Brainly?

Although Brainly has been in business since 2009, the company recently entered the U.S. market in early 2014. With this said, Brainly appears to have a very positive online reputation, and most users appear to have enjoyed using the site and receiving answers to their homework problems.

Outside of technical issues related to their mobile apps, some of Brainly’s most common complaints/criticisms are related to questions that take a long time to receive an answer, with some appearing to go unanswered altogether. In addition, some teachers have expressed concern that Brainly may provide students with answers to their homework problems, but this doesn’t mean that they’re being taught how to arrive at the answers themselves (most related to math), which could be problematic when test time comes.

Bottom Line: Can Brainly Help You Solve Your Homework Problems?

Overall, Brainly’s simple concept and extremely large user base means that the site is easy to use, and you’ll very likely receive answers to any of your homework problems in 10 minutes or less. Brainly could be especially useful for students who are strong in one or more subjects but are weak in others, because the website gives you the ability to exchange knowledge with others all across the globe.

However, keep in mind that although answers are claimed to be verified by a team of 450 Brainly volunteer moderators, you’ll almost certainly want to have your answers double checked before you turn them in to your teacher.

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  • Why did Brainly do this!

    I loved it until they deleted my account and would not register me in again! I love this site and they need to give me my account back.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 2 out 2 people found this review helpful


    This is my 5th account in Brainly. After an argument on the chat with another person (she was asking me personal questions), I got removed, but not her. All I said was "stop it" and "don't ask me that". My other accounts were removed for no reason, as usual. My brother has it and is talking to the leader of the website, asking why and what happened. Even after all of this, it can be a very good site for homework, helping, but that is a very rare chance, because many people go on it just to cause DRAMA.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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