Chop Magic, an As Seen on TV product, promises to let you chop, mince, cube, slice and dice anything you need to in seconds.

Based out of Wallingford, CT, the makers of Chop magic guarantee that it will save you time and energy by making the chore of chopping easy. You can chop an onion in one second, according to the company’s website, and not have to worry about crying while you do it. The Chop Magic is dishwasher safe and all of the parts store within itself, saving on storage space.

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How Chop Magic Works

Chop Magic comes with two different lids that have stainless steel blades embedded into them that sit overtop of a catching container. One is a mincing blade while the other is a dicing blade. You choose which blade you want to use and put that onto the Chop Magic and then you place what you want to chop onto the blades. You then push down on the top of the Chop Magic to propel what is being chopped through the blades and into the container below.

By doing all of your chopping in one motion, the Chop Magic claims to save you time and cleanup by eliminating the need for cutting boards and knives. It also claims to save you tears because you don’t have to cut onions the old-fashioned way. 

The Chop Magic only has three parts to it: the catching container, the blade, which sits like a lid on top of the container, and the pushing device that pushes what you are cutting through the blades. It therefore looks like it is extremely easy to set up and use and you can likely begin using it immediately out of the box after washing it.

You can also disassemble it easily to put it into the dishwasher. And it also stacks within itself to store easily.

Chop Magic Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

The Chop Magic sells for  $19.95 + shipping and handling of $7.95. But, for that price, you get what is called the Chop Magic set, which includes: the Chop Magic, a perfect tortilla pan, a recipe guide, a lifetime guarantee and, if you order online, a free mystery gift.

Right now, the website has a deal where you get 2 Chop Magic sets for the price of $19.95 + $7.95 for shipping and handling if you pay an additional $7.95 shipping and handling. That means for $35.85, you will get 2 Chop Magic units, 2 perfect tortilla pans, 2 recipe guides, 2 lifetime guarantees and, if you order online, 2 free mystery gifts. 

All orders plus applicable tax are subject to a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee minus shipping and handling fees. You would also have to pay to have your item shipped back to the company.

Customers looking to return their Chop Magic should visit or call 1-866-322-7209. Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm Eastern Time.


  • It does appear that the Chop Magic could save you time while chopping.
  • The blades are covered by a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • It looks easy to use.


  • If you decide to return your product, you will have to pay the shipping and handling to return it.
  • You will still have to do some chopping prior to using the Chop Magic, as the chopping area in the device is fairly small. So, for example, if you are dicing a cucumber, you will need to cut it into pieces small enough to put on the chopping area of the Chop Magic.