Update: Like most things, products have a natural life cycle, and when they outlive their profitability they become "dead," or discontinued. This is a frequent occurrence with "As Seen on TV" products, and it's often the case that the only notice we're given of their passing is an inactive website. With this in mind, as of now it appears that Comfi Heels is no longer being offered by the manufacturer.

Comfi Heels orthotic insoles are designed to make high heels of any height feel more comfortable. A product of TriStar Products, Inc., the Comfi Heels contain a partial insole that fits into a high heeled shoe, making it comfortable enough to wear all day.

Comfi Heels Features

Invented by podiatrist Emma Supple, Comfi Heels take the pressure off the ball of your foot while in high heels and distributes the weight more evenly over your foot.

To use them, just peel off the cover to reveal the adhesive backing and put them in the heel of your high heeled shoes. (They are designated for the right and left shoes.) Then, press them down to make sure they’re in firmly and your high heels should be instantly transformed into more comfortable shoes. They work with any high heeled shoe from 1 - 5 inches, plus wedges.  

The promotional video claims that Comfi Heels aren’t big and bulky like other insoles and they also don’t cover the entire bottom of the shoe, which squishes your toes and prevents your arch from its natural spring motion. What Comfi Heels do, according to the video, is help alleviate pressure, increase stability with “sole stabilization technology” that shifts weight back to your natural center of gravity, improving your body alignment while wearing high heels. The design purportedly improves foot and ankle stability and balance while in heels.

The website says that they come with a Perfect Size Guarantee Free Exchange Program, however, there is no information as to how the program works.

There are no consumer reviews of Comfi Heels online yet.

Comfi Heels Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

Comfi Heels sell for $19.95 with free shipping and handling. For that price, you will receive three pairs of Comfi Heels.

While Comfi Heels are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, there is no information on that guarantee on the product website. Usually these types of guarantees state that you will receive your purchase price back, but not shipping and handling. However, because there is no shipping and handling for the Comfi Heels, it’s not clear exactly how the money back guarantee works.

If you have questions, you can call 973-287-5147.

Bottom Line

With no consumer reviews to go by, it’s not easy to tell whether this product works as advertised or not. The product website has two different podiatrists (one of whom is the inventor) who give their approval for this product. Considering the relatively inexpensive price and the free shipping and handling, they might be worth a try if you have uncomfortable high heels. They cost a fraction of the price of a new pair of shoes.