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Derma ProMedics is an “advanced” anti-aging skincare serum that uses a mix of moisturizing agents and vitamins to boost collagen production, rejuvenate skin tone, reduce eye puffiness, and lighten dark circles. In fact, Derma ProMedics is claimed to be “better than Botox”!

To back this up, Derma ProMedics’s manufacturer claims their serum has been clinically proven to diminish wrinkle density by 37%, surface wrinkles by 44.9%, and wrinkle volume by 18.5%. All without surgery, injections, or other painful procedures.

Here at HighYa, we’ve reviewed dozens of the most popular anti-aging products, including ones that make the exact same claims as Derma ProMedics. In fact, the Derma ProMedics website is identical to many of these other products—literally, a carbon copy.

And in almost every single instance, consumers are calling these types of products outright scams, intended to steal your money and provide nothing in return. To help you understand why, let’s start by talking about customer complaints.

Why Are Customers Calling Products Like Derma ProMedics a Scam?

Whether we’re talking about BellaVita Anti-Aging Serum, Revival Beauty, AbsoluteDerma, or any number of trial-based anti-aging products, they invariably come with (very) poor online customer feedback. All of which tends to revolve around two main problems:

  • Failure to work as advertised. In fact, not only do most of these trial-based anti-aging creams not work as advertised, they often don’t work at all. In some instances, HighYa readers have claimed that they actually made their skin worse, while some even experienced skin reactions that required a visit to the doctor.
  • Poor customer service. Actually, “poor” might be too positive, as many customers have complained that support personnel will yell at you, make you feel like the situation is your fault, and might even hang up on you if you keep pushing the issue. In hundreds of instances, customers were forced to give up and get their credit card involved in order to stop the madness.

Alright, so the “failure to work” complaint might seem relatively straightforward. But if you’re new to the upside-down world of online-only anti-aging products, purposely poor customer service might see a little confusing. Let’s quickly discuss why they do this.

Derma ProMedics’ Free Trial: You Could Be Stuck In a Web of Deceit

Like all of these other products, Derma ProMedics can only be purchased through a 14-day trial. Simply pay $4.95 S&H and they’ll send you a 30-day supply. But this is how they hook you. Why?

Because after 14 days have passed, you’ll be charged the colossal price of $129! Not only this, they’ll keep the money flowing by enrolling you in an autoship program, which will continue sending you a new bottle of Derma ProMedics every 30 days. And, you guessed it, they’ll charge you $129 each time.

Now, here’s where the purposely poor customer service comes in. In our opinion, these companies aren’t interested in creating a quality product that customers enjoy, so they understand most will request a return.

But in order to prevent this, customers state that their support staff is specifically trained to make the process as difficult as possible. Which, as we discussed above, means throwing up just about every wall possible, including yelling, being rude, talking over you, and even hanging up on you if you stick to your guns.

Sure, the manufacturer claims that you can call (855) 412-1064 to request a refund, but we think you’ll probably experience much of the same.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “If these companies produce poor-quality products and back them up with horrendous customer service, how in the world do they stay in business?” That’s exactly what we’ll talk about next.

Rotating Templates: It’s All Smoke & Mirrors

Remember the trial-based anti-aging products we mentioned above? Now, take a look at sites for other products like Neuology Syn Ake, Ageless Illusion, and Face Flash. What do you see?

They all feature slightly different designs, but make the exact same claims. Why are so many different products doing this?

Based on our extensive research, we believe that the same group of manufacturers (heck, it might even be just one single company) are behind this increasingly popular trend. Basically, once too much negative customer feedback accumulates for one product, they pull down the site, purchase a new URL, use the same template (with only the product name and image changed), and start the whole thing all over again.

This way, these companies can keep selling their product under different names, effectively staying one step ahead of the consumer. But HighYa’s here to help change the situation with our article titled Avoid These Anti-Aging Websites Like the Plague.

Given all of this, is it worth taking a risk with Derma ProMedics? Is it any different than the “competition”?

Bottom Line: Is Derma ProMedics a Scam?

At the time of our research, there was only one online customer review for Derma ProMedics on Amazon, who gave the product a 1-star rating, claiming it didn’t work and that it was a “waste of money.” And at $129, Derma ProMedics is one of the most expensive trial-based anti-aging products we’ve reviewed to date!

Given this, in addition to the thousands of HighYa readers who have called products like Derma ProMedics a “scam,” we certainly think you should explore other options before placing your order.

For example, a quick visit to your dermatologist can help you formulate a treatment plan based on your goals, as well as on your specific diagnosis. Even if you don’t feel like making an appointment with a physician, there are hundreds of articles online that can help you reduce the signs of aging, while getting much more in return for your hard-earned money.

Despite all these concerns, did you end up giving Derma ProMedics a try? Tell us all about it by writing a review below!

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  • 1 out 1 people found this review helpful

    Derma ProMedics, a big scam

    • Greenville, SC,
    • Feb 15, 2017

    I ordered the sample and tried it for a couple of days.

    I called and emailed the company to cancel, but they then charged my bank card $250. I called them, repeated that I had called to cancel and emailed them, but they swore they never heard a thing from me, and refused to put the money back. I went to my bank, and they were able to contact the company and get my money back. Actually, my bank threatened to bring fraud charges against them.

    Please get this out to other people, so it won't happen to them. My bank reported them to the BBB, and a couple of other websites, warning people of their underhanded practices.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 11 out 11 people found this review helpful

    Surprise shipment and $248.00 charged against my debit card.

    We, (my wife and I) were baited by the $4.95 charge for the Derma Medics trial. Around the 5th of May I noticed 2 debits against my bank account, $129 and $119, both debited May 4th in favor of a company named DermaSkin. Having had originally approved the $4.95 debit in early February, neither my wife nor myself recognized the name. Before I could call my bank Monday morning a small box arrived via USPS with the name Derma ProMedics as sender. And of course that was the source of the "mysterious" debits against my account.

    We called Derma ProMedics to return the UNOPENED box. I discovered that $248 charge is for A ONE MONTH supply of skin serum and eye creme. After several attempts to get us to keep the products, they finally agreed to credit my account. I was SPECIFICALLY told I do not have to return those products. $248.00 and I do not have to return them? Wow! Must be terribly valuable, apparently not worth the return postage. I will not be opening that small box UNTIL I see the $248.00 credit to my account. I am calling my bank to deny any further debits to my account from Derma ProMedics.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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