Dump Cakes is a recipe book that takes the measuring and mixing out of dessert making by showing you how to dump things into a pan and baking them to create allegedly delicious desserts in minutes. In the promotional video, spokeswoman Cathy Mitchell shows you how to make s’mores cake, sticky buns and raspberry and peach cake all by just dumping things into a pan or skillet. A TeleBrands product, the Dump Cakes recipe book is sold under the As Seen on TV brand.     

Dump Cakes Features

The main features of the Dump Cakes recipe book is the time it supposedly saves you. These recipes are all supposed to be done in two steps (dumping and baking) and take minutes to prepare, saving you from having to measure out ingredients and mix them together in a time consuming fashion like traditional baking. Additionally, these “mistake-proof” desserts are all supposed to taste delicious and be “five-star” desserts. Making them this way also saves you from having to deal with the mess of traditional baking.

Dump Cakes Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

The Dump Cakes recipe book sells for $10, plus $7.99 shipping and handling for a total of $17.99. You’ll also receive the Dump Dinners recipe book (which shows you how to make entire dinners by dumping things into a pan and cooking them). And, for an additional $9.99 in shipping and handling, you also get a non-stick Orgreenic 8" Fry Pan, which is supposedly perfect for some of the Dump Cakes recipes. This would bring the total to $27.98. It’s not clear whether you are forced to get the frying pan or not.

The Dump Cakes recipe book is covered by TeleBrands’ generic 30-day money back guarantee. This will see you get your purchase price back, but not your shipping and handling fees. You will also have to pay to ship the item back to the company. To do that, follow the return instructions that come with the product. If you have questions, you can call TeleBrands at 1-855-668-1655.

Bottom Line – Do you need the Dump Cakes?

Another thing to consider is that the Dump Cakes is not a physical product that needs to "perform" nor will it "fall apart" like a lot of As Seen on TV Products are claimed to do. Instead it is a booklet that contains content. There actually are desserts that are known as dump cakes, so whether the recipes in this book are exclusive to the book or not is hard to tell, as there are no consumer reviews for it online just yet. If you really want a s’mores dump cake or any other kind of dump cake, you can easily do an internet search for it and you’ll likely find it. If you absolutely want the recipe books, and are willing to pay $17.99 for them (and possibly $27.98 if you are forced to get the frying pan), then they might be a good purchase for you.