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Are you looking for the magic bullet that will give you an amazing fantasy football draft? Fantasy Pros’ Draft Wizard claims to be your ticket to the trophy.

Fantasy football is a huge business.

Forbes estimated that about 75 million Americans spend more than $10 billion a year on daily fantasy sites (DFS), fantasy insider subscriptions and paid leagues on popular sites like Yahoo.

Fantasy Pros has carved out its own niche in this business by offering Draft Wizard, a tool that will, among other features import league settings and use their proprietary algorithms to suggest which player to pick, round-by-round.

Don’t have enough time to study up on your draft strategy? For between about $20 and $40, you can have what amounts to a fantasy expert sitting next to you as you draft your championship-winning (hopefully!) team.

As with all the reviews we do here on Highya, we took some time to examine who Fantasy Pros is, what they offer, what the reviews say and our overall impressions of whether or not their paid service can lead you closer to your league title.

With so much riding on your draft, finding the right tool or tools to assemble a strategy can, for some managers, make or break their season. Will the Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard take you to the title? We’re about to find out.

Who is Fantasy Pros?

Fantasy Pros is a statics-based fantasy sports site started in 2011 that offers stats and tips for NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. Their advice comes in the form of:

  • Accuracy Ratings: Which experts are the most spot-on with their week-to-week fantasy projections?
  • Consensus Rankings: Provides the average ranking for each player based on the opinions of dozens of experts.
  • MyPlaybook: Import your league’s settings and players so this tool can give you lineup-specific advice.
  • Fast Advice Search Tool (FAST): Gives you instant advice from experts for every player on your roster.
  • Breaking News: Up-to-the-minute notifications on your player’s health and role in their offense.

The site was created, according to their FAQs page, after their founding members (Dave Kim, Tom Nguyen, Andrew Hahn) were crunching numbers on week-to-week projections from the experts.

“By aggregating and organizing the information we were collecting (rankings),” their site says, “we knew we could help people with their player decisions (such as “Who should I start?”) by providing faster, more comprehensive, more timely, and more accurate advice.”

Fantasy Pros is, as their website notes, in partnerships with CBS Sports, Yahoo Sports, Sportradar, MyFantasyLeague, USA TODAY Sports and the National Fantasy Football Championship.

What Does Draft Wizard Offer?

When you buy Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard (more on prices in a minute), you get access to a suite of draft-related tools: simulator, analyzer, assistant, cheat sheet creator (your own rankings for each position), auction simulator and auction calculator.

As you can see, this suite of tools is useful not only for traditional drafts, but auction drafts as well. In our opinion, their Draft Assistant is the most valuable tool here, mainly because it does all the work for you by crunching the numbers and serving up the best player for each pick in your draft.

How does it do that? Well, besides tapping into the site’s vast amount of information about rankings and predictions, it also integrates your league’s settings into its calculations.

Whereas a generic ranking system only takes into account the default settings of a site like Yahoo and ESPN, Draft Wizard gets inside your league’s settings and figures out which players have the most value based on those settings (and other factors, too).

So, for example, in a points-per-reception league, Danny Woodhead, the pass-catching running back from the San Diego Chargers, will have far more value to you than if your league didn’t award points for receptions. Draft Wizard knows this, and will take this into account when it suggests a pick.

Draft Assistant even takes into consideration which positions you need on your roster, round-by-round. If you’re missing a running back, it will, most likely, suggest a running back to fill out your lineup.

Another feature available in this tool is availability prediction, which basically tells you the chances of a certain player still being available when it’s your turn to draft. And, to top it off, the tool gives you real-time rankings for each position on your team, which lets you know where you’re weak and strong.

To get an idea of how Draft Assistant works in real time, check out this video from FantasyPros:

That, in a nutshell, describes what Draft Wizard offers fantasy football players. Now, for the pricing.

The Three Price Points for Draft Wizard

Fantasy footballers can choose between three price tiers: Pro ($19.99), MVP ($24.99) and Hall of Fame ($39.99).

MVP is a big step up from Pro: it works with keeper leagues, auction drafts and leagues with individual defensive players. It also lets you create your own cheat sheets, and allows up to 10 draft syncs. The best feature here is that MVP automatically populates your list of recommended players, whereas with Pro you have to queue up the suggested players yourself.

Hall of Fame has all the MVP features, but lets you do unlimited draft syncs and gives you an upgraded mobile experience.

In our opinion, the MVP-level membership is a great deal for someone in a keeper league or doing an auction draft.

However, there’s a large chunk of fantasy football managers who aren’t involved in these types of leagues, so the Pro-level membership will work just fine. But if you want your suggested picks automatically updated and you don’t want the hassle of updating the list yourself, MVP is worth the extra five bucks.

The Hall of Fame package caters to serious players since it offers an unlimited amount of draft syncs. The stats on how many live drafts the average manager participates in really doesn’t exist yet, but, through our own personal experience, we’re willing to bet that a small percentage of people compete in more than 10 leagues.

What are Other People Saying About Draft Wizard?

You’ll be in a tough spot if you want to find tons of reviews about Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard. Since it’s a software subscription, more or less, you aren’t going to discover any reviews on Amazon. In that sense, the world of add-on fantasy football products is like the Wild West.

Most of what you’ll find in the way of reviews are lists published by fantasy football gurus, as well as awards given out by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA).

What the Fantasy Experts/Players Say

Most of what we found from fantasy experts pertained to Fantasy Pros’ free mock-draft simulator, a tool that simulates what your league’s draft will be like.

All picks but yours are automated, which means you get the practice of being in a live draft, seeing where certain players are picked and taking and getting a feel for what players will be available when it’s your turn to pick.

Unfortunately, the articles we read labeled the simulator as the free Draft Wizard simulator, making it seem like Draft Wizard is free. It’s not, as we discussed earlier. So, in this sense, these rankings (expert David Gonos’ top-43 tools, Reviewed.com’s top-five tools) aren’t really assessing the paid service.

We did manage to find a complete write-up of the paid version of Draft Wizard from David Gonos, who said Draft Wizard is pretty much the greatest draft tool he’s ever used. Here’s what he said, in his own words:

“When I call this site the “greatest Fantasy Football draft assistant ever created,” I want you to know that it’s not hyperbole,” he wrote. “As a matter of fact, there’s not a Fantasy Football draft assistant tool that even comes close.”

Aside from the experts, we found an interesting Draft Wizard thread on Reddit. We like what one user, JSCuadros, said:

“It is an automated algorithm based software so it'll give you all possible outcomes, that's why I love it. I did multiple mock drafts while at work and saw all possible outcomes and was prepared for anybody being sniped from me. As far as the draft assistant, it is EXTREMELY useful, especially when you’re stuck between two players. Worth it IMO.”

Other contributors also praised the customization, value and superiority over tools from other sites.

What The Fantasy Sports Trade Association Says

Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard has a successful history at the FSTA’s yearly awards, where fantasy sports websites and apps across dozens of categories are recognized for their excellence.

Draft Wizard won Best Fantasy Sports Web Service/Tools in 2015 and was a finalist in 2014; 2013 saw a double win for Most Valuable Fantasy Tool and Most Accurate Projections. In 2012, it was a finalist for Most Innovative Fantasy Product and in 2011 it won Best New Fantasy Site.

In our opinion, users and industry experts have a positive view of Fantasy Pros Draft Wizard.

Our Conclusion: Is It Worth It to Buy Draft Wizard?

To answer this question, we need to take a step back and look at a typical fantasy football season.

The draft is just part of your success; first-round draft picks get hurt or turn into busts and ruin great drafts. On the flip side, late-round sleepers can emerge in the second half of the season and become stars.

No matter how amazing your draft tools are, you aren’t going to predict the scenarios we described above. So, in one sense, Draft Wizard isn’t the magic bullet you’ve been waiting to use to slay your competition.

Think of your draft as the first act of a three-act play. Draft day is the first act, and we think Draft Wizard present some pretty good value in that context. The second act is the first half of the season, where you’ll most likely rely on your draft picks to win your matchups.

But the third act of the season, weeks 9-17, is the most crucial. Star players get hurt and replacements fill their shoes. Your leagues waiver wire heats up and the search for players to fill roster holes becomes frenetic. This is where Draft Wizard can’t help you. There will come a point where your season may very well live and die by your ability to pick up the right free agent at the right time.

Is Draft Wizard a great tool for managers who don’t want to (or can’t) spend hours amassing their own statistics? We think it’s pretty clear that it is.

But is Draft Wizard going to be the one reason why you win your league? Maybe, but the injuries and crazy scenarios that unfold every season are such that investing your money and time into your draft as your only chance at winning would be short-sighted.

You may have the unicorn season where you use Draft Wizard to pick a legendary team that stays healthy all the way through to the championship…but that’s why it’s a unicorn season.

Fantasy Pros paid Draft Wizard will give you a good push out to the tumultuous sea that is the NFL season, but you’re going to have to navigate your way to your destination on your own.

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