About Fire and Ice Knife

From the folks that brought you Orgreenic non-stick cookware comes the new sharpest Fire and Ice Knife. It’s called Fire & Ice because they claim its high quality steel is rapidly heated to 2000 degrees, cooled and then covered in its signature non-stick green ceramic. They claim the result is a chef’s knife that is 50% larger and will cut through anything.

The Fire & Ice Knife and Orgreenic are both brought to you by Telebrands, a marketing company that has been in business for 30 years. They have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2007 and currently have an A- rating. This is due to the fact that although they have received thousands of complaints about their products, they have responded and resolved most of them satisfactorily.

How Fire & Ice Knife Works

The Fire & Ice Knife looks like a giant green chef’s knife; they boast that it is 9 inches, which they say is up to 50% larger than an ordinary chef’s knife. They claim it is perfectly balanced for precision and control, what they say every professional chef looks for in a high-end knife.

To use your Fire & Ice Knife, grip by its handle and start cutting. They claim it is so sharp it can quickly slice a coconut in half and still be able to cut through a delicate tomato skin. They tout it can get slicing jobs done much better than a smaller knife. And because of its Orgreenic non-stick technology, they boast that food slides right off the blade. This includes turkey meat sliced to perfection, small tomatoes sliced 20 at a time, and fresh salmon, which they claim is skinned, boned, and portioned with just one blade.

Chef Michael Ferrara who says he’s a professional chef from New York, claims to have helped design the Fire & Ice knife based on 15 years of experience. He says it’s like no other knife on the market and proceeds to cut things like heads of lettuce, papaya, pineapple, onions, and yams like they were butter. He states all you have to do is touch it with the Fire & Ice and it cuts. He claims with other knives you have to push, potentially damaging certain fruits and veggies. In the video, it shows a Fire & Ice knife cutting through a large block of ice with one chop.

Each Fire & Ice Knife Order includes:

  • Fire & Ice 9 inch chef’s knife
  • Bonus Fire & Ice knife “free” (extra S & H)
  • 8 inch Orgreenic frying pan (extra S & H)

Fire & Ice Knife Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

The Fire & Ice chef’s knife costs $19.99 plus $7.99 S & H for a total of $27.98. But wait, there’s more: if you would like a second Fire & Ice knife and an 8 inch Orgreenic frying pan, add another $12.99 S & H for a total of $40.97 for two Orgreenic knives and one pan. Telebrands says it can take up to 6 weeks for your order. Once you receive your knives, try them out for 30 days and if you feel they aren’t cutting it for you, return (you pay postage) and they will refund your $19.99 but not the S & H. (You also must include a “detailed explanation” of why you did not like it.)


  • Large size
  • Cuts through anything


  • As Seen On TV Product which may not live up to all its claims

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