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Are you looking for cheap travel prices with a side of authentically Canadian customer service? Flighthub is an Ontario-based online travel agency that promises the lowest possible prices and multiple conveniences, including:

  • Instant E-ticket delivery that arrives immediately after your booking.
  • Transparent all-in pricing that never surprises you with hidden fees or extra charges.
  • Zero hold time when calling their customer service.
  • Beginning-to-end customer support that extends beyond the ticket buying process to during and after your trip.

Additionally, Flighthub customers can conveniently monitor their reservations online or through a mobile app, receiving travel alerts, schedule changes, or other important information about an upcoming trip.

How Does Flighthub Do It?

The skilled travel specialists at Flighthub boast over two decades of serving Canada’s travel needs offline. Now, Flighthub has caught up with the world of internet commerce by expanding to online bookings with a software database that they claim can’t be beaten.

Flighthub claims direct access to wholesalers, airlines, and hotel suppliers in Canada, allowing their customers to enjoy insider savings without needing to visit multiple websites or locations to compare the best prices.

Why Else Does Flighthub Claim to Be a Better Choice?

Flighthub appears geared towards those who don’t travel frequently, with a support section that answers questions like “How do I use an E-ticket?” and “How do I get a passport?” alongside standard queries such as “When do I need to check in for my flight?”

Aside from their promises of superior customers service, Flighthub offers travelers daily deals that range from $20 off flights to Europe to 55% off hotel bookings.

Flighthub offers travel guides to a variety of their destinations, including information on top tourist attractions and weather.

Screenshot of Flighthub Travel GuidesScreenshot of www.flighthub.com

These guides also conveniently display prices converted into Canadian dollars. However, the items that are listed, such as how much it costs to rent a tennis court for one hour or the price to purchase one kilogram of tomatoes, don’t appear particularly useful to the average traveler.

What’s Bad About Booking With Flighthub?

First off, Flighthub is aimed at serving Canadian customers. As they are a third-party vendor, not an airline, there isn’t a route map available on their website. However, all of their potentially handy travel information is only relevant to those based in, or traveling to, Canada.

As far as actually using Flighthub’s search engine, I found it to be clunkier than my personal favorite, Google Flights. Flighthub isn’t the worst airfare search I’ve seen, in that it doesn’t force you to enter airport codes. Additionally, it does offer a convenient drop-down calendar for picking your dates.

However, this is a very no-frills search that fails to offer any flexibility in your searching that might help you discover a lower price, such as the date-by-date low prices displayed in Google Flight’s drop-down calendar, or the totally convenient flexible date option available at SkyScanner.

Like other third-party online travel agents, Flighthub also lacks information on low-cost options Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines, which don’t allow their prices to be displayed anywhere other than their official websites.

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Next up on the negatives? While Flighthub doesn’t come right out and admit it, customer reviews of their service state that there are hidden fees—Flighthub membership fees, to be exact.

According to customers, making a booking through Flighthub automatically signs you up for a Flighthub Elite Membership, where you’re given the exclusive opportunity to enjoy monthly charges of $5.95 in exchange for:

  • Access to exclusive travel agent prices
  • Member-only priority customer service line
  • Seat sale alerts as they happen
  • Free Best Purchase Guarantee on all bookings
  • Elite offers and discounts from their travel partners

Those promises are confusing, as Flighthub already claims that customers get the best possible price and never have to wait for customer service assistance. Are these benefits promised to every Flighthub customer or are there additional elite offers and sale alerts for members?

We called Flighthub to clarify whether or not their membership was mandatory—or, at least, automatic when booking through the website. The company’s phone tree doesn’t provide a direct line to speak with customer service. Instead, we were forced to choose bookings and then requested to be transferred to the appropriate party. After a 12 wait, we decided to terminate the call.

So much for that “zero hold time when calling customer service” that Flighthub promised.

With our question about whether or not membership is automatic left unanswered, our best guess is that it’s the former, as your Flighthub Elite Membership login appears to be the same information used to book through Flighthub, leaving us to understand that there’s no distinction between being a customer and an Elite Member.

An additional warning: Because Flighthub is based in Canada, U.S. customers might be charged an international transaction fee due to the currency conversion banks must perform when you book with this company.

We’ll take an in-depth look at customer reviews in a moment. But first, let’s examine Flighthub’s Best Purchase Guarantee.

Is Flighthub’s Best Purchase Guarantee That Great?

If you’re booking a flight in the United States, the U.S. Department of Transportation regulates that any non-refundable ticket purchased at least seven days before the flight is subject to a 24-hour grace period during which you can hold, change, or cancel your reservation.

While Transport Canada doesn’t appear to enforce the same rule, most major airlines, including Air Canada, still offer their customers that grace period.

Which is why we were surprised to learn that Flighthub’s much-touted Best Price Guarantee isn’t anything more than a similar grace period. Actually, it’s a little less. According to their website:

The Best Purchase Guarantee plan allows you to cancel your booking within the same day (11:59 PM EST) you made the purchase. No questions asked! Simply select the Best Purchase Guarantee plan during the checkout process. The cost is $19.99 per passenger. If you would like to apply your Purchase Guarantee, please call us toll free at 1-800-900-1431, or email us at guarantee@flighthub.com.

So, instead of allowing you 24-hours, Flighthub only gives their customers until midnight on the day of purchase. Additionally, they’ll charge you almost $20 for the convenience, which doesn’t seem like such a great deal.

What Customers are Saying About Flighthub

Flighthub isn’t positively reviewed around the web, with complaints ranging from high ticket prices to hidden fees.

One customer left the following complaint on TripAdvisor:

“I tried to book a flight from Toronto to Barcelona today. The price on the confirmation was different than the one quoted before pressing the Book now button. When I called the 800 number to immediately complain the best they claimed they could do was to charged me $150.00 to cancel the order! Contacted the credit card company to report the fraud all they can do is initiate a dispute resolution.”

While this customer doesn’t explicitly state how long it took him to notice the price difference, if it occurred on the same day as his booking, the $150 fee would contradict Flighthub’s Best Purchase Guarantee.

Previous Flighthub customers replying to the above complaint also called the service a ripoff. One person stated that they were not allowed to use their Flighthub credit to purchase any other flights, being told that none were available. Another claimed that his refund was never actually sent.

Aside from switching prices after purchase and failing to refund money, Flighthub is also accused of sneakily charging customers a monthly membership fee of $5.95 without their approval.

The general consensus over 34 comments? That those who used Flighthub won’t be doing so again.

Bottom Line On Flighthub

How does Flighthub get away with switching ticket prices? A quick peek at their Terms & Conditions states the following:

All prices displayed on the web site are subject to change without notice until ticketed. In some instances, a fare may change after a reservation has been made. In this case we will contact you to advise you of the fare increase before we proceed any further.

The prices set out on the web site may not include taxes or airport charges or other fees. In this case taxes, airport charges and any additional fees will be displayed during the booking process but prior to payment submission. Special conditions may apply to the prices set out on the web site. In the event that your booking is being processed via third party discounters, a service fee may apply.

What the above fine print allows Flighthub to do is bump up the purchase price of your ticket after confirmation, then potentially take weeks or months issuing a refund, as one previous Flighthub customer states was their experience in this thread.

Bottom line on Flighthub’s travel services? Lacking any superb search features or customer protection policies that allow you to cancel your purchase after their short grace period, I don’t personally see any reason to book through Flighthub once you look past their marketing hype.

A better alternative is to use a third-party online travel agent, such as Google Flights or Skyscanner, to search for ticket prices. Then, book directly with the airline of your choice. That way, you get the convenience of viewing all possible ticket prices without becoming obligated to a middle man, should your plans change.

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  • Unethical conduct

    I booked two tickets with Flight Hub. I found out just a few days before my trip that they actually canceled one of my tickets, without notifying me. They are supposed to contact you if your reservations don't go through or if anything changes, this is their policy apparently. But no notification for me.

    When I called I spoke with an agent and then a supervisor who said they are looking at my booking and it was not processed and cancelled by Delta. I told them they need to contact Delta and straighten this out. After waiting for an hour on hold I was told by the supervisor there was nothing they could do and I would need to purchase another ticket for almost twice the cost I had paid. I'm supposed to be travelling with someone so I was forced to take this overpriced ticket to travel with my companion.

    There was a discrepancy in the flight price too. The first agent quoted me one price and then the supervisor quoted me a higher price which I was forced to take.

    After reluctantly booking this I then spoke to Delta who looked at their information and said they never touched my reservation, from what they saw, Flight Hub cancelled my reservation. So Flight Hub lied to me about not being responsible for the cancellation, They lied to me when they were supposed to contact Delta for me -- the new ticket was through their site so my money funnels back to them. They lied to me about what the new ticket price would be. I would have booked through another site or directly through Delta if I would have known.

    I feel this is fraudulent behaviour. I called back, spoke to another agent and supervisor who said they could do nothing for me. They gave no explanations for why they suddenly cancelled my flight, took no responsibility, lied, and never ever contacted me. This is disgusting behaviour and this company needs to be shut down. There are a ton of complaints against them on different sites, and tons of complaints through the Better Business Bureau. From what I've read, airlines are aware of the bad reputation this company has. In order to save airlines a headache, they should refuse to have this company deal with them. I want this company to own up to what they did to me, admit their mistake, and compensate me the difference in prices that I paid. I want $297 compensation.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • Are the workers trained?

    They gave me the wrong information. While I was booking 6 tickets and began noticing that it's time for me to make changes, they disclaim it and the supervisor that I was talking to just repeated all the things her team already talked about. They don't even let me finish, they cut me off when I was talking, and always put me on hold for more than 10 minutes.

    They could not offer any solution that could make up for their error and the manager took my complaint personal, as if we are talking about her, instead of the problem. What a waste of money. If I could give zero I will for this review.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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