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If you’re thinning or balding, Follinique is a 2% minoxidil topical solution that claims to penetrate your scalp, stimulate and reactivate hair follicles, and even reverse the signs of hair loss. This way, the company promises you’ll be able to start regrowing thicker hair, maintain your hair’s elasticity, and “love your hair again.”

To accomplish this, we’re told you simply need to apply Follinique to your scalp twice daily as part of your regular regimen, and you could experience results in as little as 2 months.

Sure, these benefits sound great, but can you really expect all of this from Follinique? Is it really clinically proven? FDA approved? We’ll take a deep dive into Follinique’s claims here, all aimed at helping you become a professional shopper.

What Causes Hair Loss? Can It Be Reversed?

Although we can all feel self-conscious once we realize we’re losing our hair, the fact of the matter is that 85% of men will have “significantly thinning hair” by the age of 50, while 40% of women could experience something similar. In other words, if you’re losing your hair, one of the first things you should understand is that you’re not alone.

Another important fact to consider is that, while there can be dozens of causes of hair loss, including natural shedding, hormonal changes, grooming habits (such as wearing hair in a ponytail for too long, or damaging locks from styling treatments), stress, medications, and more. In the vast majority of cases though, hair loss is caused by a condition known as androgenetic alopecia.

Here, an androgen called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) “attacks” hair follicles and leads to increasingly short growth cycles. Eventually, the follicle stops producing hair altogether and enters a dormant stage.

Now, although the cause of most hair loss is fairly well understood, there are no permanent cures, and in most cases the condition is not reversible. What about Follinique’s claims to the contrary, though? Does the company provide any evidence to back them up?

What Ingredients Are Found In Follinique? Will They Regrow Hair?

There isn’t a product label shown on the Follinique website, and the only ingredient we’re told about is 2% minoxidil.

Minoxidil was originally developed in the 1950s and was FDA approved in 1979 to treat high blood pressure, since it acts as a vasodilator to widen blood vessels and improve circulation. However, researchers soon found that minoxidil also worked to regrow hair—although exactly how it accomplishes this, without blocking DHT, remains to be seen.

In general, minoxidil comes in 5% (men’s) and 2% (women’s) strengths in a variety of formats, including gels, foams, and liquid drops (Follinique appears to be the latter).

Important note: It needs to be emphasized here that only minoxidil is FDA approved; Follinique is not. Based on some of the wording on their website though, this might not always be clear. Take the picture below as an example:

Screenshot of Follinique's websiteIn one area, the company claims this graph represents minoxidil use, but in another, they claim it represents results achieved using Follinique. In either instance, only minoxidil is FDA approved, while no clinical evidence is available for Follinique.

Exactly how much hair can you regrow with a minoxidil-based product? For males, about 40% experience some hair regrowth after 3-6 months of regular use. Most of this growth occurs toward the central area (vertex) of the scalp, so minoxidil is not usually effective if you’re thinning toward the front of the hairline.

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Minoxidil also seems to work best regrowing small areas of hair loss (no large patches), as well as in younger men who have been losing their hair for less than 5 years. Just remember that as soon as you stop using minoxidil, your hair loss will resume.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects from Using Follinique?

Again, we’re not told about all of the ingredients contained in Follinique, so we can’t fully understand what kinds of side effects you might experience, if any.

The good news is that most users don’t experience any side effects from using the 2% minoxidil found in Follinique. For those who do, it’s usually mild redness or irritation. In more severe cases, some may experience unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body, itching, difficulty breathing, dizziness, hand and feet swelling, and more.

Also, minoxidil is known to cause “shedding,” which occurs when hairs in their telogen (resting) phase suddenly fall out. Until these are replaced by hairs in their anagen (growth) phase, this means minoxidil can temporarily increase your thinning.

How much will you pay for Follinique’s 2% minoxidil solution?

How Much Does Follinique Cost?

The only way to purchase Follinique is through a 14-day trial, where you’ll pay $4.95 to cover S&H.

While this might sound like a great deal, in our experience, these “free” trials often end by charging your credit card some ridiculously high price, often nearing (or exceeding) $100. The problem is that the company doesn’t tell you how much you’ll pay once their trial ends, or if you’ll be enrolled in any kind of recurring shipping program.

On top of this, there wasn’t any contact information listed on the Follinique website, so we couldn’t contact customer service to ensure that you have all the information you need.

All Follinique orders come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. According to their Terms though, the “customer agrees to try the product and evaluate its performance before requesting a refund or cancellation.”

Elsewhere, we’re told that “products [must be] in their original, unopened package” in order to qualify for a refund. So, which is it?

Again, there’s no way to contact the company, but the HighYa team has reviewed hundreds of nutritional supplements over the years, many of which use this same wording. Based on the customer feedback for many of these companies, we think it’s purposely used to ensure you’ll never qualify for a refund.

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Let’s continue talking about customers as we come to a conclusion about Follinique.

Is Follinique Nothing More Than False Hope?

Could Follinique forseeably help regrow your hair? Assuming it contains the level of minoxidil claimed by the manufacturer, and that your thinning/balding is occurring on the vertex of your scalp, then yes; it’s certainly possible.

But given minoxidil’s FDA approved status, it’s less a question of whether or not Follinique will work, but more about whether or not it’s the best use of your money. What do we mean?

Type “2% minoxidil” into any search engine and you’ll quickly find hundreds of different products containing the same active ingredient as Follinique, for as little as $22. You’ll also find many of these same products at retailers and pharmacies near you, which could help save even more by avoiding shipping costs.

On the other hand, we’re not told how much Follinique costs, how many applications you’ll get from each bottle, which company manufactures it, or many other important pieces of information. Based on these facts alone, we’d recommend exploring other options instead of placing an order for Follinique.

Did you just learn that the minoxidil in Follinique might not work based on your balding type? If so, be sure to read How to Choose a Hair Loss Product, Even if You Don’t Know What to Do. Then, before trying anything new, be sure to speak with your doctor!

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