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Futzuki is a reflexology mat that claims to use an “innovative healing design” to relieve your foot pain. How?

Whether you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain, or tingling, Futzuki’s 2,800+ reflexology points promise to massage your heels, arch, pad, and toes, while sending pain relieving signals to your entire body.

You may have heard of reflexology before, especially if you’ve suffered from chronic foot pain for a while. But does Futzuki really offer traditional reflexology? Even if it does, can you expect it to finally provide you with some relief, or will it just be a waste of money? We’ll explore it all in this review.

What Is Reflexology? Is it Effective Pain Treatment?

Reflexology (also known as zone therapy) is a school of thought that believes there are dozens of different reflex points in the feet, hands, and ears, each of which corresponds to different organs. For example, applying pressure to the toes might address sinus issues; the heel to the genitals; the center of the foot to the kidney, and so forth.

While many reflexology practitioners use their fingers to apply pressure, others might also implement specialized sticks of wood, rubber balls, and more.

Now, you might recognize the close similarities between reflexology and acupressure, which is something we’ve written about in more than one product review here at HighYa. While they are closely related, the biggest differences are that acupressure uses pressure points all over the body (whereas reflexology only focuses on the feet, hands, and ears). Also, acupressure is considered part of traditional Chinese medicine, which has been used for thousands of years, while reflexology wasn’t invented until the 20th century.

Regardless of what you call it though, and regardless of how long it’s been practiced, the reality is that there’s very little evidence to support the claims of reflexology. Similar to a relaxing massage though, reflexology may help individuals sleep better, reduce anxiety and depression, and even care for those with cancer.

From a systematic review (versus a single, individual study) perspective, according to an article from the University of Minnesota, after summarizing 168 related studies, there is some evidence that reflexology may impact specific organs (e.g. blood flow to kidneys and intestines) and improve some symptoms related to kidney dialysis.

A couple additional systematic reviews were included in this same article, although in both instances, “The authors note that the quality of the studies was often poor.” As such, an conclusions they came to might not be based in reality.

Does Futzuki Really Provide Reflexology?

Alright, we just learned there’s limited evidence showing that formal reflexology can treat any medical condition. Furthermore, there’s no clinical evidence that reflexology can send “pain relieving signals” throughout your body. So, unlike what Futzuki’s manufacturer claims, this mat probably won’t provide any meaningful relief from your plantar fasciitis, heal pain, arch pain, or tingling.

But here’s the thing: Even if reflexology was shown to work, it doesn’t appear that Futzuki actually provides it. Why? Because, as we mentioned in the previous section, during a traditional reflexology session, the practitioner might use specialized tools to apply pressure to specific areas of your feet, depending on the ailment you’re trying to address.

Futzuki, on the other hand, is almost like stepping on one of those bath mats that sticks to your shower floor. While its raised nubs might provide a little “pressure” to the soles of your feet (especially the middle portion, which seems to be raised higher than the surrounding nubs), it’s essentially applying the same level of pressure to your entire foot.

So, while Futzuki’s nubs might provide a little massaging action when you step on them, by design, it doesn’t seem like they could provide any reflexology.

Regardless, how much will you pay for Futzuki?

How Much Does Futzuki Cost?

Two Futzuki mats are priced at $19.99, plus free S&H.

Futzuki mats also come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to request one, you’ll need to call Plymouth Direct’s customer service department at 800-340-3418.

Have You Heard About Arbitration?

Arbitration agreements are extraordinarily common in today’s marketplace (especially with cellular carriers), so it’s not surprising that Futzuki’s manufacturer applies one to every purchase made through their website.

Don’t let their commonness fool you, though. Basically, an arbitration agreement mandates that, if you have a legal concern, you’ll attend binding arbitration proceedings instead of going through a trial by jury or joining a related class action lawsuit.

Who Manufactures Futzuki?

Futzuki is brought to you by Plymouth Direct, a middle-of-the-road player within the ASOTV industry, who’s also responsible for popular products like BeActive Brace, Stream Clean, Mighty Putty Purple, and many others.

Here on HighYa, many of the companies products seem to come with 2-star average ratings, with most complaints revolving around poor quality, failure to work, and long shipping times, with little help from customer service.

Plymouth Direct also had a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on 94 closed complaints (as of 5/23/16). Many of these appeared to reference the same concerns noted elsewhere online.

Should You Buy a Futzuki Reflexology Mat?

Pain is a tricky problem. After all, even among two patients with identical diagnoses, one could respond fantastically to a specific treatment, while it does nothing whatsoever for the second patient.

In either instance though, based on the fuzzy clinical evidence supporting reflexology—not to mention the fact that Futzuki doesn’t actually provide it in the first place—it’s difficult to recommend traditional reflexology or specialized mats if you’re looking to reduce your pain.

Pro tip: Speaking of which, if you’re dead set on purchasing a product like Futzuki, it’s important to note that there are hundreds of other reflexology mats available online. Sure, these may be designed and priced much differently, but the point is that it’s not your only option.

Finally, the footer of the Futzuki website reads: “This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Individual results may vary. Please consult your physician before using this or any other product that is designed to help relieve a symptoms or condition.” From this perspective, this mat almost certainly won’t “heal” anything, as claimed in their commercial.

In the end, it’s difficult to say that there’s anything more than a great marketing department behind Futzuki. If you feel like rolling the dice though, the good news is that it doesn’t come with ultra-high S&H charges like so many other ASOTV products, so you might only be out a few dollars in return shipping if you’re not satisfied.

Did you give Futzuki a shot? Did it relieve your pain, or was it a total dud? Whatever happened, tell us about it in your very own review below!

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  • 6 out 6 people found this review helpful

    Fuzuki reflexology massage mat

    I received my Futzuki mat today, and oh my goodness.

    I have plantar fascitis, and arthritis throughout my entire 67-year-old body. That being said, when I stepped on this mat earlier today, I have not had any problem with my feet so far, and it is the evening now. Usually, by now I am having to take something for pain.

    And this is from stepping on it just one time.

    Ok. That is my review for now. Oh, I haven't used my shoe inserts yet, I'm still amazed from a one-time use of the Futzuki mat. Wow.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 20 out 23 people found this review helpful

    No order yet

    • Waterford, NJ,
    • Jan 2, 2017

    I cannot review this as I ordered this about 3 weeks ago and have not received them or heard from you people yet. I would like to know what is going on.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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