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Using its thermo-ceramic design to reduce size, while still providing “incredible” whole-room heat, Handy Heater plugs into any outlet and provides warmth for pennies a day. The process is so easy that it works over three steps:

  1. Plug Handy Heater into any outlet.
  2. Use the digital control to set your ideal temperature.
  3. Handy Heater’s two-speed fan will circulate air and keep the room warm until it shuts off using an automatic timer.

This way, you can quickly heat just about any room in your home (up to 250 square feet), including bathrooms, offices, dens, basements, and more, and still save money on your heating bill. Handy Heater’s compact design even means that you can take it with you when you travel!

Spring might be nipping at Old Man Winter’s heels, but there are still enough cold days ahead to think about low-cost heating options. In your quest for effective and inexpensive warmth, is Handy Heater worthy of being on your radar? Or, are there other options you should consider first? We’ll help you make the decision.

To start, let’s find out if Handy Heater is revolutionary, or just a slightly redesigned version of products already available.

What Does Handy Heater’s Competition Look Like?

First, we should unpack the term “thermo-ceramic design.” Although it sounds high-tech, it just means that Handy Heater “generates heat using a heating element of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic.” Ceramic heaters are extraordinarily commonplace, and you’ll find them in all shapes and sizes at most stores with a housewares section.

In fact, ceramic heaters are so common that you can see how many options you have by typing the phrase “personal ceramic heater” into any search engine. Granted, they might not all be designed exactly like Handy Heater, but they could provide more value for the money. Add to this that many of these other options feature long cords—in contrast to Handy Heater, which has to be plugged directly into an outlet—that could provide more adjustability when you’re trying to get the ideal amount of heat.

Speaking of which, how much heat will you get from Handy Heater? Will it be economical?

How Much Heat Can You Expect Handy Heater To Provide?

If you searched online for personal ceramic heaters when reading the previous section, you probably noticed that they come in a wide range of wattages; anywhere from 200 to 1,200+. Handy Heater falls at the lower end of this range with 350 watts.

According to this wattage to BTU calculator, this means that Handy Heater puts out 1,193.5 BTU. And since every square foot of a room requires about 10 watts to heat, this means that in order for Handy Heater to warm a 250 square foot room (as the website claims), it would need to put out 2,500 watts, or 8,525 BTU per hour.

So, while Handy Heater might be a solid option for temporarily warming a small area, such as a cozy bathroom or a personal workspace, it might not be your go-to for heating anything much larger than 100 square feet (or so) of your home. And even if Handy Heater can warm up 250 square feet of space, it’s easy to imagine that it won’t be quick.

Pro tip: Also, consider that the layout of the area you’re trying to heat can make a huge difference as well. For example, if you’re heating a small bedroom but have furniture in the way, this could greatly impact Handy Heater’s performance. Or, if you’re attempting to heat a small corner of a large room (such as a den), a lot of your heat can be lost to the rest of the room.

How much will the warmth provided by Handy Heater cost you?

Our First-Hand Handy Heater Test & Review

We thoroughly tested the Handy Heater to see if it delivers on its claims. To find out everything we experienced, watch the video below:

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Is Handy Heater’s Price Snuggle-Worthy?

One plug-in Handy Heater will cost you $29.99 plus $8.99 S&H. Like many ASOTV products, you’ll be able to purchase a second unit at checkout for an additional $8.99 S&H.

Note: All Handy Heater orders are subject to a $1 web service fee.

Handy Heater comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. Did you take advantage of the BOGO offer? If so, this means that by the time you ship them back to the company, you could lose almost as much in S&H charges as you’ll get as a refund.

Nonetheless, you can request a refund by calling OnTel Products customer service department at 844-463-1125.

Given all of this, what’s the bottom line about Handy Heater?

Is Handy Heater a Convenient, Affordable Way To Heat Your Home?

OnTel has brought us a lot of popular As Seen On TV products in the past, including Veggetti, Big Vision Eyewear, Foot Angel, and many more. In general, they seem to come with rather low customer reviews here on HighYa, based on a lot of complaints surrounding poor quality and failure to work as advertised. Now, we’re not saying this is what to expect with Handy Heater; only that it’s something worth keeping in mind.

On top of this, Handy Heater is up against some pretty stiff competition from more mainstream manufacturers, many of which are priced about the same, while offering a lot more wattage (read: heating power) for the money, along with longer cords for more customizable heating solutions.

Finally, Handy Heater doesn’t appear to be UL Classified, so this definitely raises questions about safety and long-term reliability.

Taking all of this together, if you’re willing to roll the dice on S&H to give Handy Heater a try, we think it might be ideal for a small enclosed area with no airflow blockages, such as a small bathroom or bedroom (as long as no furniture is in front of Handy Heater’s fan), as well as a personal office space. Like you would with any other electronic device, just be sure to unplug it whenever you leave the room!

As long as you keep these things in mind, you just might be satisfied by its performance.

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  • 1 out 3 people found this review helpful

    Handy Heater

    This is the best little heater I ever bought. The electricians say it's a fire hazard, but I told them to prove it. I have 2 and am going to buy 2 more.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 55 out 58 people found this review helpful

    False Advertising. Heater is a piece of crap. No star rating for junk.

    Purchased Handy Heater 11-15-16 from local hardware store. It does not live up to claims made by company, unable to heat a 9x9 room.

    11/21/16 talked to Danny B., a Las Vegas customer service supervisor, refused to have me mail product back to them and get a refund. The product is not broken or malfunctioning, it just doesn't live up to the advertisement. They want me to take it to the store it was purchased from, that would be fine if there was a defect in the product.

    It's a piece of crap please don't purchase this product since it was falsely advertised. I want Ontel to refund my money. If you see this product in any store just keep walking, these people are hustling the customers. I will be notifying the Better Business Bureau.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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