HD Vision Visor is an attachment they say quickly clips onto any car visor, cuts down glare, brightens vision, and enhances color, clarity, and contrast. They say you will no longer have to strain to see as you drive, day or night.

HD Vision Visor is brought to you by Idea Village, a direct marketing company based in Wayne, NJ that claims to be developers of the most successful consumer products in the ASOTV industry. (In spite of these lofty claims, they are not accredited by the BBB and currently have a D rating for failure to respond to a dozen consumer complaints.)

How HD Vision Visor Works

HD Vision Visor is essentially a see-thru plastic visor (of unknown composition) with 2 leaves that you use in place of the one that comes installed in your car. They say with a traditional visor, when you block out bright light, you also lose half your view.

To use HD Vision Visor, clip on to your standard visor, which they say takes only a few seconds. When you turn into direct sunlight or when there are bright oncoming headlights at night, flip the HD Vision Visor down instead. There is an orange-tinted Day visor and a Yellow-tinted Night: they say to pull down the appropriate leaf and you will be impressed at the HD-like clarity in front of you.

Words like “crystal clear”, “amazing” and “game changer” pepper the comments of people in the commercial who seem to be looking through the HD Vision Visor as they drive. They brag it’s like having 2 pairs of sunglasses in one and much better than the clip-ons some people use as they drive.

A woman who says she can’t drive at night because of vision problems as well as a man who recently had lasik surgery are now giddy with delight as they drive around with the HD Vision Visor. Others add they feel better and more relaxed with their HD Vision Visor in place.

Each HD Vision Visor Order includes

  • 2-in-1 HD Vision Visor
  • HD Vision sunglasses

HD Vision Visor Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

HD Vision Visor is sold for $14.99 plus $7.99 S & H for a total for $22.98; they say your HD Vision sunglasses are included free. They claim your product will be shipped within 30 days and once you receive it you have 30 days to try. If you don’t find yourself as awestruck by the clarity as the drivers in the commercial do, return (on your own dime) and they will refund your $14.99 but not the $7.99 fees.


  • Reduces glare without blocking vision
  • Day and night use


  • ASOTV products sometimes don’t live up to their own hype