Hulu Plus is a paid online service that gives users access to unlimited instant streaming of TV shows, movies, trailers and exclusive content. It complements the website Hulu by enabling paid users to watch episodes past the five latest ones available for free.

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It has a robust TV show and movie collection, including video clips and snippets, film trailers and even exclusive Hulu series shows. Some TV shows even include archived episodes which were then never available online.

Hulu Plus runs on a pretty minimal user interface, which makes viewing easier on the eyes. Similar to the free access site Hulu, Hulu Plus does not display ads anywhere in the interface. But just like your regular TV, it runs commercials in gaps throughout a show episode or a movie.

With a wide range of devices on which the service runs, Hulu Plus takes TV viewing to a more convenient, on-demand setting, something that the free web-browser-only website is not able to provide. However, even for paid Hulu Plus users, some shows are accessible only via web browser just like in Hulu.

Hulu Plus is currently available in the US and in Japan, although the company intends to widen their reach. Hulu is a joint venture with NBC Universal Television Group, Disney-ABC Television Group, Fox Broadcasting Company, and other providence equity partners.

Hulu Plus Features

  • Viewing History. Check out the past shows you’ve already watched so you can keep track of the episodes you need to catch up on. 
  • Queue. Line up the episodes and shows you want to watch for a more convenient user experience.
  • HD. Watch high definition videos on your device at up to 720p HD quality video.
  • Migrate. You can start watching a video on your iPad and continue watching it on your TV. The video will automatically start at the point where you stopped watching in on your previous device.
  • Easy browsing. Hulu Plus displays a complete searchable list of the shows you can watch, including title, logo, the number of seasons available and the number of episodes you can watch.
  • Compatible with various devices. Watch on your web browser, on your mobile phone, on your tablet, on your TV, on your Blu-ray player, on your set-top box or even your gaming console. The website shows a complete list of compatible devices, including popular ones such as Wii U, Wii, Apple TV, Microsoft Xbox 360, Roku Streaming Player, Sony Playstation 3, and Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Hulu Plus Pricing

Hulu Plus gives users a week of free trial, after which they are billed a fixed monthly price of $7.99. Subscription can be canceled anytime.