InstaGone Pro touts its formula will instantly clean any stain on any surface without scrubbing. Inventor Pete Chicarelli claims to have invented InstaGone 15 years ago and says he has now created an even more powerful cleaner, dubbed InstaGone Pro.

Because of this, InstaGone Pro appears to be associated with InstaGone Consumer Products, marketers of the first InstaGone located in New Jersey; however, the original InstaGone still has its own website with no mention of the Pro version. (There is no BBB-accreditation or rating for either.)

How InstaGone Pro Works

InstaGone Pro comes in a powder formula with its own spray bottle. They say to put in the bottle and add water; they claim you are now ready to fight any stain instantly. Simply spray on the affected area - InstaGone claims its “penetrating action” works on the tiniest crevices, disintegrating stains on contact. (There is no information provided as to the actual ingredients.) They claim it is “hands free” and no need for scrubbing.

They insist InstaGone Pro can be used on any surface, including grout, tile, stucco, siding, trim, concrete, ceilings, ceramics, plastic, laminate, painted walls, mold stains, mildew stains, and more. They tout you can use on weathered outdoor surfaces like wood and patio furniture to bring them “back to life”. A video on the website purports to show InstaGone Pro in action, with stains on ceilings and walls seemingly evaporating into thin air. For use on carpet stains, they recommend InstaGone Pro Quick Shot (sold separately) which is an aerosol version of the product.

InstaGone Pro includes:

  • 2 packets of InstaGone Pro powder (24 oz total)
  • Spray bottle
  • Double your order “free” (extra S & H)
  • InstaGone Quick Shot 15 oz can (separate S & H)

InstaGone Pro Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

An order of 2 packets making 24 oz of InstaGone Pro will cost you $10 plus $6.99 S & H for a total of $16.99. At checkout, you have the option of doubling your order for an additional $6.99 S & H as well as adding Quick Shot for another $7.99 S & H. This comes to grand total of $31.97 for 48 oz of formula, 2 spray bottles, and one Quick Shot. They say you will receive your products within 2-6 weeks. From there, you have

30 days to try InstaGone products. If you don’t like them, they say to contact them within that time and they will return your initial $10, but they will keep all that S & H you dished out (and you will have to pay to ship it back.)

Bottom Line: Is InstaGone Pro a Scam?

There are too many questions about this product - specifically, what are its ingredients, how is it different from InstaGone regular, and who is selling it? Some have said that the product works decently enough, although not as magically as in the infomercial. Others note that it seems to just be powdered bleach. Whatever it is, it’s actually quite expensive. We recommend avoiding this one.