Micro Touch One Razor is a razor-and-blade system that harkens back to the days of Yore, when men were men and shavers weren’t disposable. The Micro Touch Max is what is called a “safety razor,” which uses an old-school double-sided razor blade inside a weighted shaver, and promises to give you the best shave of your life.

But is Micro Touch One safety razor really safe? We’ve received a lot of consumer reviews from users on this product, which we will discuss below.

How Micro Touch One Razor Works

The makers of Micro Touch One Razor say it is a modern version of a “timeless classic” – the men’s safety razor. It is pitched by Rick Harrison bald-and-goateed star of the reality program Pawn Stars. They tout that it’s the “best way to shave for over 100 years” and that barbershops still use only one blade (although they use a straight razor or “throat cutter” blade).

The Micro Touch Razor and safety razors in general consist of a weighted base and removable, curved, shaving head that holds and keeps the blade centered, resting against a safety bar. This exposes the tiny straight edge to your skin/face. The Micro Touch Razor is said to be made from solid brass that is chrome-plated.

They state the key to Micro Touch One Razor, and any safety razor, is practice, practice, practice. Rick Harrison is quoted on the website saying: "Like anything new, it may take you a few shaves to get used to…”

How To Use Micro Touch One Razor

The instructions listed on the “Quick Start” page are quite simple. They tell you use as little pressure as possible against your face, letting the razor do the work for you. Hold it by the tip of the handle at a 45-degree angle and shave with the grain of your beard. This has been confirmed by some sources we’ve spoken to who have tried the actual product.

Micro Touch One Razor Pricing and Returns

Micro Touch One Razor sells for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping plus $4.99 more in fees for the “bonus” razor blades, a total of $32.97 for 24 blades, safety razor, and carrying case.

Micro Touch One Razor has a 30-day money-back guarantee, minus any fees, plus return shipping.

Bottom Line: Is Micro Touch One Razor a Scam?

Based upon our 145 reviews-and-counting, Micro Touch One Razor seems to have generated quite the buzz. Currently, it averages a three-star rating. This seems to be because there are extremely passionate people on both ends of the spectrum.

First, we’ll give you highlights of some of its BEST reviews:

“Perfect solution for me… GREAT!!! If you know how… I certainly recommend it… great razor and easy to clean… Best Shave Ever… give it a chance… didn’t cut myself once…”

These people generally felt it’s a good, well-made product and they are happy with the purchase and resulting shave. However, some of them recommend buying some better razor blades and using special shaving cream (Cremo is a brand that is mentioned) because it doesn’t work so well with the regular kind. Some reviewers have said they bought the product at their local CVS or online at eBay for a better price.

The main takeaway from these positive reviews is that, with a little patience and practice, Micro Touch One Razor is a good shaver, especially for the price.

On the other hand, here are some snippets from some of the WORST:

“What a scam… getting soliciting phone calls… took 30 days to receive it… wife calls me Scar Face… scam… Made in China… almost injured myself… billed $30 per month… sells your phone number and address… charged $68 and I did not purchase $68 of merchandise…”

These people have a mixture of complaints, talking not only about cutting themselves and a cheap product, but also mention feeling a victim of deceptive marketing and upsell tactics by the company. According to these people, the product takes a long time to be delivered (if at all) and they are excessively billed. In addition, many talk of constant phone calls with solicitors encouraging and/or automatically signing them up for a $100 gas card with savings vouchers and then billing them $30 a month.

Here is our assessment of Micro Touch One Razor:

  • The product itself seems to generally work so long as you use it correctly.
  • It may not be best for elderly people with wrinkled skin.
  • If you do want to purchase this, it is available at Walgreens, CVS, and other retail outlets at a discounted price.
  • Do NOT buy from the website as you will be barraged with spam.
  • Buy some stainless steel double-edged razor blades elsewhere.
  • Buy special shaving cream (one brand is Cremo).

Here is a home-made video a consumer posted of himself using a Micro Tocuh One Razor to cleanly shave off their full goatee with just one pass of the razor blade:

What do you think? Please add your comments and reviews below and we will try to include them in our next update!