My Spy Birdhouse allows you to combine your birdwatching hobby with your inner voyeur by attaching the birdhouse to your window and watching the birds up close.

The birdhouse, a Lenfest Media Group product, has a transparent acrylic wall that lets you see right into the birdhouse and catch all the action of the birds‘ lives, including building nests and hatching and raising their young. Aside from giving birdwatching lovers a good up close peek inside the lives of our feathered friends, it touts itself as a great way to educate children and teach them how to observe without disturbing. 

My Spy Birdhouse Features

My Spy Birdhouse looks like a regular birdhouse except that the back wall is transparent and instead of hanging it in a tree, you put it against a window of your house with all-weather suction cups. Then, you just wait for birds to take up residence and observe them as much as you like.

The My Spy Birdhouse, which you can paint to customize to your tastes, comes with a two-way mirror so you can see into the birdhouse, but the birds can’t see into your house. It also comes with a privacy card that you hang against your window on the inside so light from your house won’t disturb them during the night or if you just want to give the birds some privacy at any time.

It will accommodate any small birds like wrens, nuthatches and chickadees and includes a perch for the birds. 

While the My Spy Birdhouse doesn’t have any online consumer reviews yet, it has been reviewed positively by other review sites.

My Spy Birdhouse Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

You get the My Spy Birdhouse with perch, the indoor privacy card and the two-way mirror for $14.99, plus $7.99 shipping and handling for a total of $22.98.

For an extra $7.99 in shipping fees, you can also get an Up-Close Bird Feeder that attaches to your window via suction cups and allows you to watch birds feeding up close. You are not obligated to purchase the bird feeder, but if you do, the total comes to $30.97.

The My Spy Birdhouse is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it. As per usual, you will receive your purchase price back, but not the shipping and handling fees and you will have to pay to ship it back to the company.

You can email or call customer service at 1-888-406-1765 Monday through Friday from 8:00am-10:00pm EST if you have inquiries.

Bottom Line – Should you buy the My Spy Birdhosue?

The biggest questions about the My Spy Birdhouse are whether the materials are strong and whether the suction cups will hold. It would be nothing less than horrifying to have the suction cups fail when there is a nest full of babies in the birdhouse. Without any consumer reviews to go by, that is impossible to tell.

The My Spy Birdhouse is fairly inexpensive and if it does work, would be a good idea for a bird watching enthusiast. For a relatively small risk financially, it could make a good gift for a bird watcher. However, the real risk is to the birds that nest in it.