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Wondering if New Age Serum—an anti-aging cream that claims to help diminish wrinkles, repair skin, counter the effects of aging, and make you look up to 10 years younger—is a scam?

We’ll cut right to the chase and state that, in our opinion, you should avoid New Age Serum at all costs. Period.

But we also want you to make an informed decision about New Age Serum (or any other product), so to explain why, let’s take a closer look at the situation.

First up? New Age Serum’s website design.

Where Have We Seen This Site Design Before?

In Avoid These Anti-Aging Websites Like the Plague, we provided an in-depth look at products that use the exact same website design; only the product name and picture were different.

We also talked about how these products almost always come with very poor customer feedback, including unwanted autoship programs and high prices, all wrapped in the guise of a “free” trial (we’ll talk about all of this in greater detail shortly).

In fact, we believe it’s the same handful of companies responsible for these sites, and that they just change names once the public figures out what’s going on.

How does this relate? New Age Serum uses the exact same website template as all of these less-than-stellar products, which (again, in our opinion) is the biggest red flag that you should stay far, far away.

Now, let’s talk about red flag #2.

New Age Serum’s Ingredients & Clinical Proof

If there’s anything that New Age Serum’s site template does well, it’s to make a whole lot of really big claims, like:

  • “Better than Botox”
  • “Amazing new Hollywood secret”
  • “Look up to 10 years younger”
  • “Rejuvenate your skin without expensive surgery”

New Age Serum even claims that their “clinically proven skincare technology” was shown to provide an 84% decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, a 95% increase in collagen production, and a 73% decrease in the appearance of dark circles in a recent study involving several hundred women.

What’s the problem? The company provides zero evidence to back it up. And considering these exact same claims are made by dozens of other products (see previous section), it’s reasonable to believe they hold no validity whatsoever.

And it doesn’t get any better with New Age Serum’s ingredients, either. In fact, of all the ingredients we’re told about (Biosphere, QuSome delivery, Biofil spheres), only QuSome is an actual product. All of the other ingredients appear to be completely made up, and are mentioned only on sites using this same template.

Because these ingredients aren’t real, it’s no surprise that customers aren’t happy with products like New Age Serum. What exactly are they saying?

Customer Feedback for New Age Serum

Although there wasn’t any online feedback specifically for New Age Serum at the time of our research, we’ve reviewed numerous identical products here at HighYa, including Celloplex, Premiera Matrixyl, Encante Cream, Wrinkle Rewind, and more. And the news isn’t good.

Overall, these products have an average rating of 1 star, with common complaints citing failure to work (surprise, surprise), high price, and problems with customer service (difficulty cancelling trials and processing refunds). Many customers were even yelled at by customer service representatives, and found the only way to cancel the recurring charges was to cancel their credit card.

Pro tip: Here are some great tips for getting what you want from customer service!

What’s all this about high prices and autoship programs? This is what we’ll talk about next.

The Dangers of New Age Serum’s Trial

Like all the other products we referenced in the previous section, New Age Serum is only available through a trial, where you’ll pay $4.95 to cover S&H and will be sent a 30-day supply.

Although this might sound like a deal, all the dirty details are usually buried in the Terms, where customers are unlikely to read them. Why?

Because the company behind New Age Serum doesn’t want you to know that after your trial expires, you’ll be billed the full price of $89.95. Then, you’ll keep receiving new bottles of New Age Serum once per month through their autoship program, and (you guessed it!) will be billed another $89.95 each time.

Yes, the company claims you can call customer service at 800-325-4782 to cancel your trial, request a refund (within 30 days, less S&H charges), or un-enroll from the autoship program.

But we think, at best, you’ll receive some pushback from any reps you speak with. At worst, they’ll yell at you and hang up in your ear.

The Bottom Line about New Age Serum

From its site design and unproven (read: fake) ingredients, to its unsubstantiated clinical claims and free trial, it should come as no surprise that we strongly recommend avoiding New Age Serum. But what can you do instead?

The reality is that most anti-aging products—whether they’re from a major manufacturer or an online-only product like New Age Serum—won’t provide the sensational results they advertise. Regardless of how much you pay.

As such, the most effective anti-aging treatments will be cosmetic injections and surgery, although these can be costly (not to mention painful!).

But the good news is that you can start reducing premature aging today by avoiding excessive sun exposure, stopping smoking, eating a well-balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise, cleansing your face daily, and more.

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    What a scam!

    Do not, I repeat, do not order from this company. I am out about $300, if you count all my bounced check fees that I received after they charged my checking account without my knowledge.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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