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Using three built-in LEDs that last over 10,000 hours, Night Angel promises to replace your existing outlet cover in seconds and add energy efficient ambient lighting to your home.

In order to install, the manufacturer tells us you simply have to unscrew your existing faceplate and replace it with Night Angel.

Its power prongs will then automatically make connections with the screws on any standard receptacle and draw power to its three bottom-mounted LEDs.

Not only does this mean you can install Night Angel in seconds, without the need for wires or batteries, but the company claims it also means you can keep both your outlets free for use, unlike traditional nightlights.

Whether placed in hallways, bathrooms, kid’s rooms, basements, garages, kitchens, or anywhere else, we’re told Night Angel’s onboard light sensor will turn on the LEDS in the dark and turn them off in the light, while using less than 10 cents worth of energy per year.

But hold on. Before handing over any money, you want to know two key things about Night Angel: 1) Will it work as advertised and 2) will it provide the most value for your money?

Let’s get you some answers by starting with the basics.

How Does Night Angel Work? Are There Other Products Like It?

On each side of a standard power receptacle are two screw connections, or four in total. Wrapped around two of these screws (or all of them, depending on your wiring scheme) are wires carrying an electrical current. Subsequently, this provides power to any device plugged into the outlet.

Under normal circumstances, this receptacle is covered by a thin, sometimes flexible, piece of plastic, which uses a small screw to attach itself to the receptacle.

This cover provides not only a more pleasing appearance but also safety, since touching these powered screws can result in an unappealing jolt.

Now, covers like Night Angel take advantage of this situation by using metal and plastic “prongs” that extend from the back of the plate, which then cover these powered screws and draw from the electricity flowing through them.

This way, these covers can provide meaningful benefits, without taking up outlet space.

Night Angel vs. SnapPower

While there aren’t a whole lot of lighted outlet covers out there, the original model appears to have been created by a company SnapPower, who also uses this same basic design to charge USB-powered electronics.

From a price perspective, Amazon currently sells each SnapPower Guidelight for $24.97. Comparatively, how much will you pay for Night Angel?

How Much Does Night Angel Cost?

Available in Duplex or Décor models, two Night Angel lighted outlet covers are priced at $12.99, plus $13.98 S&H, bringing your total to $26.97.

Night AngelNight Angel’s Duplex model (top) and Décor model (bottom). Image credit: Night Angel.

Night Angel also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, less S&H.

Taken together, this means that you’ll get two Night Angels for slightly more than one of the competition—although if you request a refund, after shipping your covers back to the manufacturer, you could end up losing money in the transaction.

Nonetheless, to request one, you’ll need to contact OnTel Product Corp’s customer service department at 844-570-9864.

Night Angel Customer Reviews

Night Angel was too new at the time of our research to have garnered any customer feedback.

However, we’ve reviewed many other popular products from OnTel, a middle-of-the-road player within the As Seen on TV industry, including Big Vision Eyewear, Foot Angel, and Veggetti.

Overall, while some consumers claimed to have had positive experiences with these products (e.g. worked as advertised, good value for the money, etc.), these products tend to come with 2-star or lower average consumer ratings. Why?

Most complaints claimed that they didn’t work as advertised, didn’t meet quality expectations, and didn’t come with solid customer support. Granted, these are the most common complaints among all products in this genre, so it’s not necessarily unique to OnTel’s offerings.

What’s this mean for you? While ASOTV advertising (like any other genre) is intended to place products in the most favorable light, it’s important to keep your expectations realistic before placing your order.

What about feedback for Night Angel’s closest competition? Let’s carry this thought over to the final section as we come to a conclusion.

Is Night Angel a Good Choice for Ambient Lighting?

When it comes down to it, if you’re looking for an outlet cover that requires no wiring and installs in seconds, you’re limited solely to Night Angel or the originator, SnapPower.

From functional and appearance perspectives, these two options seem all but identical. So, without firsthand, side-by-side testing, there’s no way to draw any reasonable conclusions about which one will deliver better performance.

As we mentioned above, though, ASOTV products don’t always have reputations for high quality, so whether or not they’ll have the same reputation for quality as the mainstream competition remains to be seen.

Considering this, we think the big question here is one of value, which is something only you can decide. This is because you’ll get two Night Angels for the price of one SnapPower cover—but if you decide to return them, you could lose 50% more than you’ll get back as a refund.

Here are a couple more considerations before you make your decision:

How Bright Is Night Angel?

Night Angel’s manufacturer provides precious few details on their website, so we can’t know exactly how many lumens the LEDs on these covers output.

However, according to a response on Amazon from SnapPower’s manufacturer (remember, these seem to be functionally identical products), they’re probably not as bright as a traditional nightlight.

However, since the light is concentrated directly on the floor, they might wok better to illuminate your path at night, without blinding you.

Will this hold true with Night Angel as well? We’ll just have to wait until the customer reviews start rolling in to find out.

Can You Use Night Angel on Nonconforming Outlets?

Not to sound like a broken record here, but again, we’re told little more than that Night Angel will work on standard outlets.

But returning to SnapPower’s listing on Amazon, we’re informed that it can’t be used with GFCI outlets, and is only designed for two-opening, single gang boxes.

It can be used with sideways (horizontal) outlets, although this means it will illuminate the side instead of the ground.

Did you find this Night Angel review useful? Great! Be sure to return the favor by telling us all about your Night Angel experience by writing a review below!

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  • Another "as seen on TV" piece of junk

    It is a poor design, and the terminals on light spread out too far. They don't touch the terminal on the outlet. Even if they didn't spread out too far, the terminals on the nightlight go in between the screws on the outlet. It is just another piece of "as seen on TV" junk. I was very disappointed. I will be returning to the store.

    It is a great idea, just a poor design. I have not had very good luck with "as seen on TV" junk. I think I'll quit buying it!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 4 out 5 people found this review helpful


    Lights will not turn off with ambient light. I had to shine a flashlight at it to see if photoelectric functioned. I placed in the hallway directly under the skylight and it stays on constantly.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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