What Is Oreous Pillow?

By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff Updated on: Sep 8, 2017

Developed over the course of two years with sleep experts from around the world, the Italian-made Oreous Pillow uses patented technology to adjust to your preferred thickness and height, potentially leading to reduced neck pain, headaches, and stress, along with a revolutionized sleep experience.

Blended with a soft, 100 percent organic exterior and a cotton interior cover, the website tells us that the pillow is naturally antibacterial, breathable, doesn’t retain heat or odors, and won’t create static.

Based on what we learned from the product’s website, it certainly seems like the Oreous Pillow features some compelling new technology. But since it hasn’t been released yet, should you continue looking at other adjustable pillows, or does it represent the end of your search for a perfect pillow, as mentioned in the promotional video?

Let’s start by taking a closer look at its specifications.

An Under-the-Cover Look at the Oreous Pillow

At the core of the Oreous Pillow are thousands of microloops, which are said to rebound 10X faster than normal memory foam and 1,000X faster than a feather down pillow. This way, however you move around, the company claims you’ll have reliable 360-degree head and neck support.

After reaching out to the company about the specific material, they responded that: “The main material used in the microloops is proprietary, which has the responsiveness of latex, support of memory foam, and softness of feather. No chemical agent has been used in their production, and our team uses the most eco-friendly methods; i.e., using water as an expanding agent instead of CFC gas.”

Another unique feature is that these microloops can be removed, allowing you to perfectly match your height, thickness, and support preferences, down to the micromillimeter. And using the custom cylinder your pillow was shipped in, you’ll be able to store these microloops if you’d like to re-add them at a later date.

Oreous Pillow Microloops ScreenshotIn this screenshot from Oreous Pillow’s crowdfunding video, we can see some of the thousands of microloops contained in the interior cover, which are said to offer customized support and breathability. Image credit: Oreous

Helping the internal microloops flow freely is the interior cover, which is made from breathable 100 percent cotton. The exterior cover, made of Lenpur cellulose fiber derived from specific types of timber, features a naturally luxurious feel the company claims provides the comfort of silk, the touch of cashmere, and the lightness of linen.

It’s also said to be a naturally antibacterial fiber that balances heat production from your body, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The cover is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified, which means it’s 100 percent nontoxic and safe, while the company emphasizes that “no unnatural expanding agents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, or CFCs have been used to create the microloops.”

Finally, around the edge of Oreous’ exterior is their 3D mesh band technology, which helps the pillow keep its shape and further promotes air exchange.

Oreous PillowThe exterior of the Oreous Pillow, with its Lenpur cellulose fiber and 3D mesh band technology. Image credit: Oreous

How Much Does the Oreous Pillow Cost?

At the time of this writing, the only way to preorder an Oreous Pillow was through the company’s Indiegogo campaign, with the following perks:

  • 1 Standard Pillow (18"x 28"): $84
  • 1 King Pillow (18"x 34"): $94
  • 2 Standard Pillows: $155
  • 2 King Pillows: $169
  • 5 Standard Pillows: $385
  • 5 King Pillows: $410

Shipping was estimated as sometime during October 2017. We also learned from customer support that the pillow comes with a 30-day refund policy and that three pounds of additional microloops can be purchased from the website for $40.

Are There Any Online Customer Reviews for the Oreous Pillow?

At the time of our research, Oreous’ Indiegogo campaign had earned nearly $370,000—exceeding their original goal by more than 1,300 percent. Before that, their Kickstarter campaign ending June 2, 2017 raised almost $330,000.

Although most Kickstarter updates could only be viewed by backers at the time of our research, it appears there have been some shipping delays, as delivery was originally slated for July 2017. It also appears that some backers have commented on the odor of the Lenpur fabric or microloops, which the company claimed is “a natural smell that does subside after a few days.”

Outside of this, the only other firsthand feedback we encountered was on Sleep Sherpa, who reported that based on what he learned from Kickstarter, the Oreous Pillow matched his expectations. He said it felt softer, similar to a shredded memory foam pillow, but that it recovered faster and was slightly more breathable, “because the loops are big enough to create larger air pockets.”

He noted that, while Oreous contoured well, it didn’t stack up to “some of the higher end shredded foam pillows I have reviewed, so that is a trade off.”

In the end, he concluded:

“The Oreous Pillow is more evolutionary than revolutionary. It is great for people that want quicker recovery than what a typical memory foam pillow can offer but still want some of the benefits that only memory foam can provide, such as superior contouring and pressure relief. I have been sleeping on my Oreous for a weekend and find that it holds its shape well and sleeps cool.”

Note: In Sleep Sherpa’s unboxing video, the shipping canister containing Oreous seemed a little beat up, with some torn exterior wrapping, while the aluminum had a number of dents and folds.

While we don’t expect that customers will exactly use this canister as a showpiece in their home, if yours arrives in a similar condition, it’s probably something you’ll want to hide at the back of your closet—if you plan to remove some of the microloops, of course.

And since this canister isn’t exactly tiny, you’ll need to make sure you have the room to accommodate it.

Lastly, Mark Reissi is CEO and founder of Oreous Pillow, as well as Reissi Mall and Reissi Empire. According to his LinkedIn profile, he’s based out of Sydney, NSW and previously attended the University of Sydney, where he obtained he masters degrees in Commerce and International Studies.

Oreous vs. Other Adjustable Pillows

Browsing online, we found dozens of adjustable pillow options, most of which were filled with shredded memory or latex foam, although several options implement some type of air pump. Another popular option that’s been around for years is buckwheat, millet, or kapok filling, which are all-natural options that can be added or removed as needed.

While we didn’t encounter anything filled with the same microloops as Oreous, among foam pillows, their adjustability methods varied widely, from removing foam directly to pulling out interior layers, or sections. Price-wise, most seemed to fall somewhere between $50 and $150, putting Oreous’ king model squarely in the middle.

Note: Just like no single shirt will fit every person or a single medication will clear up every patient’s symptoms, there isn’t one pillow that will help every consumer achieve a better night’s sleep. After all, your age, weight, body type, preferences, and potential medical conditions can have a big impact on what works for you.

With this key fact in mind, in Top Pillow Picks for Each Position, we discuss that memory foam (the material most similar to Oreous’ microloops, as we learned earlier) can be a solid choice if you’re a restless sleeper since these pillows quickly conform to movements at night.

Outside of material and price, the right pillow for you will largely depend on your preferred sleeping position. For example:

  • Back sleepers should focus on pillows that are fluffy, yet squishy, feature medium firmness and properly cradle the neck.
  • Side sleepers often require pillows that are thicker and very firm, with a design that focuses on cradling the head.
  • On the other hand, stomach sleepers might opt for a very thin pillow—or even none at all, with a maximum amount of softness and malleability.

Granted, since the thickness and support provided by adjustable pillows like Oreous can be changed, it might be the case that they have the ability to meet the sleeping needs of a broader audience.

However, Oreous’ website didn’t provide additional information about the primary materials used in their microloops, or whether or not they might present any allergy concerns for some consumers, so we reached out for more detail.

Our Final Thoughts About the Oreous Pillow

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, sleep plays an important role in good mental and physical health and well-being, as well as in quality life and overall safety. And based on what we’ve learned during our research, pillows can play an integral part in achieving more restorative sleep.

What’s more, adjustable options like the Oreous Pillow might be able to meet the needs and preferences of the widest cross-section of consumers, since they can—at least in theory—conform to the needs of just about any sleeping position.

Despite these potential benefits, there’s simply no way to know if a pillow, adjustable or otherwise, will work for you without sleeping on it, or at least giving it a few test squeezes. And since Oreous is only available online, this is something you won’t get to do before handing over your money.

On top of this, current customers will have to wait until October to receive their pillows, assuming no shipping delays occur. And until we hear back from the company about their refund policy, we can’t know if you’ll be able to recoup your money if Oreous doesn’t meet your needs and preferences.

However, the company was very responsive to our request for additional information and they seem to stand behind their pillow with a 30-day refund policy, although you’ll likely be out a few bucks in return S&H charges.

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