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Did you know that 66% of all US adults take prescription medications, and that more than 4 billion prescriptions were written in 2011 alone?

In other words, most of us have a lot of pills (not to mention vitamins) to keep track of, so Pill Pro claims to offer a unique way of organizing them for each day of the week. How’s it work?

Overall, Pill Pro is about the size of a large coffee cup, with an outside shell that houses 7 portable trays, which are organized by days of the week. Each of these clear removable trays is divided into 4 labeled compartments, depending on when your medication needs to be taken; morning, afternoon, evening, & night. The lids for each section snap tight and won’t spill, although the company claims they’re easy enough for even weak hands to open.

After filling each tray with the appropriate medication, simply pop the top on Pill Pro’s shell and place the tray inside, which stacks on top of any other trays. This way, as you pull the day’s tray from the bottom, the next tray slides down into place for instant, easy dispensing.

From there, you can take your Pill Pro tray with you wherever you need, which promises to eliminate the guesswork and confusion out of taking medicine.

But is Pill Pro right for you? Is it the “brilliant breakthrough” claimed by the manufacturer? Will it really alleviate your guesswork and confusion? You’ve got questions and we did the research to help you find some answers.

Let’s star with Pill Pro’s price.

How Much Does Pill Pro Cost?

One Pill Pro organizer is priced at $10 plus $7.95 S&H. You can purchase a second organizer at checkout for an additional $1.95 S&H.

All Pill Pros come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. Did you spring for the BOGO offer? If so and you request a refund, once you send them back, you could lose more in S&H charges than you’ll ultimately get back as a refund.

Nonetheless, you can request a refund by calling Bluum Inc.’s customer service department at 877-777-0125.

How does this price compare to other pill organizers?

Does Pill Pro Have Any Competition?

As you no doubt already know, a casual stroll through your nearest pharmacy will confirm that if you’re looking for a portable poll organizer, you have dozens of local options. If you expand your search online, you’ll have hundreds (if not thousands) of additional options to wade through.

Are any of these close to what you’ll get with Pill Pro? Really, this depends on how you define “close.” Will you find something designed exactly the same? In our research, we’ve learned that some ASOTV products are just slightly redesigned versions of products already available from other companies—although we don’t think this is necessarily the case with Pill Pro.

While you might not find something designed identically, you can quickly find dozens of products that operate in the same basic way as Pill Pro by typing “tower pill organizers” or “7 day portable pill organizers” into your favorite search engine.

From a price perspective, you’ll find that some of these towers can be purchased for as little as $5 (half the cost of Pill Pro) from well-known and respected online retailers. And when you factor in Pill Pro’s high, non-refundable S&H charges, this might make exploring all your options worthwhile.

Since most of these towers function the same, can you really expect them to clear up the confusing process of taking so many medications?

Will Pill Pro Really Eliminate Your Guesswork & Confusion?

Pill Pro’s manufacturer claims their tower can eliminate the guesswork out of taking medication, prevent you from getting your medicine confused, and can help ensure you never miss a dose. While we don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with these claims, we think it’s important to put them in perspective.

Yes, it’s fairly clear that Pill Pro can deliver these benefits when it comes time to take your medication; simply open the appropriate compartment and take whatever medication it contains.

However, these pills won’t end up in each compartment on their own. You’ll have to add the right pills to the appropriate compartments yourself, so if you’re taking a lot of different medications and/or tend to get confused with “what goes where,” Pill Pro might not provide much of a benefit.

Finally, although it might be obvious, Pill Pro also won’t ensure that you never leave pills behind. After all, it can be easy to walk out of the house in a rush and accidentally forget your tray.

Will You Get a Lot of Value Out of Pill Pro?

Let’s quickly recap what we’ve learned here: Pill Pro is a 7-day pill organizer tower that features a unique design, but not necessarily a unique function. Among its stiff competition, you’ll find some organizers that come in at half the price, even before factoring in its high, non-refundable S&H charges.

Does this mean that you should forgo Pill Pro and purchase one of these other options? In the end, we have little doubt that Pill Pro will work as advertised, and probably just as well as other brands. But only you can decide if the higher price constitutes a better value for your hard-earned money.

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