The Pressure Pro Cooker claims it will help you make family size meals in a fraction of the normal time and with the push of just one button. They state its 6-quart pressure cooker uses what they call 10-in-1 Smart Steam Technology which allows you to make mouthwatering meals in minutes, not hours.

Pressure Pro is sold by Harvest Cookware, which is not BBB-accredited nor is it rated. There is no information information about them, except for the fact that its website is “powered” by Mojo, a company specializing in making websites for ASOTV products.

How the Pressure Pro Cooker Works

The Pressure Pro Cooker appears to look like a pressure cooker with a digital interface on the front. To use it, they say to take your favorite food items, place inside the Pressure Pro and close the lid. Next, select one of the 10 steam settings that corresponds to what you are cooking; for meats, also select Rare, Medium, or Well. Then push one button, and walk away.

The Pressure Pro Cooker claims that its digital computer figures out the pressure, temperature, and how long to cook depending upon what’s inside and whether it’s fresh or frozen. As Pressure Pro heats up, they say the flavors are locked in due to due the pressurized steam which “forces” it deep into the fiber of the food.

They say because steam conducts heat better than air that Pressure Pro will cook your food up to ten times faster, yet still remain at the perfect, even cooking temperature. They add that unlike a traditional oven which they say cooks out moisture, they claim Pressure Pro locks moisture in, making every meal juicy and delicious.

They say you can use Pressure Pro to cook a seafood feast in 5 minutes, two whole chickens in under 35 minutes, and a setting they call 99 for tender, flavorful, fall-off-the-bone meats and ribs better than any barbecue. It claims you can cook rice or risotto, soups, stews, or beans in minutes instead of hours. They claim you can even use it for canning and preserving in 15-30 minutes. They say you are limited only by your imagination with what you can cook in Pressure Pro.

They tout a built-in Rapid Results button can cook certain items like a baked apple as fast as one minute. They say it also has a delay timer with warming feature, claiming you can have your meal ready and hot whenever it’s time for dinner.

They claim Pressure Pro’s many versatile features will allow you to replace your oven, smoker, rice steamer, microwave, and slow cooker. It says this will allow you to spend less time cooking for the family and more time enjoying meals with them, comparing it to  having a time machine in your kitchen. They add that it saves space, taking up just 14 inches of countertop. Pressure Pro says its removable inner pot is dishwasher safe.

Each Pressure Pro order comes with:

  • 6 quart Pressure Pro (Red or Black)
  • Grandma’s Secret Cookbook
  • 3-piece Ceramic Knife Set (extra S & H)

Pressure Pro Pricing, Shipping, and Returns

Pressure Pro is available through their website for 3 payments of $33.33 for a total of $99.99 plus $29.95 S & H for the cooker and the automatically-added $9.95 S & H for the “free” knife set for a total of $139.89. In addition, there is an optional $2.99 “insurance” for your shipping. They say to allow 2-6 weeks for your Pressure Pro to arrive. Once it does, you have 30 days to try it, and you can return it for the sale amount minus S & H (and what it costs to send it back).

Bottom Line: Is Pressure Pro a Scam?

No. People seem to generally be satisfied with the Pressure Pro. There have been some that wish it were a bit bigger and its interior not made of teflon, but the Pressure Pro seems to deliver in terms of flavor and convenience. You may, however, want to wait until its available in stores or larger online retailers so you won’t have to pay the excessive S & H.

Update: One of our readers have found the missing recipe booklet. Click here to download the pdf.