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Created by Mark Sisson, Primal Kitchen’s Paleo-friendly mayonnaise is claimed to be made using avocado oil and other whole foods ingredients that are full of healthful, natural fats and antioxidants, without artificial colors, flavors, fillers, synthetic industrial seed oils, or trans fats. Compared to many other “healthy” options, Primal Kitchen claims that their mayonnaise means you no longer have to sacrifice full, tasty flavor for health.

With this in mind, Primal Kitchen’s mayonnaise is claimed to be made using only 6 high quality ingredients:

  • Avocado oil
  • Organic, cage-free eggs
  • Organic egg yolks
  • Organic vinegar (from non-GMO beets)
  • Sea salt
  • Rosemary extract

In addition, Primal Kitchen mayonnaise is free of sugar, soy, canola, gluten, and dairy. Despite its lack of artificial preservatives, if unopened, Primal kitchen mayonnaise is claimed to stay fresh in your pantry for up to 9 months. However, it will need to be refrigerated after opening, and will need to be used within 60 days.

Whether you’re on a Paleo diet or are just concerned about what you put in your body, does Primal Kitchen’s mayonnaise deliver healthful tastiness, and is it worth your hard-earned money? Consider the following:

Who is Mark Sisson?

Mark Sisson is known to some as the “godfather of Paleo,” which a diet plan “based on the food humans' ancient ancestors might likely have eaten, such as lean meat, nuts and berries.” He has been involved in fitness for decades, previously as a marathon runner, and more recently as author of the acclaimed primal lifestyle book The Primal Blueprint, creator of MarksDailyApple.com, and founder of Primal Kitchen.

But although Mark has been focused on optimum health for decades, does this necessarily make Primal Kitchen’s mayonnaise better than the competition?

Is Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise Healthier than Other Options?

Strictly from an ingredients perspective, the fact that Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise only includes 6 whole foods ingredients separates it from much of the competition. Despite this benefit though, it’s important to put things in perspective.

According to this Huffington Post article, on average, “One tablespoon of mayonnaise has approximately 11 grams of fat, 100 calories and 85 mg of sodium.” If you compare these numbers with Primal Kitchen mayonnaise, you’ll see that it exceeds them in almost every respect. However, although this means you won’t be able to use Primal Kitchen mayonnaise in excess (just like any other mayonnaise), is it actually healthier than the competition?

Nutrition Facts for Primal Kitchen mayonnaiseNutrition information for Primal Kitchen mayonnaise.

According to HelpGuide.org, “Bad fats, such as trans fats and saturated fats, are guilty of the unhealthy things all fats have been blamed for—weight gain, clogged arteries, and so forth. But good fats such as the monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and omega-3s have the opposite effect. In fact, healthy fats play a huge role in helping you manage your moods, stay on top of your mental game, fight fatigue, and even control your weight.” Because of this, “The answer isn’t cutting out the fat—it’s learning to make healthy choices and to replace bad fats with good ones that promote health and well-being.”

With this in mind, the primary ingredient in Primal Kitchen mayonnaise—avocado oil—contains monounsaturated fat, which is much healthier than other options that use polyunsaturated fats, such as soybean, corn, and safflower oil. This, along with Primal Kitchen’s lack of artificial ingredients and preservatives, can make it a more healthful option.

DIY Mayonnaise

Despite Primal Kitchen’s healthfulness, if you’re even remotely adept in the kitchen, keep in mind that there are dozens of online recipes for healthy mayonnaise recipes available at your fingertips. Simply type in the phrase “whole food mayonnaise recipes” into your favorite search engine, and you’ll have more results than you’ll know what to do with.

And although this option might be more labor intensive, it could provide you with the same level of healthfulness as Primal Kitchen’s mayonnaise, but at a much lower price (more about this in the Pricing section).

Do You Like Mayo Popsicles?

Gross, right?

We bring this up, because according to the Primal Kitchen website, “If you live in a cold climate, your product may arrive frozen. Fear not! Simply refrigerate upon receipt and stir before enjoying. We could have chosen fillers and artificial preservatives to avoid this issue, but we don't think it's worth the sacrifice.”

Are Customers Pleased with Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise?

Primal Kitchen mayonnaise is a very new product, and didn’t have any online customer reviews available at the time of our research. In fact, according to this press release, the product went on sale 2/2/15.

However, Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise has been featured in some well-known publications, such as Shape, Glamour, and more. While most of the appearances were simply noting that the product is now available, the Glamour article claimed that Primal Kitchen might work as a “delicious and healthy alternative to traditional mayonnaise” after testing it out for themselves. 

Primal Kitchen mayonnaise is manufactured by Primal Nutrition Inc. based out of Malibu, CA, although the company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Primal Kitchen Pricing

On Primal Kitchen’s website, one jar of mayonnaise is advertised at $9.95 each. However, if you click on the “Order Now” link, you’re taken to PrimalBlueprint.com, where the only option is a 3-pack for $29.85 as a single purchase, or $25.35 if you sign up for the company’s autoship program.

Outside of this, the only other retailer currently offering Primal Kitchen mayonnaise is ThriveMarket.com, where it’s priced at $7.45 per bottle.

Is Primal Kitchen’s Price Worth the Health Benefits?

Chopping to the point: Considering the fact that diets high in polyunsaturated fats are responsible for a wide variety of health concerns, the monounsaturated fat in Primal Kitchen mayonnaise might help you lead a healthier life.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to eat any more Primal Kitchen than you would other types of mayonnaise, so you’ll have to decide whether this “unseen” health benefit is worth the high price. For price-conscious consumers, keep in mind that whole food mayonnaise can be made in the comfort of your home, for a fraction of the price.

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