RealDose Nutrition is a company that manufactures a line of weight loss supplements that provide all necessary ingredients, in just the right dose. The company is based in Aurora, CO, and was established by Chief Medical Officer Steven Sisskind, MD. According to Dr. Sisskind, RealDose Nutrition products provide two primary benefits:

The Right Ingredient

The company claims that many other nutritional supplement manufacturers test their products on mice or rats, but whatever results may be achieved using this method, there is no assurance that it will produce a similar effect on humans.

However, human pilot studies are riddled with errors as well, whether they’re double blind or contain placebos, because there are far too many variables in play. In fact, there are numerous documented cases of companies bribing test subjects to provide false positive results, or even altered before and after pictures.

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As a result, RealDose Nutrition claims that their test results are backed by human studies that compare active ingredients to placebos. In other words, they claim to have the data to back up their product performance claims.

The Right Dose

According to RealDose Nutrition, many supplement companies hide dosage information for each ingredient by claiming that their product is a “proprietary formula.” If consumers were to learn of the actual dosage information though, they would quickly realize that the quantities of the active ingredients are not high enough to have a substantial effect. And, similar to a snowball effect, other companies have adopted this tactic as well, since they don’t want to cut into their profits.

However, as their name implies, RealDose Nutrition guarantees that all their products contain scientifically proven dosage amounts for each active ingredient.

RealDose Nutrition Products

The most popular RealDose Nutrition product is their Weight Loss Formula No. 1, which claims to increase fat burning, decrease appetite, relieve stress, and boost mood using four primary ingredients—all at just the right dose, of course. Supplement facts for the product can be found here.

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One bottle of the weight loss formula sells for $67, and includes 90 VegiCaps, which constitutes a 30-day supply (recommended dose is three VegiCaps per day). However, if you purchase three bottles (90-day supply), you’ll only pay $179, which is a savings of $22. Finally, purchasing six bottles (180-day supply) will cost $327, which will save you a total of $75.

Other RealDose Nutrition products include:

  • Super Critical Omega-3 TG - Super Critical Omega-3 TG is purified fish oil, which contains super-concentrated levels of omega-3 fatty acids in a superior triglyceride (TG) form.
  • RealMeal GF – RealMeal GF is a powdered meal supplement that delivers a nutrient-dense meal in just 140 calories. It is low-calorie, reduces hunger, and lowers glucose absorption.
  • RealReds – RealReds is a powdered drink mix that harnesses the main nutritional ingredients found in purple and red fruits and vegetables, and is great for individuals undergoing low-sugar diets.

RealDose Nutrition Pricing and Return Policy

RealDose supplements range anywhere from $48-$68 per bottle, though you can also purchase them in three or six-bottle bulk orders. Essentially, the more you buy, the less each bottle costs.

RealDose Nutrition does stand behind each of their products, and offers a one-year “You Must be Thrilled” money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your results, simply return the unused portion of your supplement for a full refund, no questions asked. The only action you’ll need to take is to call (800) 928-5580 in order to initiate the refund process.


  • Wide variety of nutritional supplements based on your individual needs.
  • You can rest assured that the dosage for all active ingredients in the supplements are correct.
  • All supplements have undergone scientific testing, including human trials.
  • One-year “You Must be Thrilled” money back guarantee on all products.


  • Some users have stated that the same level of weight loss can be achieved through an altered diet alone.