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Cathy Mitchell tells us that her new Red Copper Square Pan represents the “newest technology in nonstick cookware,” and that it can help you cook without oil, butter, or grease. How?

Made of ultra-tough ceramic, super strong copper, along with an aluminum bottom for even heating, Square Pan promises to work as a skillet, fryer, roaster, and baking pan—even as a deep fryer. With its high sides, we’re also told you’ll be able to prevent splatters, and the square design delivers double the space for more food.

Then, when you’re all done, the company claims you can just wipe your Square Pan clean and store it away for another day.

You’ve undoubtedly read about the health risks of PFOA and PTFE (if not, we’ll talk more about these in a moment), but you still want the convenience of non-stick cookware. Without paying an arm and a leg, of course!

From this perspective, will Red Copper Square Pan meet your expectations, or will it just get you hot under the collar? We’ll explore it all here.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Ceramic Cookware?

Until the advent of ceramic coatings, all nonstick cookware worked using a layer of PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) and/or PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)—otherwise known as Teflon.

While Teflon provides fantastic nonstick capabilities, it can also release some noxious gasses when heated too high. Additionally, small particles can flake off over time, which may even be linked to a greater risk of cancer.

Enter ceramic. Seemingly, when applied in several thick coatings over a metal core (in the instance of Square Pan, it’s supposedly copper), ceramic offers natural non-stickiness, but without the health concerns associated with Teflion.

But it’s not perfect. Ceramic cookware tends to be more delicate than Teflon-coated metal, so you’ll need to take greater care when handling it, lest it chips. Also, some sites recommend avoiding the use of oils with ceramic cookware, as it may dramatically decrease its lifespan.

Most importantly though, it seems that many Red Copper users are finding that this specific ceramic may not provide the same nonstick capabilities as Teflon. Let’s talk more about this next.

Customers (& the HighYa Team) Talk About Our Red Copper Experiences

Square Pan was brand new at the time of our research, without any online customer reviews. The good news is that 25 HighYa readers have talked about their experiences with the original Red Copper Pan (essentially identical to Square Pan, except for the shape), giving it an average rating of 2.7 stars.

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Overall, about half of Red Copper Pan’s customers seemed pleased with its nonstick ability and ease of use, while the other half found that it didn’t work at all after even a couple uses. In fact, one reviewer claimed they bought two Red Copper Pans from different sources, and each feature different ceramic thicknesses, ceramic tints, and weights (remember this, because we’ll come back to it in a second).

On top of this, the HighYa team performed in-depth testing on Red Copper Pan. We found that it didn’t provide any meaningful nonstick capabilities—in fact, it turned our attempt at eggs into a total mess. We also found that it scratched easily with a fork, arrived chipped on one section of the edge, and wasn’t actually dishwasher safe.

No, Red Copper Square Pan technically isn’t the same thing as the original Red Copper Pan. Given this, we can’t say with absolute certainty that you’ll experience the same, but we think this Red Copper Pan review video might be insightful regarding your Square Pan purchase.

What About Copper Chef?

But do you know what is technically the same thing as Red Copper Square Pan? The incredibly popular Copper Chef! Just like with Copper Square Pan, many HighYa readers state that Copper Chef provide very little nonstick ability, was difficult to clean, and all around didn’t work as advertised.

On the other hand, the HighYa team originally submitted Copper Chef to several real-world tests, including cooking eggs, steaming vegetables, and even cooking seared steaks in the oven and found that it worked great and heated evenly. We also found that cleanup was a breeze in most scenarios.

In our follow up video, however, we found that Copper Chef’s ceramic surface quickly began chipping where it came in contact with the lid, as well as various nicks and scratches elsewhere. We also found that trying to cook an over-easy egg resulted in nearly inedible food. We even went back and retried the original omelette test performed the first time around, and found that the pan’s nonstick ability was essentially gone.

Is Red Copper Square Pan priced the same as Copper Chef?

How Much Does Red Copper Square Pan Cost?

When purchasing Red Copper Square Pan, you’ll have one of two options:

  • Standard Version – Includes Square Pan, plus a dinner and desserts recipe guide, tempered glass lid, steamer/roaster rack, and fry basket: $59.99
  • Deluxe Version – Includes everything found in the standard version, plus a double layer of scratch-resistant coating: $64.99

Compared to Copper Chef, which is priced at $74.97 with shipping, Square Pan is meaningfully less expensive.

Regardless of which option you choose, your order will come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H. The company also claims they’ll replace your Square Pan if it ever fails, but doesn’t provide any additional information on their website.

In order to request a refund, Telebrands’ customer service department can be reached at 855-668-1655.

Now, let’s take what we’ve learned and wrap things up for Red Copper Square Pan.

Should You Invite Red Copper Square Pan Into Your Home?

Yes, ceramic cookware can offer decent nonstick capabilities, without the health concerns often associated with Teflon. Yes, Square Pan’s deep sides and shape will probably provide a decent amount of flexibility.

However, Red Copper Square Pan seems to be manufactured to very similar standards as Copper Chef (not to mention the smaller Red Copper Pan), and based on what we learned in our testing and from reader reviews, we’d have some serious reservations that it’ll deliver on the promises made in its commercial.

And yes, Cathy Mitchell is a lovable best selling author of Dump Cakes and impossible to dislike. But keep in mind that celebrities rarely use the products they endorse. Even if Cathy does use these Red Copper pans regularly, that still doesn’t mean they’ll provide top value for your dollar.

Speaking of which, it’s important to note that you can find nearly identical ceramic cookware elsewhere online—sometimes entire cookware sets—for not much more than Red Copper Square Pan. So, if you’re looking to maximize your dollar, that might be one way to do so.

Don’t keep us—and millions of monthly readers—in the dark. Tell us about your Red Copper Square Pan experience by writing a review below!

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  • 3 out 4 people found this review helpful

    Square pan

    Everything sticks to this pan. Not worth the money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 26 out 26 people found this review helpful

    Bleeds red

    • Hallsville, MO,
    • Oct 13, 2016

    When I wiped my Red Copper Square Pan just to make sure there were no cardboard particles before adding the oil to season the pan, I noticed that the paper towel I was using was pink. I rubbed some more and the harder I pushed, the redder the paper towel got. I thought, well I haven't seasoned it yet, I will see what happens then.

    Seasoned pan did the same thing when I went to wipe out the oil. Freaked me out, so I called. Customer service was surprised that it was doing that and said they would ship me another. Got it pretty quick and it does the same thing. A little less, I must admit, but I wonder what it is and what I will be eating when I cook with it.

    Did anyone else experience this?

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 34 out 35 people found this review helpful

    Red Copper Square Pan Mistake

    • Rockport, IN,
    • Oct 2, 2016

    The first thing out of the box I noticed that extra virgin olive oil cannot be used in the pan without damaging. This relegated the pan to a $60 door stop. This fact should be mentioned on the infomercial and the website.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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