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Scalp Med claims to be “winning the battle against hair loss” by helping you to regrow your own hair in just six months. In fact, the company claims that by using their product, you can avoid painful, costly surgeries and can “continue to maintain a healthy head of hair for life.”

Scalp Med is manufactured by Modern Health Labs based out of Van Nuys, CA. However, despite the length of time the company has been in business, it has no rating with the Better Business Bureau, though they do have just one closed complaint over the past three years. Regarding Scalp Med specifically, online reviews appear to be mixed, with the most common complaints citing failure to work, high price, and that it isn’t much different than many other popular topical hair loss treatments (see the Bottom Line section for additional details).

How Scalp Med Works

Based on information on the product’s website, Scalp Med claims that “over 95% of users grew their hair back in 6 months,” and that their proprietary formula has earned them 8 U.S. and international patents. With this in mind, all Scalp Med products are manufactured in the U.S., and include the following:

  • Men’s Scalp Med Kit – Contains 2 products: Vitadil®-5A, which uses a 5% Minoxidil topical solution to help regrow thinning hair, and NutriSol®-RM, which “contains essential amino acids, minerals, herbs and nutrients that help restore the structures of your hair follicles.”
  • Women’s Scalp Med Kit – Similar to the Men’s kit, you’ll receive one bottle of Vitadil®-2A, which only contains 2% Minoxidil, as well as the same NutriSol®-RM solution.
  • Panthenol-Dx Follicle Detoxifier – A topical solution that claims to be “specifically designed to break up that buildup, clear out the clog and deep clean your follicles paving the way for healthy hair growth.”
  • Phyto-Pu̅r Shampoo – A shampoo “designed to penetrate and strengthen the hair shaft as it gently cleanses,” while also thickening hair.
  • Cortex Enlarger Thickening Spray – Claims to “safely, invisibly causes the hair shaft itself to thicken,” and to provide instant results.
  • Complex Amino Acid Intense Conditioning Treatment – “Clinical strength hair conditioning” that is claimed to use complex amino acids and multivitamins “to strengthen and revitalize the health of your hair.”
  • Complete Care for Thinning Hair Kit – Includes 8oz Sulfate-free Shampoo, 4oz Cortex Enlarging Spray, and 2oz Maximum Strength Follicle Detoxifier.

According to the company, you should apply Scalp Med twice daily, and that you’ll receive significant results in 4 months, with full results in 6 months. The product is claimed to be effective on all hair types, and does not result in sexual side effects (see more about this in the Bottom Line section), irritation, itchiness, or dryness.

Scalp Med Pricing & Refund Policy

Currently, you can purchase a 60-day supply of the Men’s or Women’s Scalp Med Kit for an introductory price of $29.95 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. Once 60 days have passed, you’ll then be sent a second two-month supply for 2 payments of $79.99 (total of $159.98), plus $9.99 S&H. If you would prefer to purchase products individually, prices are as follows:

  • Men’s Scalp Med Kit:
    • 2 Month Kit w/out Autoship: 2 payments of $79.99
    • 4 Month Kit: 2 payments of $139.90, with free shipping
    • 6 Month Kit: 2 payments of $179.85, with free shipping
  • Women’s Scalp Med Kit:
    • 2 Month Kit w/out Autoship: 2 payments of $79.99
    • 4 Month Kit: 2 payments of $139.90, with free shipping
    • 6 Month Kit: 2 payments of $179.85, with free shipping
  • Panthenol-Dx Follicle Detoxifier: $36.99
  • Phyto-Pu̅r Shampoo: $23.98
  • Cortex Enlarger Thickening Spray: $37.50
  • Complex Amino Acid Intense Conditioning Treatment: $36.99
  • Complete Care for Thinning Hair Kit: $59.99

As part of the introductory offer, keep in mind that you’ll be enrolled in the Scalp Med Loyalty Discount Program, which means that you’ll receive $10 off your first shipment (Bronze Status), $20 off your second (Silver Status), and $30 off your third (Gold Status). Ultimately, once you reach Gold status, each payment will be reduced to $64.99.

All Scalp Med products come with a 30-day return policy, less shipping and handling fees. However, after obtain a Credit Return Authorization (CRA) number, you must empty all bottles prior to returning them to the company.

In order to cancel your Scalp Med Loyalty Discount Program or to initiate the refund process, contact customer service at (800) 351-6648.

Bottom Line: Is Scalp Med a Scam?

While we don’t necessarily believe that Scalp Med is a scam, keep the following in mind before placing your order:
First, while the company claims that “over 95% grew their hair back in 6 months,” it’s important to note that this was gauged using a “limited consumer use survey,” and not a formal clinical study.
Second, individuals with thinning hair on the tops and backs of their heads will likely experience the best results with Scalp Med, since it has been “proven to regrow hair in living hair follicles on the vertex or top of the scalp.” While the company also claims that “it will also thicken and strengthen the hair all over your head, including the remaining hairs of a receding hairline,” you may not experience full (or even partial) regrowth in these areas. Also, keep in mind that once a hair follicle is dead, no hair regrowth will occur, as Scalp Med only works to strengthen and regrow hair on living follicles.
Next, similar to Rogaine and many other topical hair loss products on the market, the primary active ingredient in Scalp Med is Minoxidil, which can often be purchased locally for less than half the price. In addition to this, while Scalp Med claims to help you avoid some of the sexual side effects associated with Propecia, it’s important to remember that one is a topical solution, and the other is taken internally. So in essence, this really isn’t making much of a comparison at all.
Finally, like any other Minoxidil-based product, once you stop using it, your hair will likely begin falling out again after a period of time. This can be confusing, since the company claims that you’ll “continue to maintain a healthy head of hair for life,” but this is only if you continue using the product. Taking a look at their FAQ though, they expressly state that your hair will typically “will begin to gradually fall out again” once you stop using it.

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    Don't buy it

    • Muncie, IN,
    • Jun 30, 2015

    Unfortunately I did not see it has Minoxidil in it. Unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to it. They have been very uncooperative in wanting to give a refund! They think I should pay them to return the product. I already sent the empty bottles back, per their request. Good luck in dealing with them, customer service is quite poor.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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