Based out of Las Vegas, NV, Scott Yancey is a self-made millionaire through investing in residential and commercial real estate, as well as a published author, and an executive producer of A&E’s television show “Flipping Vegas.” Mr. Yancey claims to have made his first real estate deal and the age of 14, and with a personal belief that “your money works for you,” is passionate about helping others achieve this same success through his live real estate seminars.

Scott Yancey’s infomercials have been featured on networks such as NBC, CNN, and ABC, as well as publications such as the Wall Street Journal. While there are some positive online reviews, the vast majority are negative, with the most frequent complaint citing high-pressure, deceitful sales tactics.

How Scott Yancey Seminars Work

In addition to his infomercials and television shows, Scott Yancey’s claim to fame is his live real estate investing seminars, which claim to show you proven investment strategies that you can use to realize your own success. More specifically, Mr. Yancey’s seminars claim to provide core information in areas such as:

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real
  • Estate Tax Liens & Tax Deeds
  • Multiple Income Streams

However, it needs to be noted that there are two types of Yancey events: Free and Paid. Free events are constantly being hosted in cities all across the country, and claim to provide basic information on how to:

  • Get your real estate investment career off the ground
  • Choose the best areas to invest in
  • Ensure your investments always remain profitable
  • Generate passive monthly income, or “big monthly paydays”

According to a wide variety of online reviews, these free events contain very high-level information, very little of which can be applied toward earning money in real estate. Instead, this information basically acts as a “teaser,” and you’ll be urged to purchase access to a paid event, which then promises to provide actionable information. Scott Yancey hosts several of these paid events, the most popular of which appears to the his 3-Day Workshop, though many more are provided, including:

  • Boots on the Ground
  • The Buying Summit
  • Inner Circle
  • On-Demand Training, which includes:
    • Seller Financing Boot Camp
    • Residential Rentals Boot Camp
    • Quick Cash Boot Camp
    • Cash Flow Boot Camp
    • PropTrend Real Estate Software

Scott Yancey Seminar Pricing & Refund Policy

Scott Yancey “Preview Events” are completely free of charge, and often include bonuses such as his “Go Time” book (in PDF format), free cameras, and a chance to win one of 15 iPads. However, it seems the primary intent of the Preview Events are to hard-sell you into purchasing a $2,000 ticket to his 3-Day Workshop. However, we learned that even this preliminary paid event features more hard-selling for additional training/events that range in price from $20K-$60K or more.

According to the Yancey Events website, a 100% tuition refund is available to seminar certificate holders who “close a new positive cash flow real estate transaction and submit the supporting documentation to us” within 100 days of the seminar date. The process is fairly technical, so if you find yourself in this position, full details can be found here. Oddly enough, if the information provided in your seminar fails to help you purchase real estate, it does not appear any sort of refunds are offered.

Are Scott Yancey Seminars Worth the Money?

As mentioned previously, online reviews of Scott Yancey Seminars are overwhelmingly negative, and primarily cite high-pressure, deceitful sales tactics. During our research, we even came across several instances where it appears employees of Scott Yancey posted false positive reviews intended to counteract hundreds of negative ones.

Furthermore, if you base your decision to attend a seminar on the “Success Disclosure” page on the website, a pie graph shows that 60% of students who attend a seminar have reached success. However, a closer look at the fine print does not indicate whether or not these individuals made any money on their transaction(s), or the length of the time period that was included in their sample pool. Additionally, only those who “purchased advanced training—above and beyond the 3-day Workshop” were included in the sample group of 1,966 individuals. Finally, even when taking a look a the Testimonials page, all the success stories are provided by students and teachers who “purchased additional training materials.”

In short, this means that it’s fairly apparent you shouldn’t expect to start closing deals and earning money from real estate from the Preview Event, or even the $2,000 3-Day Workshop. While no prices are listed for the supplementary training materials and events on the company’s website, our research uncovered prices ranging anywhere from $20K-$60K.

Bottom Line: Should you spend your hard-earned money on a Scott Yancey Seminar?

Based on our research, much of the information found in the seminars can be found elsewhere for free (or for minimal prices, such as the cost of a book), which can be read and applied at your own pace. Overall, with the huge number of negative reviews readers have left here, most of which tell nearly identical stories, we would recommend spending your hard-earned money on real estate training through more traditional methods.