Snackeez is a combination container-and-cup they say will let you enjoy both a snack and a drink in one hand without mess or spills. The upper area of the cup can hold chips, fruit, popcorn, or any other item you might want to much on, and the bottom holds the liquid beverage. Snackeez seems to be targeted at moms with messy kids and husbands.

Snackeez comes from Idea Village, a marketing company based in Ft. Wayne, NJ. They are not accredited by the BBB and currently have a D rating, due to failure to respond to a dozen complaints.

How Snackeez Work

Snackeez consists of a colorful clear plastic cup with two compartments. The lower two-thirds is for your favorite cold liquid beverage (up to 16 oz.) The upper third is a removable compartment with its own lid and is designed to hold snacks; a hole for the straw pokes through the top.

To use the Snackeez, remove the upper compartment and fill the lower portion of the cup with your drink. Fill the upper compartment with any kind of dry food snack and slip into place; put the straw through the hole. You now have your snack and drink in one container.

To drink, sip on the straw - to eat the snack, flip plastic cover open and munch away. They note the cover seals completely, keeping snacks fresh and preventing spills - the straw even has its own attached plastic cap. They claim Snackeez are safe for the dishwasher and great for the car, home, or for parties.

Each Snackeez Order Comes with:

  • 2 Snackeez (Blue/Green & Pink/Blue or Green/Orange & Orange/Purple)
  • Extra set of 2 Snackeez “free” (extra S & H)

Snackeez Pricing, Shipping & Returns

The Snackeez system sells for $9.99 plus $5.99 S & H for a total of $15.98. But when you order, they include an additional set of Snackeez for an automatically-added $5.99, making the real total $21.97 for 4 units. They promise to ship your Snackeez within 30 days; once you receive them you have 30 days to return them for your money back, minus the initial S & H and the money it cost you to ship them back. This means, if you don’t like this product, you will lose more than half your money in returns. For this reason, we suggest if you do like the idea of Snackeez you wait until they are available from a more reputable retailer before you purchase.