Set to the dramatic backing music of a Hollywood movie, the SpeedOut’s promotional video claims that this specially designed drill bit can be used to extract in 10 seconds or less a stripped screw or a bolt that has had its head broken off.

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The SpeedOut, reportedly good for home do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists, boat owners, mechanics and carpenters, is an Ontel product.

How SpeedOut Works

Each SpeedOut comes with two sides, a cutting side and an extracting side. You insert the SpeedOut into your drill with the cutting side facing out and drill into the stripped screw or the broken bolt. Once you’ve cut into it enough, you turn the SpeedOut bit around so the extraction side is facing out, insert it into the freshly cut end of the screw or bolt, and extract it.

The SpeedOut promotional video and website says it works on: philips, flat, hex and painted over screws, as well as the aforementioned broken bolts, plus it works with any drill.

Made from durable, hardened steel, the reusable SpeedOut apparently works on both wood and machine screws, removes screws without the use of drilling and each kit ordered comes with four different sizes of SpeedOut bit along with a lifetime warranty that states if it breaks, the company will replace it no problem.

There are no consumer reviews for the SpeedOut online yet, but it has received glowing reviews from review bloggers who received a product from the company to review. (These “opinions” are always highly suspect because they receive the merchandise for free and rely on companies to send them things to review so it’s in their best interest to provide positive reviews.)

People have stated in forums that there are a lot of similar products on the market and have been for a long time so this isn’t anything new, just an old idea in new clothing. 

SpeedOut Pricing, Shipping & Return Policies

For a “limited time” you can get a four-piece SpeedOut kit with four different sizes of SpeedOut bit for $19.95 with free shipping and handling in the continental US. Or you can purchase two SpeedOut kits for $31.90 with free shipping and handling in the continental US.

You can currently buy three SpeedOut kits and get two free with free shipping and handling to the continental US for a total of $59.85 for five SpeedOut kits.

You also have the option of getting an Easy Out Light Bulb Extractor (for removing broken light bulbs) for a processing fee of $6.95. (You can opt out of the light bulb extractor offer.)

Each order processed through the website will have a $1 “web fee” added to it.

The SpeedOut comes with a 60-day money back guarantee that states if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can call the Customer Service department to issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization number before you mail your items back along with your original receipt. You will be responsible for the cost of sending the product back.

Be warned that the money back guarantee also states that all returned merchandise must be unworn and unused, meaning if you decided you want to return the SpeedOut after you’ve used it, it appears you will be out of luck.

Bottom Line

Although the SpeedOut would be wonderful if it worked as advertised, the question is: Does it? As mentioned, people have pointed out that there are other similar products in hardware and department stores and they all seem to work some of the time and fail miserably some of the time (as per online consumer reviews). It’s not easy to judge something like this because you pretty much have to judge it on a situation-by-situation basis. Some stripped screws are just going to be a lot easier to get out than others.

If you live anywhere near a hardware store, it might be worth it to go have a look at the similar products they have for comparison purposes. The good thing about the SpeedOut is its lifetime warranty that guarantees replacement if it is broken. How easy will it be to get that replacement? Let’s just say, customer service for these types of TV offers is notoriously bad.