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All you have to do is hop in the shower, fill Spin Spa with your favorite liquid soap or body wash, and then turn it on, and its 5 interchangeable heads claim to clean and revitalize your skin from head to toe. Spin Spa even promises to improve your circulation, making it ideal for areas with cellulite.

Here’s how it works: Spin Spa’s microdermabrasion head removes dead skin cells and reveals the youthful skin underneath. Similarly, the mesh head will also exfoliate and provide a healthy glow.

Attaching Spin Spa’s massage head will help improve circulation and soothe aches and pains from tired muscles, and the “salon-quality” pumice stone head will smooth away calluses and rough skin. All the while, Spin Spa’s extra long handle promises to make reaching your back and lower legs as easy as possible.

Maybe you just watched the Spin Spa commercial, and are wondering what you can expect with this beauty device. Or, perhaps you’ve tried other spinning beauty brushes, and you want to know how Spin Spa stacks up. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

To make sure you find answers to your most important question, let’s start by discussing the underlying principle for Spin Spa.

How Does Spin Spa Work? Is It Good for Your Skin?

Alright, this takes a bit of explanation, so let’s go step-by step:

What Is Microdermabrasion?

Although Spin Spa’s manufacturer certainly isn’t the only company guilty of misusing the term, the reality is that this device doesn’t actually provide microdermabrasion, which is an in-office procedure using “tiny exfoliating crystals that are sprayed on the skin.”

Instead, devices like these only exfoliate skin, a process whereby dead cells are removed from the surface of skin, revealing the fresher, younger skin underneath. This can temporarily brighten your appearance, while reducing many of the signs of aging. Obviously, this can be beneficial not only to your skin, but also to your self esteem.

From this perspective, just about anything—whether rubbing in circular motions using your fingertips or undergoing an in-office procedure at your dermatologist—can exfoliate your skin. It’s just a matter of degree.

Check the Technique

Clearly (as in our example above), not all exfoliation methods are equally effective. To further complicate things, even if we’re talking about a single exfoliation method, how it’s implemented can make a big difference in your final results.

Here’s an overly simplistic example: All things being equal, scrubbing your skin with a loofah is going to exfoliate much better than a $1 washcloth from your local department store. However, if you loofah-ed your skin using too much pressure, or for too long in one area, it could lead to redness and inflammation (not to mention pain), which will ultimately produce worse results than if you had gone with the washcloth. Make sense?

Alright, if you use Spin Spa correctly, will it effectively exfoliate your skin?

How Effective Is Spin Spa?

We didn’t test Spin Spa firsthand, but based on what we could discern from the product’s website, it appears that its head rotates relatively slowly. This can certainly help reduce the likelihood that you’ll overdo it and cause sensitivity, but it might also reduce the amount of exfoliation that occurs.

In fact, based on what we saw in the commercial, it appears you might achieve better results using a loofah or pumice stone by hand versus Spin Spa. To top it off, this probably wouldn’t take much more effort, either.

Another thing we think is important to point out is that there doesn’t appear to be much of a difference between Spin Spa’s brush head and massage head. Sure, the bristle pattern is a little different, but we’re not sure this would necessarily translate into a different experience with each.

The end result of everything we’ve discussed so far? No, Spin Spa won’t perform microdermabrasion on your skin, but it will almost certainly exfoliate it. Just how well it will exfoliate—and whether or not you’ll find it worth the extra effort—remains to be seen.

Although it might exfoliate, will Spin Spa really help reduce the appearance of your cellulite?

Will Spin Spa Improve Your Cellulite?

Over the past few years, dry body brushing has become an increasingly popular method of reducing the appearance of cellulite, mostly because it often produces results. However, as relates to Spin Spa, there are a couple important caveats to consider:

  • First, this brushing action needs to be performed vigorously (much more than what’s likely provided by Spin Spa’s rotation).
  • Second, this process only causes skin to swell, temporarily hiding the cellulite underneath. It’s not actually changing the structure of your cellulite or removing it from your body, so as soon as the swelling subsides, your cellulite will reappear.

Taken together, it might be feasible to temporarily brush your cellulite away using Spin Spa, but whether or not it’ll be easier or more effective than other methods remains to be seen.

Now, how much will you pay for Spin Spa?

How Much Does Spin Spa Cost?

One Spin Spa exfoliator will cost $19.99 plus $5.99 S&H. Each order will also include:

  • Brush head
  • Microderm head
  • Cleansing head
  • Massage head
  • Pumice head
  • Bonus Mini Spin Spa Facial Kit for additional $1.99 S&H

All Spin Spa purchased come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. In order to request one, you’ll need to call Idea Village’s customer service department at 844-467-9230.

Up to this point, we’ve largely talked about our opinion regarding Spin Spa, based on everything uncovered during our research. What are Spin Spa’s customers saying?

What Did We Learn From Spin Spa’s Customer Reviews?

Amazingly, based on this Amazon listing, it appears that Spin Spa has been on the market—largely unchanged—for the better part of a decade. Here, the exfoliator had an average rating of 3.4 stars based on 114 individual reviews, although the 4 top reviews rated it 1 or 2 stars. What’d they say?

Common compliments referenced its ease of use, dual speeds, and great results. On the flip side, many complaints appeared to revolve around poor quality (one reviewer even claimed it belongs in the bargain bin at a dollar store), inadequate power, and short battery life (note: batteries aren’t included, so be sure to factor this into your budget).

These are also many of the same complaints noted in WetPig’s review, where they concluded: “Stick to your bath puff, loofah, or whatever it is you use. The Spin Spa is a waste of money.”

Outside of these, despite the length of time Spin Spa appears to have been on the market, we didn’t come across any other firsthand customer reviews online.

Before wrapping up, let’s find out if there’s anything else like Spin Spa, or if it’s a standout product.

Does Spin Spa Have Any Competition?

In general, yes, which you can see for yourself by typing the phrase “spinning body brush” or “oscillating body brush” into your favorite search engine. Specifically, there are options like Spin For Perfect Skin, Spa Sonic Skin Care, and several others.

It’s important to note here that spinning body brushes were largely born out of the popularity of facial brushes, such as the Clarisonic Smart Profile. However, body brushes like Spin Spa don’t oscillate like Smart Profile, so they likely won’t provide the same level of results.

Compared to these other options, Spin Spa seems to be priced meaningfully lower. Let’s carry this thought over into the final section.

Will Spin Spa Turn Your Next Shower Into a “Luxurious” Experience?

After reviewing 650+ ASOTV products, the HighYa team knows a thing or two about the topic. And after all this time, what’s the biggest thing we’ve learned? What you’re focused on determines your overall satisfaction.

For example, do you want a spinning body exfoliator at the lowest possible price? In that case, you probably won’t find anything more suited to you than Spin Spa. Or, do you suffer from flexibility issues or chronic back pain, and just need something with a long handle to clean hard-to-reach areas? If so, you might find other non-spinning options locally for less.

On the other hand, are you more interested in exfoliating your face (versus your body) and improving the absorption of your skincare products? In this instance, you’ll almost certainly want to go with a face-specific device like the Clarisonic—but you’ll pay a whole lot more than Spin Spa.

Whatever you decide though, we think it’s probably a stretch to claim that you’ll experience something similar to a “luxurious” spa experience with a device like Spin Spa.

What kinds of results did you experience with Spin Spa? Did it meet your expectations? Tell us your story below by writing a review!

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    Spin Spa scam?

    • Huntsville, AL,
    • Feb 20, 2017

    I ordered this product in the middle of January 2017. I got a confirmation email showing the product was ordered. It gave me an invoice number, which showed my shipping and billing addresses correctly) and said that it would take three to six weeks for it to arrive.

    I was wanting to give it as a Valentine's Day present, so I hoped it would arrive prior to mid-February.

    Today is February 17th, and it has still not arrived. What HAS arrived are three notifications of attempted fraud on the card I used to make this purchase. I use this card only for online business and haven't used it for anything other than Spin Spa since mid-December, so it's suspect.

    I called them today only to have them tell me that the card was declined. It's an AMX, and I don't show any attempt on it online, let alone a declined purchase. They told me that if I update the card to use, they can ship it out soon. I asked when I would get it, only to hear that it's back ordered and I won't receive it for 8-10 weeks. Yeah, sure.

    I will not update my billing info (I've closed that AMX card and been issued another one to replace it), and I will NOT be making any purchases of Spin Spa, ever.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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