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According to the manufacturer, Zyalix is a male enhancement supplement that’s formulated to deliver “maximum sexual benefits,” including the three Ss: size, stamina, and satisfaction.

Specifically, we’re told Zyalix’s blend of clinical strength ingredients, herbal extracts, and active botanicals will stimulate nitric oxide (NO) production, boost blood flow to the penis, and increase free testosterone levels.

As a result, they claim you can expect to experience bigger, longer-lasting erections (up to 5X longer than usual!), a surge in sex drive and energy, more intense orgasms, and increased sexual confidence.

Compared to the competition, Zyalix’s manufacturer tells us their supplement features “breakthrough” rapid absorption and extended release technologies that allow the ingredients to quickly absorb into the bloodstream, while remaining completely safe to use and is free from any harmful side effects.

Alright, so Zyalix’s marketing game is on point and as a result, you’re just about ready to hand over your credit card information. Before you do though, you want to know if it’ll really deliver “maximum sexual benefits” or “peak performance.”

Keep reading and we’ll discuss what we learned during our research.

How Do Erections Work?

We’re not medical professionals here at HighYa and we certainly don’t want to bore you to death, but we think some quick background knowledge here can go a long way toward helping you understand Zyalix’s potential benefits.

Inside the penis are two parallel, cylindrical chambers known as the corpora cavernosa. Inside these chambers is a network of blood vessels, open pockets, and other tissue.

When the right kind of stimulation occurs (more about this in a second), the brain signals the arteries in the penis to relax, which floods them with blood. Once sufficiently filled, this blood then becomes trapped in the corpora cavernosa, leading to what’s formally known as an erection.

Then, once stimulation has passed, the blood vessels in the penis contract, force blood out, and cause it to return to its flaccid state.

What Happens When Erections Don’t Work?

Now, although the above explanation might’ve made the whole process seem simple and straightforward, the reality is that from start to finish, achieving an erection is an incredibly complex process.

To begin with, just becoming aroused generally requires that someone is relaxed and in the right state of mind. Instead, if you’re too stressed, haven’t gotten enough sleep, aren’t in a particularly good mood, and more, it might be all be impossible to get into the mood.

Even if you are aroused though, there are dozens (perhaps hundreds) of different psychological factors that can prevent you from achieving an erection, such as depression, anxiety, problems in the relationship, feelings of inadequacy, and much more.

Other times, physical conditions can impair penile function, such as injury or trauma, poor circulation (caused by things like heart disease or diabetes), obesity, Parkinson’s disease, an enlarged prostate, low testosterone, and more.

Pro tip: Regarding this last point, testosterone production naturally begins dropping for men around the age of 30, eventually leading to side effects like decreased libido, reduced muscle strength and mass, weight gain, and more.

However, only free (versus bound) testosterone is biologically active and able to counter many of the effects of natural testosterone loss, which is often what these types of supplements claim to help achieve.

Boosting testosterone or otherwise, can you realistically expect Zyalix’s ingredients to deliver real-world results?

What Benefits Will You Possibly Experience From Zyalix’s Ingredients?

There wasn’t a label listed on the Zyalix website, so we can’t know total dosages, although we’re told the supplement contains the following ingredients:

Inside the body, l-arginine converts into a gas called nitric oxide (NO), which can help widen blood vessels and improve circulation.

As such, WebMD lists 3 to 20 grams of l-arginine (depending on condition) as “possibly effective” for addressing chest pain, high blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction.

WebMD also indicates that anywhere between 80mg and 600mg daily of ginkgo may improve anxiety, mental function, PMS, schizophrenia, and more. However, they don’t indicate any evidence supporting Zyalix’s specific claims.

Saw palmetto may help reduce the amount of time spent in prostate surgery, although there’s no indication from authority websites that it can provide any of the benefits promoted by Zyalix’s manufacturer.

Bioperine is a proprietary black pepper extract that may help improve the efficacy of other ingredients, but doesn’t appear to deliver any benefits itself.

Will Zyalix Cause Any Side Effects?

While WebMD indicates there isn’t enough clinical evidence to indicate that you’ll experience the level of improvement claimed by Zyalix, the good news is that they probably won’t cause anything worse than mild digestive upset.

Some ingredients, however, such as muira puama, there isn’t enough known about them to fully understand potential side effects and long-term safety.

How Much Does Zyalix Cost?

The only way to get your hands on a bottle of Zyalix (no indication of quantity) is through the manufacturer’s 14-day trial. Here, you’ll originally pay $4.93 to receive a full-size supply.

Then, on the 14th day after your order, your credit card will be charged the full price of $89.92. You’ll be charged another $89.92 once per month when you receive a new bottle of Zyalix through their recurring membership program.

Outside of the trial, Zyalix comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. To accomplish this, you’ll need to obtain an RMA by contacting customer support at 855-779-2101 or info@zyalix.com.

Are There Any Online Reviews For Zyalix? What About the Competition?

As is often the case with many of the nutritional supplements we review here at HighYa, Zyalix was too new at the time of our research to have garnered any online customer feedback.

However, we’ve reviewed dozens of other supplements in the testosterone booster, muscle growth, and male enhancement niches over the years, including popular options like BioMuscle XR, RexaVar, Alpha Limit, and many more.

In general, regardless of whether they claim to increase nitric oxide production, boost testosterone production, or utilize some other mechanism, you’ll find that most of these supplements contain the same handful of ingredients.

Are they all identical formulations? No. But they’re certainly similar. For more, be sure to read Do Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

From a satisfaction perspective, most HighYa readers rate their experiences with these classes of supplements as very low, generally around 2 stars or less. Why?

Most complaints seem to reference ultra-high prices and supplements that didn’t deliver on their promises. When a “free” trial was present, many complained that customer service personnel made it all but impossible to cancel, often requiring them to get their credit card company involved.

Are we saying that you’re sure to experience the same with Zyalix? Certainly not; we’re only here to ensure you have a complete picture of the situation.

But given then fact that Zyalix makes many of the same claims and utilizes a very similar business model as these other options, we definitely think it’s worth keeping in mind before placing your order.

Speaking of which, let’s help you decide if it’s a good idea to hand over your credit card information to Zyalix’s manufacturer.

Is Zyalix Your Solution for an Improved Sex Life?

Based on what we learned above, WebMD indicates there isn’t sufficient clinical evidence to support the manufacturer’s claims that the topical application of any of Zyalix’s ingredients will meaningfully boost the size or duration of your erections, improve the quality of your orgasms, or anything else.

It’s also worth noting that it’s physically impossible to permanently increase the girth or length of the penis without surgery. Granted, increased blood flow might deliver firmer, fuller erections, but based on the clinical evidence, the results will almost certainly be mild.

Outside of the Zyalix itself, because of the mostly poor customer feedback reported by HighYa readers related to free trials, we generally recommend avoiding products that are only sold through this method.

Finally, in addition to the unknown ingredient quantities found in Zyalix, there’s also no information about the manufacturer online, so you’re basically purchasing an unknown supplement from an unknown manufacturer.

Taking all of these factors together and considering them as a whole, we think you might be taking a risk with Zyalix. At the very least, we’d recommend speaking with your doctor about the supplement before placing your order.

Before you go: Did you try Zyalix? Did you encounter any problems, or did the supplement deliver as promised? Tell us in your review below!

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