What Is 360 Cordless Spinner Vac?

By Derek Lakin
HighYa Staff Published on: Aug 23, 2017

The lightweight 360 Cordless Spinner Vac promises to go where no vacuum has gone before, whether on wood, tile, carpet, or concrete floors.

Using a blend of technologies, such as dynamic swivel casters, an Easy Flex Arm, and universal joints, the commercial tells us this vacuum is an ultra-maneuverable option that can quickly and easily glide under furniture.

And as the name implies, the vacuum is completely cordless, while we're told its whisper-quiet, powerful motor and wide path nozzle will pick up anything in its way—even kitty litter and pet hair. Then, when you’re finished, you’ll remove the one-touch dirt tray and empty it in seconds.

You’re here because you want to know more about 360 Cordless Spinner Vac before handing over your money. That’s our specialty, so give us a few minutes and we’ll discuss what we learned during our research.

How Does 360 Cordless Spinner Vac Work?

We went through a high-level overview in the previous section about the 360 Spinner Vac, but here, let’s go a little more in-depth.

Based on what we watched in the commercial, the vacuum’s 360° Spin-glide technology is comprised of two main features:

First, it comes with three dynamic swivel casters screwed to the bottom of the base, which the manufacturer claims allow it to roll freely in any direction. Second, using body motion universal joint technology that attaches the vacuum’s base to the handle, turning the device is claimed to be as easy as turning your wrist.

Speaking of which: 360 Cordless Vac comes with an Easy Flex Arm that, after pulling a trigger on the handle, bends in the middle and allows you to get under furniture like couches and beds, without involving your back.

Finally, we’re told on the website that 360 Vac comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, weighs less than five pounds, features a one-touch brush removal process, and is a less bulky—and less expensive—option than traditional upright vacuums.

360 Cordless Spinner Vac Universal Joint Dynamic CastersIn these screenshots from the 360 Cordless Spinner Vac commercial, we can see its body motion universal joint technology (above) and dynamic swivel casters (below). Together, we’re told these allow for easy motion in any direction. Image credit: Novel Brands

Using this as our baseline, we’ll talk more about these features in the next section.

Taking a Closer Look at 360 Cordless Spinner Vac’s Technologies

Once all the marketing jargon is removed, what do 360 Spinner Vac’s technologies actually represent?

Try quickly entering the term “swivel caster” into any search engine and comparing the image results next to the screenshots above. What do you see?

Looking closely, it appears that Spinner Vac features standard two-wheel swivel casters that are screwed underneath the vacuum’s base.

What’s the point of mentioning this? While we’d imagine these casters could provide the maneuverability mentioned in the product’s commercial, we also think it’s important to maintain realistic expectations about what you’re getting for your money. What about 360 Vac’s body motion universal joint technology?

Again, a quick online search will reveal that universal joints are extraordinarily common parts that can be used in a wide variety of applications. So, again, while it might be useful with this vacuum, it’s certainly nothing revolutionary.

How Much Does 360 Cordless Spinner Vac Cost?

One Cordless Spinner Vac is priced at three payments of $33.33, or one single payment of $99, plus free S&H.

With your order, you’ll also receive one lithium ion battery and a free Spinner Microfiber Duster.

All Vacs come with a 30-day refund policy and a lifetime money back guarantee, less S&H. Due to its weight and overall dimensions, keep in mind that it could cost $10+ to repackage and send back to the company, depending on your location.

To request one, you’ll need to call Novel Brand’s customer service department at 973-227-3486, ext. 15. However, when we attempted to contact this number to learn more about what the lifetime guarantee covers, our call continued ringing with no ability to leave a message.

What Can We Learn From Online 360 Cordless Spinner Vac Reviews?

While no specific company was listed on the 360 Cordless website, based on the customer service phone number there, it appears to be manufactured by Novel Brands, based out of Fairfield, NJ. Another of their recently popular products includes ShinJu Blade.

The only place where we encountered any customer feedback for Spinner Vac was on the Carol Wright Gifts website, where five reviewers had given it a five-star average rating. There, common compliments referenced ease of use, functional features, and competitive price.

How Does 360 Spinner Vac Compare to Other Cordless Stick Vacuums?

Reading through our Vacuum Cleaner Buyer's Guide, you’ll learn that 360 Spinner is a type of stick vacuum, which, like much of the competition, is cordless and can clean hard flooring and carpeting without changing heads.

Most stick vacuums range in price between $50 and $400, putting 360 Cordless at the very bottom of the list. But will it deliver the same level of performance as these competing models?

First, the potential pros of stick vacuums in general: Light weight (almost always under 10 pounds), easy to maneuver, no cords to worry about, and can be ideal for spot cleaning.

The potential cons: Because stick vacuums like 360 Spinner are cordless, you’ll always need to make sure your battery is charged; otherwise, it’ll just be an expensive paperweight. Speaking of battery—stick vacuums aren’t exactly well-regarded for their power, and their lack of attachments can be frustrating if you’re focused on a deeper cleaning.

Finally, because of their compact size, stick vacuums often don’t come with large canisters, which means you could need to empty the dustbin much more frequently than a standard upright.

With these features, pros, and cons in mind, our Buyer’s Guide outlines the following three steps to help you figure out the right option for you:

Step 1: Understand Your Budget

While we rarely recommend using price as the number one factor when making a buying decision, there can be a huge cost difference between models. And unless you want to find the perfect vacuum only to learn that it’s outside your budget, start with what you’re willing to pay.

Step 2: Understand Your Needs

Budget and needs often go hand in hand, since higher-priced vacuums tend to come with more powerful motors, a greater number of features and attachments, and longer-lasting build quality, making them ideal for larger homes and big families (especially those with cats or dogs).

But if you don’t need all of this, such as if you live in a smaller apartment without any pets, a budget model stick vacuum like 360 Cordless could potentially fit the bill.

Step 3: Understand Your Preferences

Finally, do you clean frequently, or less often? Do you suffer from allergies or other airborne sensitivities? Do you prefer maximum power or maximum quietness? Do you need attachments?

While stick vacuums like 360 Spinner Vac can be ideal for quick spot cleaning here and there, they’re generally not considered ideal for deeper, less frequent, and more intense cleaning.

In other words, keeping your expectations realistic, the vast majority of stick vacuums will not replace high-priced uprights (despite the comparison made in the 360 Spinner Vac commercial).

Our Final Thoughts About 360 Cordless Spinner Vac

Although we didn’t test the device ourselves, based on everything we’ve discussed here, it appears that a low-cost stick-type vacuum like 360 Cordless Spinner might work best when used for spot cleaning smaller apartments/homes.

And while its universal joint and swivel casters might not represent the forefront of vacuum technology, based on what we learned from the commercial, they seem likely to deliver on the company’s maneuverability claims—all at a highly competitive price and unlike anything else we encountered during our research.

With this said, there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to the 360 Cordless Spinner. For example:

  • How powerful is the lithium-ion battery? How long will it take to charge? Once fully charged, how long can the vacuum run? How many recharge cycles will the battery last?

  • How large is the dustbin?

  • How loud (in decibels) is the motor? Would this be considered whisper-quiet, as claimed on the website?

  • How powerful is the suction, as measured in PSI?

  • What is its filtration level in microns? Would this be acceptable for someone with asthma or other respiratory concerns?

  • Again, what does the lifetime money back guarantee cover?

When watching the commercial, we also wondered: When the Flex Arm is bent, might it take a greater measure of arm, leg, and back strength to move the vacuum forward? We’d imagine this might be especially relevant if your home has thicker pile carpeting or rugs.

Without answers to these questions, though, there's really no way to know exactly what you'll get for your money with 360 Cordless Spinner Vac, or the level of value it'll provide compared to the competition.

We’ve reached out to customer support for additional information, so be sure to bookmark this page, as we’ll update it as soon as a response is received.

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