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Launched in 2013 by Phil Masiello and Steven Krane, 800Razors.com claims to offer premium American-made razors that compare in quality to the big brands, but at about half the cost and delivered directly to your door. In fact, 800Razors.com claims that 9 out of 10 of their customers stated they received a shave as good as or better than with their current razor.

How Does 800Razors.com Claim to Work?

When it comes down to it, the business model behind 800Razors.com is pretty straightforward: They claim to have partnered with a US-based razor manufacturer to provide high-quality razors at direct-to-consumer prices. We’ll talk more about this in a moment, but let’s first take a look at 800Razors.com’s lineup:

  • Men’s 5-Blade (Similar to Gillette Fusion) – Features 5 precision, ceramic coated, quick-rinse blades and a larger-than-average lubricating strip for the smoothest shave possible.
  • Men’s 3-Blade (Similar to the Gillette Mach 3) – Claims to feature thinner blades that cut down on drag, a large soap bar that helps prevent cuts, and an included lubrication strip that’s made with aloe and vitamin E.
  • Women’s 5-Blade (Similar to Gillette Venus) – This is similar to the Men’s 5-Blade razor, but with an even wider soap bar, along with a case for each razor so that it can be left in the shower.

800Razors.com claims that every first order comes with a free handle, and their website includes video instructions on how to install your blades on your handle.

800Razors.com Pricing & Refund Policy

800Razors.com’s razors are priced as follows:

  • Men’s 5-Blade: 12 cartridges for $25.95, or 24 cartridges for $49.95
  • Men’s 3-Blade: 15 cartridges for $25.95, or 30 cartridges for 49.95
  • Women’s 5-Blade: 12 cartridges for $25.95, or 24 cartridges for $49.95
  • Men’s & Women’s Replacement Handles: $3.99 each

When ordering, you’ll have the opportunity to place a one-time transaction, or you can choose to have a new package of razors sent to you every 4 months. No membership is required, and you can cancel the automatic shipments at any time.

800Razors.com offers a 60-day refund policy (known as the “Burn Free Guarantee”) on all their products, less S&H charges.

Interestingly, with a name like 800Razors.com, you might think that you’d be able to contact the company via a 1-800 number to reach customer service. However, the only contact method available is an email address, so keep this in mind if you need to speak with someone at the company.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About 800Razors.com?

Despite being in business for well over a year, online customer reviews for 800Razors.com were relatively few and far between, other than bloggers who received free razors in exchange for reviews.

However, among reviews found on sites such as Trustpilot, MensHair.About.com, and Forbes, it seems that most customers felt that the quality of the company’s razors provided a shave equal to, or in some instances even better than, mainstream razors from big manufacturers. In fact, after some intense searching, the only complaint we came across is that the lubricating strip on the Men’s 5-Blade Razor may provide too much lubrication when combined with gel or cream.

From a business standpoint, the company has also been widely featured in a variety of news outlets, including BusinessWeek, Men’s Journal, Wall Street Journal, and more.

Bottom Line: Can You Get High-Quality Razors from 800Razors.com?

While the quality is typically high, if you’re tired of paying steep prices for replacement razors from mainstream manufacturers like Gillette, does 800Razors.com provide a realistic replacement at half the cost? Perhaps, and here’s why:

Unlike Dollar Shave Club’s and ShaveMOB’s razors, which are sourced internationally through Dorco, according to a January 2014 Ad Age article, 800Razors.com offers an “exclusive e-commerce deal for razors from Energizer Holdings, owner of Schick…Energizer also owns private-label manufacturer American Safety Razor and makes razors branded by Unilever's Axe…” In fact, this blog post claims they were visiting CVS and found that the 800Razors.com women’s razor is the same as Schick’s Hydro Silk.

See Also: Dollar Shave Club vs. Harry’s vs. ShaveMOB: Which Men’s Shave Club is Best?

This is important, because the number one complaint associated with Dollar Shave Club and ShaveMOB razors is lower quality than the mainstream competition, whether related to handles that break easily or razors that don’t provide a comparable shave. In other words, in the world of shaving, it’s often a fact that you get what you pay for. On the other hand, 800Razors.com appears to supply essentially the same mainstream-quality razors you’d find at your local pharmacy, but at half the price.

However, just like with any other product, keep in mind that the razors from 800Razors.com will not suit everyone, depending on their specific needs and preferences. But considering the company’s highly positive online reputation and their 60-day return policy, it would appear that giving 800Razors.com a try might be worthwhile.

Last Updated on October 30, 2014, The observations and opinions expressed here for 800razors.com are formed based on publicly available information at the time of our research. We have not used a product/service of this company. Reviews below are submitted by people who have claimed to use the product/service.

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  • 1 out 1 people found this review helpful

    Bought by ShaveMob, now all the products are crap

    • Philadelphia, PA,
    • Oct 28, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    800razors was too good to be true so naturally, it's gone. They've been bought by a company called ShaveMob. When you visit 800razors.com, you are greeted with a similar-looking website and a message that the companies have merged or joined forces or something to that effect. What they don't tell you is that if you are visiting to re-order product, you will be getting a far, far, FAR inferior product. This is a bait & switch, plain and simple. The 3-blade offered by 800razors seemed to me even better than Gillette's Mach3 blades. They actually seemed to last longer and they only nicked me if I forgot to replace the cartridge after about two weeks of daily use. The 3-blade from ShaveMob feels and even LOOKS cheap. And it cuts me to ribbons every single time I try to use it, no matter how often I replace he cartridge. Pathetic.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 12 out 16 people found this review helpful
    Updated review

    Terrible customer service

    • Portland, OR,
    • Apr 20, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    800razors was to send me a package prepaid. The package arrived on February 28, 2015 with $6.50 postage due. I paid the extra postage and requested reimbursement from 800razors. I received 4 separate emails in the next hour. They claimed they have a business account with USPS, have shipped thousands of packages without incident, that the package was shipped “if it fits, it ships” USPS Flat Rate and offered to refund my purchase price if I returned product postage paid back to them. Of course, the first two and last don’t have any bearing on refunding my postage and the third, well, is only partially true.

    I sent back photos showing the package was NOT shipped in a Flat Rate package (invalidating Flat Rate postage). The receipt USPS provided was the shipping label, with tracking number visible, showing the USPS Postage Due stamp and $6.50 written in by USPS as the endorsement of postage due per standard USPS procedure. THIS IS A VALID UPSP RECEIPT though 800razors would not accept it as so and ignored all substantiating material I provided. This receipt would have been acceptable to the IRS and my former Fortune 100 employers but 800razors refused to accept it. In their emails, 800razors used terms like "federal offense", "impossible to have any difference in the postage" and "fraudulent postage due". With regard to the postage due stamp on the package, 800 razors stated "That stamp you have shown is not something USPS would use.” They again claimed to be some kind of preferred vendor for USPS and know all about the workings of USPS. 800razors even opened a USPS investigation and stated I’d hear from USPS in three business days.

    The next morning, I received yet another email, this time with the signature of the CEO, reiterating 800razors had done nothing wrong and again explaining USPS policies and procedures. I responded in detail but did not receive a reply.

    I, too, work closely with USPS and thought I was fairly knowledgeable about their processes and procedures. So, I consulted the USPS website and confirmed what I already knew: the non Flat Rate packaging caused the postage increase and the postage due stamp and collection were, in fact, proper procedure. The website states that "If the item is short paid, it will be delivered postage due to the addressee and the letter carrier will endorse it to show the amount of the postage due." This is exactly what happened and what I provided to 800razors.

    Three days passed and I did not hear from USPS re their investigation so I contacted USPS myself. I spoke with a clerk in the post office that handled the box, the manager of the person who responded to 800razors’s investigation request and then to an investigator from the USPS Consumer Affairs Office. The Consumer Affairs Office representative and I had multiple phone calls and she even pulled the USPS scans of the package moving through their system and explained the calculation of the additional $6.50 due. $5.05 was paid by 800razors as part of Flat Rate shipping but, due to the incorrect packaging, the retail postage of $11.55 was applied. Hence, $6.50 was due on delivery. She followed up in an email detailing the above and stated: "You are right on all accounts. I do not understand where 800razors is coming from or where they are getting their information."

    I nearly simultaneously opened a case with the BBB and a dispute with American Express. The BBB went through three rounds of negotiations with 800razors. 800razors again reiterated their vast knowledge and experiences with USPS procedures, that this has never happened before and the “Burn Free” guarantee where I could have the privilege of paying postage to send my product back for a full refund of the product only. They claimed they’d checked with USPS and was told this could never happen - but declined to give us names or contact information of those with whom they spoke. 800razors offered no comment on the USPS website data or the notes from the USPS Consumer Affairs Office. The case also devolved into personal attacks. 800razors claimed I was trying to get something for free and even claimed I tried to get a refund before the package arrived. They said I'm not a "customer" and that their "customers" get great service. How sad that any business owner would act that way.

    They further offered to refund more than the the postage due if I provided a printed USPS receipt showing the tracking number. I explained through the BBB that my mail carrier does not carry a portable printer or a credit card machine and could not provide a printed receipt at the time of the transaction. Mail carrier transactions are cash only and this is consistent with USPS website. (Transactions at a Post Office are handled differently.) The letter carrier explained that the label with endorsement is the receipt. 800razors knows this but continues to demand what does not exist and could not exist due to existing USPS mail carrier procedures. 800razors continued to ignore the UPSP documents, USPS website or the transcripts of the USPS investigation they initiated both to me and the BBB.

    The BBB came back to me and asked me for my supporting evidence. I suppled the photographs which 800razors already had, the USPS website info and the email information from the USPS Consumer Affairs Offices complete with names and contact info. I also provided the USPS case number (which 800razors opened) which substantiated everything I was saying. All of this became part of the BBB file to which 800razors and I had full access.

    When the BBB presented this info to 800razors, 800razors replied (typo is from 800razors): “Is BBB advocating a company just hand over money with no substantiation? Because that is what the complaints r is asking for. USPS claims this never happened and if it did, the customer would have a receipt.” Again, 800razors made no attempt to explain away all the info they I provided. They simply demanded a recent in a format that does not exist.

    The BBB is not an enforcement agency and cannot force 800razors to make good on the postage. BBB dropped their rating for 800razors, posted an unresolved complaint issue (which should stay for three years) and closed the case.

    The AmEx complaint process was much quicker. AmEx does not allow for much text in their disputes. It is basically a multiple choice system so I could not elaborate on USPS conversations or the USPS website info. However, it did allow me to attach the photos. Three days later, American Express credited the shipping charge to my account. A letter dated March 6 followed confirming the refund. There was no detail in the letter. I phoned to ask how they made the decision. AmEx would not elaborate but the representative did say they did not like the answer 800razors provided.

    I updated this review on March 23 on another website. Within minutes of my posting of this review, I received an email from the CEO of 800razors. 800razors refunded an additional $6.50 claiming they never heard from American Express and the refund I received was from them and not from an AmEx dispute resolution. Simply not true; the refund was received weeks ago and has the AmEx dispute case number right on the refund notice.

    800razors also requested the other website take down this review (for the second time) claiming I am missing proof of purchase. Really???

    A few hours later, also on March 23, I received an email from the manager of the person I'd been working with at the USPS Consumer Affairs Office. It states, in part:

    "I verified in our internal database that 800razors is not a USPS managed account, nor do they have a Business Service Network (BSN) Representative. ... The fact that someone there is trying to quote the vast USPS without a specific title, name, and their comment should be of no value to the BBB.

    As indicated accurately below, the USPS can and does charge postage due. ... Trying to obtain a receipt from the delivery unit after the fact is difficult. Your photo really should be enough evidence to show the BBB that the item is not in a flat rate package, for which the ‘if it fits is ships” does not apply.

    It is unfortunate you are having this back and forth with 800razors If they ever provide a USPS contact name to the BBB to identify their ‘USPS rep’ I would be glad to advise them of this matter."

    I sent a thank you email to the CEO of 800razors thanking him for the refund, advising that the refund was a duplicate and providing particulars of the refund transactions. I also forwarded the latest information from USPS Consumer Affairs manager. There has been no response.

    On March 25 I received notice the BBB reopened then reclosed this case. Since 800razors did reimburse $6.50, the BBB considers the matter resolved. They did slightly raise their rating of 800razors, though not up to the previous levels, and the dispute remains visible on their website.

    Sadly, the USPS issue remains unresolved. I am sure 800razors believes they are right but I KNOW I paid the $6.50 and have various forms of written documentation to prove it. We asked the USPS representatives for 800razors to be identified so they could connect with my USPS representatives (already identified to 800razors and the BBB) but a response from 800razors was not received. Perhaps USPS made a mistake. Perhaps the USPS representatives for 800razors are misinformed. Perhaps my USPS representatives, the USPS website and the AmEx resolution are all wrong. We'll never know because the conversation didn't happen and, in that case, everyone loses and no one learns.

    It's a shame one has to go through such lengths to get a company to respond appropriately. 800razors' reply below shows the level at which they like to play. Paying for two refunds without ever receiving the a receipt in the format they demanded, partially cleaning up their BBB rating and chasing public reviews trying to protect their reputation is unproductive for all. Responding to the BBB rating change and this post after the fact is not in the interest of good customer service. Oh yeah, they say I'm not a customer so I guess I don't get customer service.

    There are many other razor companies on the market. I strongly suggest you look elsewhere for your razor needs.

    Update: It's now April 20, 2016, more than a year later and 800razors is still trying to have my reviews removed and/or edited. The latest is on HighYa. Honestly, they could have simply apologized and I would gladly have removed the reviews. Sadly, they'd rather have a review war.

    I now buy my blades at Costco for about the same price as 800razors, sans the hassle.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Previous review
    • Jun 8, 2015

    Product clogs easily, terrible customer service

    800Razors customer service is awful. 800Razors was to send me a package prepaid. The package arrived with $6.50 postage due. I paid the extra postage. 800Razors refused to reimburse. Five separate emails from them claimed they were not responsible and that the package was shipped flat rate with no postage due. The package was NOT shipped flat rate and did have postage due. Despite sending photos of the packaging showing that it was not Flat Rate with a postage due stamp and communications directly with the CEO, postage was not reimbursed.

    800Razors used terms like "federal offense", "impossible to have any difference in the postage" and "fraudulent postage due" in their emails. With regard to the postage due stamp on the package, they stated, "That stamp you have shown is not something USPS would use." Wrong! 800Razors even opened a USPS investigation which confirmed that the postage due stamp was a genuine USPS stamp and that the package was NOT shipped flat rate resulting in postage due in the amount of $6.50, yet 800Razors still did not make things right.

    800Razors has stopped responding to my communications. I have opened a case with the BBB and my credit card company. If you like drama with your razor purchase, you came to the right place.

    As for the actual product, it is OK but the blade clogs too much. My wife has the same experience with her blades. I find Harry's to be far more suitable for my needs and great customer service.

    (read moreread less...)

  • 1 out 2 people found this review helpful

    Best Razor I've used at a GREAT price.

    • Albany, OR,
    • Jul 9, 2015

    I've been with these folks for 2 years now. I've purchased three times from them and I conclude they're a good an internet seller as there is.

    Their product is great (I use the 5-blade men's razor). Best of all, I had been looking for an alternative to Gillette's ridiculously high priced Fusion blades and I actually did!

    Buy from them without trepidation. They're a good company.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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