About Ab Circle Pro V2.0

As the self-proclaimed #1 fitness product in America, the Ab Circle Pro V2.0 claims to work “like a treadmill for your abs” to help activate your core, and to give you the stomach you’ve always dreamed of. The product claims to accomplish this by using a simple side-to-side motion, which can help reduce back and neck strain.

The Ab Circle Pro V2.0 is distributed by Fitness Brands, Inc. based out of Lakeway, TX, and holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Based on our research, the most common customer complaints about the product reference uncomfortable/ineffective kneepads and poor quality components.

How the Ab Circle Pro V2.0 Works

By using circular force technology to combine cardio and ab workouts, the Ab Circle Pro V2.0 is an impact-free way to get tight, toned abs without causing strain or pressure on your neck or back. In addition, the product also claims to work your buns and thighs by removing the center locking pin.

The Ab Circle Pro V2.0 is manufactured using “gym quality steel,” folds for easy storage, and features three resistance levels. When compared to the original Ab Circle Pro, V2.0 claims to include:

  • An upgraded wheel set.
  • Larger, more comfortable knee pads.
  • Improved easy-glide pivot point.
  • A friction-free track for easier rolling and a smoother ride.

Despite this, the number one complaint associated with the Ab Circle Pro V2.0 is uncomfortable kneepads (see the Bottom Line section for additional details).

Ab Circle Pro V2.0 Pricing & Refund Policy

Although the Ab Circle Pro V2.0 is available from Walmart, NewEgg.com, and many others, you can receive a 60-day trial directly through the manufacturer for $14.95, plus $34.50 shipping and handling. After this 60-day trial has ended, you’ll be charged 5 subsequent payments of $39.95, bringing your total to $249.20. Alternately, you can pay in full during checkout, which will cost you $199.75, plus $34.50 S&H (a savings of $14.95).

With your purchase you’ll also receive:

  • Workout DVD
  • Nutritional Guide

Keep in mind that you’ll also receive a 30-day trial of Fitness Complete supplements with your order, if you so choose. If you do not cancel this autoship program, you will continue receiving a 60-day supply once every two months, and your credit card will be charged $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling each time. However, if you do not wish to sign up for this program in the first place, be sure to check the “Click here if you’d prefer not to receive the vitamin offer” box just below your billing information on the checkout screen.

To obtain a refund or to cancel your autoship program, you’ll need to contact customer service at 800-348-7063.

Bottom Line: Is the Ab Circle Pro V2.0 a Scam?

Overall, the Ab Circle Pro V2.0 won’t be mistaken for a gym-quality piece of exercise equipment any time soon, despite the manufacturer contention otherwise. However, the manufacturer does appear to have addressed some of the most common complaints associated with the original version, including upgrading the wheel set, making the gliding process more smooth, and beefing up the pivot point.

Unfortunately, one thing the manufacturer apparently did not adequately address is the form and function of the kneepads. In fact, almost every customer review we found—whether good or bad—referenced how uncomfortable the kneepads were, and/or how ineffective they were are keeping you in position, especially when sweaty. We even read reviews where customers claimed that their knees were swollen and bruised days after using the device, and even some where medical intervention was required.

Bottom line: While the Ab Circle Pro V2.0 may actually help you get tighter, more toned abs, it may come at the expense of your knees. As such, if you have pre-existing knee problems, this isn’t the device for you.

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