Derek LakinExperience

Derek Lakin is a HighYa veteran and one of our first writers, starting with the company in 2013.

As one of our early product analysts, Derek covered a wide variety of topics with a particular focus on fitness, wellness, and home and garden. A methodical and detail-oriented writer, Derek was able to analyze products and services with a sharp eye.

He was able to cut through the marketing and hype consumers have to wade through and present the facts in a clear manner. This skill was particularly valuable for consumers who often go to a site and fall prey to clever marketing and deceptive language.

His analysis of companies spanned not only the products and services they sold but their customers reviews on third-party sites as well as the company’s status with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. His explorations of these areas led to keen observations about the company’s strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to writing reviews, Derek has penned numerous guides for HighYa’s readers. These long-form, in-depth articles presented Derek’s strengths on a larger scale and produced substantial takeaways for readers.

Derek is also responsible for HighYa’s first free eBook, “145 Scam Hacks: Essential Tips for Avoiding Popular Scams.” The book is a compilation of his and the HighYa Research Team’s exhaustive research of a multitude of common online scams consumers find.

Educational Background and Hobbies

Derek has written professionally since 2010 and holds a degree in Multimedia Communications and Design from Massachusetts Communications College.

Derek moved on from HighYa in June 2019 to pursue other endeavors in writing, including his own site,, that focuses on testing and reviewing bicycle parts, accessories, and gear. Dereks’ interest in writing about biking is an outworking of his hobbies.

Derek is a passionate cyclist across all disciplines. He’s currently traveling around the western U.S. in an RV with his family while enjoying some of the best biking locations the country offers.