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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 2, 2017

Advertised as “the precision pill splitting system,” AccuCut Pill Cutter uses a crescent blade system to quickly, safely, and accurately split any size or shape medication, vitamin, or supplement.

According to the website, all you have to do is insert the pill into the slot that fits best, press to activate the hidden blade and slice down (versus other models that tend to crush the contents), and then tilt to dispense. The two-sided cutting disk fits eighteen different pill shapes and sizes, while the self-retracting blade will keep fingers safe throughout the process.

If you’ve taken multiple medications for long enough, you likely understand that AccuCut is up against perhaps thousands of other pill-cutting devices. Is there anything that makes it stand out, or should you choose something from a third-party competitor?

That’s the primary question we’ll help you answer in this article, starting with safety considerations during use.

Are There Any Concerns to Keep In Mind When Using Pill Cutters Like AccuCut?

Outside of the potential cutting danger that some pill slicers might present (not necessarily AccuCut, mind you), most of the concern related to cutting medications revolves around the medications themselves.

For example, writing for WebMD, Denise Mann cites a 2011 study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, which found that cutting pills is “risky business.” Why?

In the study, researchers were quoted as saying: “Not all formulations are available for splitting, and even when they are, large dose deviation or weight losses can occur [and] this could have serious clinical consequences for medication with a narrow therapeutic-toxic range.”

And even if a formula is available for splitting, Jeffrey Brewer, PharmD, an associate professor at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in New York, emphasizes that "Different tablets split differently. Some crumble, others are hard and cut very clean. Some tablets are coated, others are long acting or short acting, and some are capsules or extended release."

Bottom line? If you’re thinking about cutting your medication (Consumer Reports tells us that eight percent of American do this in order to save money), talk with your doctor first to help ensure you’re not putting your health at risk. This could also help guarantee that you’re maximizing money spent on any required medications.

How Much Does the AccuCut Pill Cutter Cost?

Two AccuCut Pill Cutters are priced at $19.99, plus $13.98 S&H, bringing your total to $33.97. As a free bonus, all orders also include a 30-day pill organizer.

AccuCut comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges and other fees, which you can request by calling Lenfest Media Group’s customer support line at AccuCut@TVOrderStatus.com.

What else do we know about this company?

More About AccuCut Pill Cutter’s Manufacturer

Lenfest Media Group LLC is based out of Wayne, PA and has been in business since 2006. In that time, they’ve released many popular products, including recent hits like Multi-Cut, Wobble Wag Giggle, Furniture Feet, and Luma Smile.

The company held an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on just one closed customer complaint, as of 11/01/17. Unfortunately, no details were available to provide further insight.

AccuCut vs. Other Pill Cutters: How to Choose?

As we briefly mentioned at the beginning of our investigation, AccuCut is up against a whole lot of competitors, whether online or at local pharmacies and other retailers near you.

And like the device in question, many of these models also include protective shields, the ability to accommodate many different pills sizes, slip-free designs, coated wings to hold pills securely in place, as well as the potential for easy, one-handed operation.

But, we didn’t just encounter several other pill cutter models that offered many of the same essential features as AccuCut. Searching online for “retractable blade pill cutter” or “disc pill cutter” returned a couple of results that appeared to be identical, both functionally and design-wise. These included:

  • Medifacx PRORXDisc Pill Cutter, $12
  • Questa Pill Cutter, $17

Comparatively, although you’ll have to purchase two at the same time, AccuCut comes in meaningfully higher than the Medifacx version at $16.95, but pennies less than Questa. Does this mean that any of these options represent the best choice for you?

Our Final Thoughts About the AccuCut Pill Cutter

Choosing a pill cutter—whether AccuCut or a third-party brand—isn’t exactly rocket science.

What’s more, they’re commonly available at just about any local retailer with a pharmacy or health section, so you likely won’t need to go very far out of your way in order to encounter several options with different designs.

And if one of these doesn’t work for you, processing a return and choosing another design could be as easy as hopping behind the wheel and taking a short drive back to the retailer.

Not only could this help you save on initial (and perhaps return) shipping charges, but it could also assist with touching and feeling the pill cutter before making a decision and handing over your hard-earned money. This way, you can answer important questions that might be otherwise impossible when ordering online, such as:

  • Is it lightweight?
  • Does it seem like a quality device that will stand up to repeated use?
  • Can you potentially use it with only one hand (if you suffer from chronic pain or hand movement issues caused by conditions like arthritis)?

In the end, Lenfest Media Group stands behind their AccuCut Pill Cutter with a 30-day refund policy, which should represent plenty of time to determine if it meets your specific wants and needs. However, between initial S&H charges and the fee associated with the BOGO offer, you’ll put nearly $14 on the line if you give it a try and are disappointed by its overall performance.

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