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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 13, 2016

Ageless Body System is an advanced, but unconventional, method of providing your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to create healthy skin cells, remove aged, dull skin, and then bring these new skin cells to the surface.

All you have to do is eat certain foods that are probably in your kitchen at this very moment, and you’ll be able to “appear 20 years younger with your next meal”! How?

By properly nourishing your body and boosting collagen and elastin production. In turn, you’ll experience fewer wrinkles, reduced appearance of age spots and discoloration, along with firmer, tighter skin. You’ll even get stronger, longer nails, and be able to clear up skin conditions like eczema and rosascia.

We’ll come right out and say that we have a lot of concerns regarding Ageless Body System, and we think it’s important that you understand where we’re coming from in order to make an informed purchase. To start, let’s talk about what exactly the Ageless Body System is.

What’s Involved With the Ageless Body System?

In a nutshell, it seems like Ageless Body System’s video is selling one product, and their website is promoting another. Why? We’ll quickly break it down.

What We Learned From Ageless Body System’s Video

Despite sitting through the Ageless Body System video for well over 20 minutes—much of which was filled with nonsense (see picture below), a common theme among long-form sales videos—we’re not exactly sure what you’ll learn. We know it involves food, but other than specifically mentioning rooibos, which is especially high in vitamin C, we weren’t told exactly what these foods are or how they’ll help us look younger.

A still from the Ageless Body System videoThe Ageless Body System video was full of nonsensical phrases like this, making it difficult to understand what they were actually saying.

However, using “revolutionary” foods to cure otherwise incurable conditions is a common theme among most of the Clickbank-style e-books we’ve reviewed in the past (more about this shortly), such as Diabetes Free, Smart Blood Sugar, Navajo Restore My Hearing System, and many others.

What Is the Ageless Body System Website Promoting?

On the other hand, it appears the remainder of the Ageless Body System website is promoting some type of anti-aging cream or serum. Why do we think this? Primarily, because they make the exact same claims—and use many of the exact same graphics—as other template-based anti-aging products we’ve reviewed, like Encante Cream, Brilliant Skin Serum, and True Derma Lift.

Again, we’ll come back around to all of this in a bit. But first, how much will you pay for the Ageless Body System?

How Much Does the Ageless Body System Cost?

The Ageless Body System will cost you $37. Along with your order, you’ll receive two bonus e-books:

  • Aging At the Rate Of a Snail
  • Online Body Secrets To Stay Fit

Remember our confusion about what exactly this system involves? Because Clickbank is an online portal that specializes in health-related e-books, it’s our opinion that Ageless Body is an e-book that can be downloaded as soon as your order is processed.

There wasn’t any refund information listed on the Ageless Body website, although nearly all e-books sold through Clickbank come with a 60-day money back guarantee, which you can request by calling customer service at 800-390-6035.

All of our questions and concerns aside, are customers pleased with the Ageless Body System?

What Are Ageless Body System’s Customers Saying?

Most Clickbank e-books are promoted through affiliates, who earn commissions by referring customers and convincing them to make a purchase. This is why you’ll find that most affiliate websites are filled with a lot of hype, very little substance, along with reams of fake customer reviews.

And Ageless Body System appears to be no different. As such, there weren’t any online customer reviews at the time of our research.

But here’s the thing: Remember those other e-books we referenced above? They, and just about every e-book like them, invariably come with ultra-low online customer ratings. The most common complaints tend to reference that they 1) didn’t contain the information that was promised, and 2) what little information they did contain could probably be found in a matter of minutes elsewhere online, at no charge.

We don’t mean to pile it on here, but it gets even worse for Ageless Body System. The product’s website is mirrored after dozens of other online-only anti-aging products we’ve reviewed, all of which also come with bottom-of-the-barrel customer reviews.

But they don’t care, because once too much negative customer feedback accumulates, these companies just close up shop, rename their product, change a couple things on their design template, and start the process all over again. For an in-depth look at this trend, be sure to read Avoid These Anti-Aging Websites Like the Plague.

Granted, we’re not saying this is necessarily the case with Ageless Body System, but we’re curious why the company decided to promote their product in this manner. We do, however, think it’s something you should keep in mind before ordering.

What About the Doctor Certified Designation?

In the bottom right-hand corner of the Ageless Body website, you might have noticed a “Doctor Certified” logo. But does this mean that Ageless Body System’s claims have been approved by a physician?

Well, yes and no. According to Doctor Certified’s Code of Ethics, all applicant websites are reviewed by a real doctor, but this review generally only involves billing practices. Now, they do mention that “No deceitful or inaccurate claims can be made about the product or its effectiveness. No product, with the exception of a drug, can claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

However, since the Ageless Body System makes very few claims (remember, we still don’t even know what it is!), it appears they still passed Doctor Certified’s guidelines.

Ageless Body System: Sure Thing Or Scam?

Let’s quickly recap what we learned here:

  • We don’t know exactly what Ageless Body System is (is it an e-book or a cream?), or how it works.
  • Whether we’re talking about the video or the website, Ageless Body System’s creator uses many of the same marketing techniques as (in our opinion) less-than-scrupulous companies.
  • There aren’t any online reviews, but customer feedback for highly similar e-books and creams is very low.

Based on these factors alone, we think your money would be better spent making an appointment with your dermatologist than ordering Ageless Body System.

Also, keep in mind that the main causes of premature aging revolve around lifestyle factors. So, by always wearing sunscreen, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake, reducing stress, getting plenty of sleep, eating right, and exercising regularly, you won’t just prevent premature aging, you might even be able to repair existing damage!

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