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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Mar 8, 2018

Individually crafted with genuine hand-blown glass, the Air Glass ultrasonic humidifier and diffuser promises to help gently restore moisture to the air while creating a scented, spa-like atmosphere in your home.

After adding water and your favorite essential oils, you’ll plug the device into any A/C outlet, choose between three diffusion modes (continuous up to eight hours, 60 minutes, or 30 minutes), and the device will emit soothing water vapor that can help relieve scratchy throats, dry eyes, and flaky, cracked skin while you sleep.

Although the 10" L x 6" W x 6" H humidifier/diffuser is safe and doesn’t use heat or flames, it will automatically shut off when its time is finished, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Whether you're planning to use Air Glass yourself or to help your little one achieve a restful night's sleep, can you expect it help everyone breathe easy, while also beautifying your home, as claimed in the commercial? And even if it will, does this necessarily mean it represents the most value for the money?

We’ll start by taking a closer look at these devices’ functionality.

How Do Ultrasonic Humidifiers & Diffusers Like Air Glass Work?

Writing for The Spruce, Mariette Mifflin explains that ultrasonic humidifiers use a vibrating ceramic diaphragm to emit “high-frequency sound vibrations,” which turn water droplets into an “extra fine water mist” that exit the device as a cool fog.

By adding humidity to the air (ideally, between 30 and 50 percent), Healthline tells us these devices can help “prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body,” and are “particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips,” as well as relieving some symptoms of the common cold and flu.

However, they also warn that too-high humidity levels can actually “worsen respiratory problems and create uncomfortable dampness in the air,” while also leading to dust mite, mildew, mold, and harmful bacteria growth.

Ultrasonic diffusers work in much the same way. But instead of creating a fine, water-only mist, they combine water with essential oils to disperse into the surrounding air. And some models, like Air Glass, combine the ability to humidify and diffuse at the same time.

How Much Does Air Glass Cost?

Available in blue or black, one Air Glass humidifier/diffuser is priced at $39.99, plus $5.99 S&H. You can order a second unit during checkout for an additional $19.99 fee. Each unit also includes a set of Lavender and Peppermint essential oils.

Allstar Products Group offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases, less S&H, as well as any fees associated with the BOGO offer. You can request one by calling (800) 513-0315.

What Do We Know About the Company Behind Air Glass?

Allstar Products Group isn’t new to the ASOTV industry. In fact, they’ve created hundreds of products during their nearly two decades in business, including recent standouts like Simply Fit Board, Sleep Styler, Airtouch Rotating Brush, and Hover Cover.

Allstar held an A+ Better Business Bureau rating as of 3/6/18, based on close to 50 closed complaints. Most related to customer service issues, although a company representative responded and resolved each situation.

Are There Other Ultrasonic Humidifiers & Diffusers Competing With Air Glass?

Whether you’re strolling down the aisles of your local pharmacy or big box retailer, or clicking through the virtual aisles of online marketplaces like Google Shopping and Amazon, there are literally hundreds of ultrasonic humidifiers available in just about every imaginable shape, size, and color.

Even just narrowing your options to glass models that can also diffuse essential oils, you’ll find devices priced anywhere between $15 and $100+.

To help you find the right humidifier for your space, Reader’s Digest’s Steph Simpson recommends that you start by calculating the room’s square footage where the device will be primarily used. After all, since the goal is to achieve between 30 and 50 percent humidity, you’ll need something that’s up to the task.

“Small humidifiers work for rooms up to 300 square feet, medium humidifiers suit spaces that are 399 to 499 square feet, and large varieties are best for larger spaces, 500-plus feet,” she says.

While we didn't test any of the models ourselves to provide firsthand feedback, based on what we learned from the website and commercial, Air Glass would be considered a small humidifier, and therefore likely most appropriate for rooms under 300 square feet.

Next, might you find additional features like a humidistat (automatically turns off once ideal humidity levels are reached), an easy-fill reservoir, and detachable basins and diaphragms useful? While these might come at a greater cost, they could deliver a much greater level of value, depending on your needs and preferences.

Finally, after writing about dozens of health-related products over the years, we think it’s relevant to emphasize the importance of doing business with companies who stand behind their products with at least 30-day refund policies (and no restocking fees), and who come with mostly positive feedback from customers.

Taking everything we’ve learned into consideration, should you go ahead and place your Air Glass order?

Our Bottom Line About Air Glass

The fact of the matter is that, judging by the sheer number of options available, glass ultrasonic humidifiers and diffusers appear to be extraordinarily popular. So popular, in fact, that you're likely to find at least a couple of options at local retailers, which could save your initial (and return) shipping charges if you're not satisfied, and could also make for a super fast return process.

On top of this, we encountered several models that were meaningfully less expensive, which could deliver more bang for your buck. Depending on the features you need and your design preferences, of course.

But if Air Glass seems like it might meet both your preferences and your needs, it comes from a company with decades in business, and who allows you to try it for 30 days before committing to a purchase. Just remember you’ll have to pay to ship it back, and you’ll also lose the $19.99 fee if you took advantage of the BOGO offer.

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