What Is Airtouch Rotating Brush?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jan 31, 2017

Do you struggle when applying your foundation? The Airtouch Rotating Brush makeup applicator spins at the touch of a button to provide full, natural-looking coverage without streaks or blotches.

According to Airtouch, it’s their brush’s gentle rotations that turn your daily, doldrum makeup application routine on its head. Spinning at 190 rotations-per-minute (RPM), the Airtouch brush’s stippled bristle design is claimed to:

  • Work perfectly with either liquid or creme foundations.
  • Smooth makeup over complexions of any age or texture.
  • Cover dark spots, lines, and redness.

Airtouch is adamant that users don’t have to switch foundations to get the full benefits of their rotating brush, and that the results are equally beautiful when blending over wrinkles, pimples, or dry patches—without ever causing makeup to settle or crease.

The Airtouch Brush is removable from the device’s base, so you can easily swap out the brush head. What would you swap it with?

In addition to the stippled foundation brush, every order of Airtouch Rotating Brush comes with a free powder brush head. The powder brush head is designed with loosely packed bristles that promise to flawlessly apply pressed powder or bronzer.

The result, they say, is a mobile, no-mess, professional-looking makeup application that’s on par with using an airbrush machine.

Beyond blending and buffing your foundation to perfection, Airtouch Brush promises extra benefits, including that you’ll:

  • Save time: Airtouch claims that the brush’s spinning head does the work for you, shaving precious minutes off of your morning routine.
  • Spend less: By spreading your foundation more effectively, Airtouch states that you’ll end up using less—which saves you money over a period of time.

In short, Airtouch Brush promises better coverage in less time, with less makeup. Let’s see how it’s done:

How to Use Airtouch Brush When Applying Foundation?

Airtouch Brush claims to do the work for you, just turn on and glide for a perfected complexion. Their instructions are “as simple as 1-2-3.”

  1. Attach: Start by attaching your desired brush head; choosing the Airtouch foundation brush for liquid and creme makeup, or the powder brush head for powder and bronzer.
  2. Apply: Dab liquid or creme foundation on your face. For powder, dip the brush head directly into your makeup.
  3. Blend: Turn on the Airtouch Brush and glide the brush head both side to side and up and down while applying light pressure.

That’s pretty simple. Although, Airtouch does advise that you not glide the brush in circles, as the rotating head blends for you.

Who’s Behind the Rotating Airtouch Brush?

Airtouch is brought to you by Taylor Baldwin Health & Beauty, the face of which is actress Taylor Baldwin (no relation to Alec or Stephen).

Taylor Baldwin is best known for appearing on the mid-90’s television show 7th Heaven, and can be briefly seen sharing a few benefits of using Airtouch brushes in their infomercial.

Since 7th Heaven, Taylor Baldwin has worked in a variety of roles for Fox Sports Net, CBS/TNN, KCBS-TV “Sports Central”, and KTLA-TV 5 Los Angeles where she served as their Prime Time entertainment anchor & film critic. Additionally, she’s curated a hefty archive of blog posts and online broadcasts on her Taylor Time website, many of which focus on health and beauty.

While Taylor Baldwin has enjoyed an ongoing career in the spotlight, the official Airtouch Rotating Brush website claims that she’s also a talented inventor who has long been a trusted name in health and beauty.

We were unable to find any additional products released under the Taylor Baldwin Health & Beauty brand that could support those last credentials, though her LinkedIn resume does list infomercial hosting.

In truth, we don’t really believe that Taylor Baldwin invented the Airtouch Rotating Brush. That’s because there are so many similar products out there. (We’ll talk about your other options in a bit.)

Instead, this As Seen On TV product is likely enjoying the boost in sales from a celebrity endorsement, just like so many other products—both ASOTV and other brands.

There’s nothing abnormal with a celebrity endorsement. But, in our experience covering ASOTV products, there is something worth noting regarding consumer’s general satisfaction with products they’ve purchased from infomercials.

That’s because ASOTV infomercials tend to really lay on the sales pitch thick to inspire you to “buy now!” The problem being that when you take what could have been an OK product and make it sound like the best thing since sliced bread, consumers are bound to be a little disappointed.

With all that in mind, we’re not saying that the Airtouch Rotating Brush is bunk. In fact, we’ll take a closer look at their claims in just a moment.

However, we are saying that it’s important to look past a celebrity face to consider the general satisfaction rating of ASOTV products before making your purchase.

How Much Does an Airtouch Rotating Brush Cost?

The Airtouch Rotating Brush isn’t available in stores, the only way to get your hands on one of these spinning bad boys is through Airtouch’s official website.

The brush is sold for $39.99 and includes free shipping and handling. (Although state tax will apply in New York, California, Nevada, and Connecticut.) And, don’t forget that each order also comes with a rotating powder brush head.

Airtouch Rotating Brush purchases are backed by a 30-day, money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, simply call (855) 663-5633 Monday through Friday 8 am to 8 pm EST, to obtain a Return Authorization number and instructions. Note that returns made without a return authorization number won’t be accepted, and that you cover the cost of sending it back.

Evaluating What Airtouch Rotating Brush Has to Offer

When initially evaluating the Airtouch Rotating Brush infomercial, we were struck by how many benefits the company claims you can experience simply by switching makeup brushes.

Now, that’s not to discredit any of those possible benefits. But, while watching their commercial, I couldn’t help but think “Well, that really depends!” after each claim.

For example, whether or not the Airtouch Rotating Brush will help you:

  • Have better, more natural-looking coverage
  • Apply your makeup in less time
  • Spend less over time by using less makeup

All depend on your current application technique, how you use the Airtouch brush in comparison, and which foundation formula you choose.

Since I’m not sitting right next to you, it’s difficult to give a concrete assessment of how the Airtouch Rotating Brush will perform in comparison to your current regimen.

However, I can draw from my experience reviewing similar products, such as knock-off makeup brushes, and writing about cosmetics to share a few thoughts and suggestions.

How to Tell If Airtouch Rotating Brush Is Right for You

First, it’s important to consider if you even like using a brush to apply foundation – as opposed to sponges, a Beauty Blender, or your fingers.

The benefits of using a brush to apply foundation include better blending than fingers. On the downside, using one can mean that it’s more difficult to get into tiny areas, such as the corner of your eyes. (Especially when the brush head is large in diameter.)

If you’ve never used a brush to apply your foundation, go ahead and grab any blush or large powder brush from your collection, dot some foundation on your face, and use the brush by swiping it in a circle motion to blend.

If you like the results, great! Consider whether or not having a rotating brush would help you to blend more, or if you might benefit from simply picking up an alternate brush just for the foundation at the drugstore.

Some Concerns Regarding Airtouch Rotating Brush

Let’s be honest, you can get most of the benefits of the Airtouch Rotating Brush—minus the rotation—by just having a separate foundation brush which can be bought for $5.

But, if it’s the promise of rotation that’s really spinning you right round, we’d just like to bring a few concerns to your attention before you swipe your card.

First, if you Google “rotating cosmetics brush,” you’ll find there are several similar generic rotating brushes available for $15-25. These alternatives don’t include a powder brush. However, it’s nice to know that there are cheaper options.

Next, know that makeup brushes used to apply foundation should be thrown out once a year. That’s because, no matter how well you wash them, bacteria builds up which can eventually lead to acne and skin irritation, which is especially bad around the eyes.

Because Airtouch doesn’t offer replacement brush heads, that means this purchase is good for one year, tops.

Finally, Airtouch doesn’t disclose whether their brush fibers are natural boar’s hair or synthetic. Generally speaking, beauty experts prefer different materials for different tasks. But natural (which is more expensive) is better for blending.

Again, both are fine – it’s completely a matter of personal preference. But, seeing as how the brush material makes up one of the biggest variables in a makeup brush’s performance, we have a difficult time taking a product seriously when it doesn’t disclose what it’s made of.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Airtouch Rotating Brush?

When it comes to cosmetics, it’s always frustrating to spot foundation lines under your jaw or around your temple in the middle of the day.

These tell-tale signs of poor blending are definitely embarrassing, and if you regularly struggle with trying to hide them, the Airtouch Rotating Brush might be just your ticket to a flawless complexion.

However, before you buy, do be sure to try out applying your foundation with a brush to ensure you like the look.

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