What is Alpha Levo Energize?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 25, 2017

Alpha Levo Energize is a supplement that claims to boost mental energy, increase focus and concentration, and enhance memory and recall. That’s a pretty loaded benefit sheet, but the products website goes to great lengths to illustrate these diverse effects.

The main website claims that the supplement is a “scientifically formulated” energy solution that eliminates the need to use energy drinks and other forms of energy-providing substances. It also claims that the nootropic can help you learn faster, absorbing information in a more efficient manner when taking the supplement.

Many of us suffer from distractions, a lack of motivation, and forgetfulness in our lives. Today’s world is a busy one, and it would truly be fantastic if there was a pill that could reliably, safely and effectively help us maximize our potential to get things done and focus on our tasks.

So, does Alpha Levo Energize truly work like the manufacturer claims it does? Or are they simply using cheap marketing tricks to sell you a product that can’t back up its claims with clinical evidence? In order to answer this important question, let’s take a look at how Alpha Levo Energize and other supplements similar to it work.

How Do Supplements Like Alpha Levo Energize Actually Work?

Here at HighYa, we’ve written extensively about Nootropics similar to Alpha Levo Energize; supplements that are often referred to as “Smart Drugs” or cognitive enhancers. (You can check out our guide to these types of supplements here.) These supplements tend to include one or more of a variety of ingredients, from Caffeine to Vitamin C and beyond.

Usually, the product in question makes all sorts of enthusiastic claims about the effectiveness of their particular blend of ingredients, sometimes even claiming that these benefits are backed by “scientific research”. While this certainly isn’t always the case, and honest companies do exist in this field, in many cases these products (and their ingredients) do not have sufficient clinically-backed evidence to prove that they will have a meaningful effect on memory recall, focus, or mental performance in general. Often, these products may cite clinical studies that seem to show only a few common ingredients, failing to tell the whole story with respect to the manufacturer's product. Other times, there will be no studies or clinical evidence listed at all.

So, how does Alpha Levo Energize stack up against the competition on the market? Is there something unique that might back up the company’s claims that the product can give you “almost superhuman” abilities? Let’s find out.

Are The Ingredients In Alpha Levo Energize Effective?

We were unable to find the actual ingredient list on the main website for Alpha Levo Energize at the time of this writing. Instead, we gave the support number listed on the website a call and were directed to what the agent described as the company's new website. It looks as though the company is merging with another, called Fairlight Scientific. This site states that the ingredients used in Alpha Levo Energize are Caffeine anhydrous (which simply means dehydrated Caffeine), L-Theanine, and L-Phenylalanine. Let’s break each of these ingredients down further to see what they might do for you.

Caffeine anhydrous: Caffeine has long been used in various energy supplements, drinks, formulas and sodas around the world. It is one of the more common ingredients linked to mental alertness, and according to WebMD, multiple studies over the years have shown evidence that Caffeine does indeed improve mental acuity if taken throughout the day. It should be noted, however, that caffeine pills exist as an entirely separate product, without the additional ingredients included in many nootropics.

L-Theanine: This substance is actually an amino acid, which are the building blocks of proteins in the body. L-Theanine has been reported to potentially increase a feeling of “tranquility” in unstressed individuals, but according to WebMD, there is no conclusive evidence that this amino acid can aid in mental performance in the body.

L-Phenylalanine: Here we have another amino acid. Phenylalanine has shown some promise in treating certain skin conditions, and for a time it was being trialed for treating persons suffering from ADHD (Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder). Unfortunately, according to WebMD the results have been insufficient to prove that the amino acid has any effect on mental acuity or focus when taken by mouth.

Rhodiola rosea root extract: Rhodiola is a plant, the root of which has been used to help increase energy and alertness for many years. Despite this, there is currently insufficient evidence to illustrate the roots effectiveness with increasing mental capacity in humans. According to WebMD, there might indeed be some sort of benefit from using this root, but more evidence is needed to substantiate these claims.

So, what does this ultimately tell us? It seems that these particular ingredients don’t have sufficient clinical evidence that shows they will be effective when taken together for improving your mental capabilities. A few of the ingredients do show some promise, and might even work for some individuals, but without the proper clinical data, it is difficult to say that the product will live up to its many lofty claims.

Can I Trust Other Online Reviews For Alpha Levo Energize?

If you do a search for “Alpha Levo Energize” online, you’re likely to come across a number of different reviews for the product. Many of these reviews are from affiliate sites, which in our experience often create fake or inaccurate reviews in order to drive sales of that product, though that is not always the case. These sites often attempt to look 100% genuine, but might convey information in an overly-positive light as opposed to coming at the product from a factual, neutral standpoint.

We’ve run into this issue many times here at HighYa when doing product research, so in order to arm you with the best information possible, we created this handy guide: Winning The Battle Against Fake Reviews.

Alpha Levo Energize Pricing & Return Policy

Alpha Levo Energize is currently available in three different quantities:

  • One Month Supply (Single bottle) for $69
  • Three Month Supply (Three bottles) for $177
  • Six Month Supply (Six Bottles) for $294

As far as we can tell, there is no autoship program or any other type of “hidden fee” on this initial purchase, but do keep in mind that the terms list an option to “Subscribe” monthly to a shipment of the supplement, so be aware of this going into the purchase.

The website also states that all purchases are subject to a 90-day money back guarantee. In order to fulfill this refund, you’ll need to contact the support service for the product at 1-844-573-8040 or support@edgebioactives.com within 90 days of placing your initial order.

Alternative Methods To Increase Energy And Mental Performance

There are many different “lifehacks” and methods all over the web that claim to help maximize your energy throughout the day in order to get more things done. Because our lives are very busy and filled with distractions around every turn, these daily challenges can really take a toll on our ability to focus on completing tasks and growing as individuals. It can be incredibly helpful to learn how to manage stress, balance our day-to-day lives, and live mindfully, even during chaotic times.

In general, even small changes in your daily routine can be helpful for your mental performance and energy. Everything from eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and setting a routine for yourself can help keep your mind at its most alert throughout the day. With that in mind, we’ve created a guide to help you naturally improve your focus, energy, and productivity, all while decreasing stress while you’re at it. It can be found right here.

The Bottom Line: Is Alpha Levo Energize A Scam?

Let’s get right to the point: Although the sales language used on the main website is very convincingly-worded, we aren’t able to substantiate the lofty claims made about Alpha Levo Energize. There simply isn’t enough conclusive evidence (such as clinical studies/cases studies directly linking the ingredients to the claimed benefits) to suggest that this supplement will be anymore effective than the numerous other nootropics out there on the market today, despite the manufacturer claiming that Alpha Levo Energize is “the only clean mental energy booster that works without the crash.”

A few of the ingredients used in Alpha Levo Energize might be able to help you stay focused or get more done, but there is little evidence to report that shows that this particular formulation will deliver the results described by the manufacturer.

This is also quite an expensive product, even compared to other similar supplements on the market. A single bottle runs you $69, and you’ll need one of those for each month that you use the product. Even by purchasing higher quantities of the supplement, it can still add up to quite the added expense.

If you’re still looking to try Alpha Levo Energize based on the information above, we’d recommend going with the single bottle option and keeping in mind the 90-day refund policy. This way, you’ll be able to judge for yourself if it’s the right solution for you in the end.

Have you had firsthand experience with Alpha Levo Energize? Leave a review and share your experience with others!

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