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  • Impossible to deal with!

    The fact that the people you FINALLY get to talk to after more than 30 minutes on hold are usually polite, courteous and try to be helpful, the FACTS are that fewer and less reliable resources as services are available to us subscribers!

    But most aggravating, I wish their help would contact YOU quickly with follow-up concerns! AND not have to endure multiple 1/2 an hour or more times on hold!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Longer than usual to answer

    On 11/07/2017, a technician for AC unit came to my home to do a job on my AC unit because the heating element was not working. After working for almost 2 hours, I find out that the heating strip for this unit was corroded due the climate effects in Florida and the very little use we have for it. But now we are anticipating this coming winter, and this element is not working.

    I have spent one hour yesterday and one hour today for somebody to pick up the line and be able to discuss this problem, however, when I dialed the number to get a new contract before I finish with the last word, I have someone on the phone trying to sell me one contract from Home Shield. This means they have quick service for a new contract and a terrible waiting time when there is a claim. Very unfair for a paying customer with a problem.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • They were good in 1997

    In 1996, I moved my father into a new home near me so I could care for him. I got AHS for him. They were great at fulfilling a few claims. A broken garage door opener and two different toilets. After my father's death, I had stopped the service.

    I was thinking of signing up with them again, but the massive complaints I see has changed my mind. I'm not going to pay them money if, in the end, I have to take care of it myself at a greater expense.

    When I see they are taking care of their customers, I'll come back.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • AC problems!

    • By Larry H.,
    • Suffolk, VA,
    • Jul 18, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    We have been paying AHS almost $50 per month for several years. I had a problem with the central air conditioning system last year during the hottest part of the summer. It took about a week before anyone came to fix it. Fortunately, it was a minor problem and could be resolved.

    Our AC system broke down again three weeks ago. After waiting about a week, AHS sent contractor, who said they had fixed the problem. WRONG! We are still sitting in a hot house waiting for the same company to return to try once again.

    My confidence in the competence of the people AHS contracts with is not very high.

    If we did not have a contract with AHS, this problem would have been taken care of by now! As it is we are still hot and waiting!!

    Will keep y'all posted.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Updated review


    • By Jeff B.,
    • Mechanicsburg, PA,
    • Apr 3, 2020
    • Verified Reviewer

    Update to the review: AHS reviewed the case and has reimbursed me for the service call.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Previous review
    • Mar 30, 2020

    Flat out fraud

    Cracked toilet - went online to file a claim. They have you check boxes to get to the problem, and verify that it would be a covered claim. There was even a check box specifically for "cracked toilet". They charge $75 upfront for the service call.

    Guy came out, took a photo, called back to American Home Shield, came back in and said not covered. Told me they won't cover it until it's leaking, and advised that I have it repaired right away because it's about to fail and will cause water damage. And AHS does not cover water damage to your property. AHS calls me, tells me the plumber said it doesn't need fixing (lie, he told me it's urgent to get fixed), and said they do not cover cracked toilets anyway. Even though there's a check box for cracked toilets.

    If I was trying to concoct a tale of fraud, I couldn't do a better job than what actually played out with the fraudulent, immoral, and fake home warranty known as American Home Shield.

    (read moreread less...)

  • Over one hour waiting with only machine automated services

    The repair service is okay, but the waiting time to speak with someone about an issue is up to one hour or more. Yes, you will be on hold for over an hour for help. My fairly new A/C went out after two weeks from the precious repair (leaking Schrader valve). All the service request is automated, and there's no human interaction.

    The recent automation has someone coming in two days. I have two babies, and the house is 85 degrees. I can't simply talk to a person to request another A/C company. There's no place to email anyone and the only people to pick up the phone are in sales. They nicely tell you they can only help sell policies. If you like talking to automated machines and problem-solving for days, with no human to explain the logic, this is your warranty. I feel subhuman. Get a local company quicker.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Horrible and frustrating to work with

    I was given a home warranty by the seller when buying a new house. There were several things wrong with the house so I had to keep submitting service calls.

    The first call was for repair to kitchen appliances, and a new fridge was needed. I opted for the cash in lieu payment. That was two months ago, and I still haven't received a payment. They have told me that the payment has been sent three separate times. Each time I call to find out what's going on I have to go over my case to a different person. They try to help, but each time they screw it up. To get a supervisor on the phone, you actually have to submit a written request.

    On top of that, I have another service order in to repair a water heater (an item covered under my plan). Each time they contacted a plumber to come out, the plumber declined service. I was given authorization by the warranty company to get my own plumber and then they would pay me back for the work. Nope! American Home Shield denied my claim stating they require the plumber to contact them before work is done. Something which was never brought up in any of my conversations with them.

    What a joke. I've worked with other insurance companies before, but these guys are the worst. Don't use them unless you're into masochism.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Hot in Houston

    • By Eric J.,
    • Texas,
    • May 24, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    On 5/8/18, I placed a request with AHS to have my A/C looked at. Three Brother's A/C came out and said I needed a compressor and placed the request for authorization with AHS. AHS approved it and told me they would cover the compressor, labor and the first $10 for every pound of Freon. That meant I had to pay $770 for the 14 lbs over Freon that would be needed.

    Another AHS rep called and said the part was ordered and gave me the cost I was responsible for. When I asked the contractor if they were going to repair the A/C that day, they said AHS would have to supply them with the part. I called AHS and asked Ashley (AHS rep) if I could save them the $140 on the Freon and get it done cheaper myself and I was told I could not. It was either let the contractor do all the work or cash out.

    I asked for a break down on the costs of everything and Ashley said she could not provide that. I asked how much would I receive if I cashed out and got it done myself and she said she would have to refer me to the cash out dept. Little did I know, that would halt the delivery of the compressor and Ashley did not share the info with me.

    On 5/14/18, I called AHS looking for the part, and Janell drops the bomb Ashley neglected to tell me. Janell placed me on hold to order the part and Ashley calls me. She gives me the number to the cash out department for me to call myself. Why wasn't that done on 5/9/2018? When Janell came back to the line and I told her Ashley had called while I was on hold and she had given me the number to the cash out department, Janell told me that was not proper procedure and the cash out department should have emailed and called me.

    I asked for a supervisor and Janell referred me to the customer support department. I spoke with Curisha and she was sympathetic and waived my $75 service fee. She said that was all she was authorized to do, however, I thought much more should have been done. By the way, why does AHS care were I get my Freon when they are only covering the compressor and the installation? Maybe because since the contractor does not make anything on the part AHS provided and they probably have an hourly labor rate already established between the two, allowing the contractor to make their money on selling me the Freon.

    When I asked if the delivery of the compressor would be expedited or if AHS will pay for some of the hotel costs, I was informed the hotel would need prior approval, and it would have to be 103 degrees to be expedited. Dang, it was only reaching 95 degrees outside! The final kick in the pants came when I went to pay the contractor with my credit card and discovered they charge 3% of the bill to run a charge card, even I told them the day before I would charge the freon. Well, they didn't get that 3% and I paid with a check.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Refuse to install a new furnace and AC

    • By Lynn B.,
    • Dexter, MI,
    • Sep 11, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I bought a house in December 2017 and it came with an AHS warranty. My furnace went out while I was out of state working. When I got home, the house was 47°. I scheduled an appointment online, which took about 72 hours as I got home on a Friday night. No heat, but I went and bought a couple of radiant heaters.

    The company came out and said a valve was stuck but that I needed a new furnace as it would not last forever being over 30 years old. It went out again while I was away working and they sent a different company. I told them what the other company found and they jammed a rubber tube in the valve and said it was fixed. My AC has not worked all summer, but I was away working. They sent a company out to fix it today. He said it needs to be replaced but that unless it is cracked in the relay, they won’t replace it. He ordered a new control board.

    Bottom line: I am concerned that while I am away working this winter for two months, the furnace will go out and my pipes will freeze. Are they going to pay for the damages to my home? I doubt it.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Not very good service

    • By Patricio R.,
    • Roanoke, VA,
    • Sep 18, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    I have had several contracts with AHS in two different states. All in all, not a good service. They are brokers for services. You contact them, they go to their pool of contractors whom they instead tag with the requested service. I am sure those contractors do not get the full dollar for the service as they get for someone who contacts them directly, so you go to the bottom of the list and hope to at some point get your service. You call AHS back and good luck getting someone to help you. Once they have assigned your job, they feel they have done their job.

    Their contracts are like HBO, once you sign up, it is almost impossible to get out of, except AHS does not offer you three months free. I just called them to not renew my contract, and instead of just doing it, they want me to call again the day my contract expires. So, I just waited 20 minutes (not bad for them) trying to talk to someone, and I have to do it again in a few weeks. I used to think Service America was not great, but after trying AHS (at least in Florida), I went back to Service America.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Been fairly satisfied until today

    • By Jami G.,
    • Tucson, AZ,
    • Oct 11, 2018
    • Verified Reviewer

    Today I came home to my smoke alarms going off. When I unplugged them to change the battery and reconnected the wiring back to the ceiling, the detectors still went off. Long story short, I spend 45 minutes on hold to make a service call. When I asked to speak to a supervisor to share my concern about the wait time, I was put on hold, and after approximately 20 minutes was disconnected.

    I made a second attempt and after 30+ minutes was finally answered and transferred to a supervisor again, only to be disconnected. After my third attempt and getting a supervisor, George, after hearing my crankiness, hung up on me. I WAS pretty cranky, but apologized for the mood, but wanted assurances that this will not be happening again. His solution was to go online to schedule a repair. I told him that if it was a dishwasher, I would have, but smoke detectors were a concern that I possibly needed urgent service for.

    I will be happy to provide phone records to prove the time I spent waiting for a service that I pay too much for. Also, when there is a disconnect on the line, I don't understand why representatives don't call back. THAT would be good customer service.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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