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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Feb 13, 2018

Made from the same keratin protein as your own hair, Andras Fiber’s thickening fibers promise to tastefully and naturally conceal the look of hair loss by instantly building volume and density, while covering bald spots and thinning areas.

According to their website, these microscopic fibers are cut with a precision laser, which allows them to mimic the look and texture of real hair, while blending in seamlessly. They’re also electrostatically charged, so they stick to your scalp and existing hair, without having to worry about flakes or staining your clothes throughout the day—even during sweaty workouts and unpredictable weather.

The process works in seconds over three simple steps:

  1. Wash and dry your hair like normal.
  2. Gently shake Andras Fiber over thinning areas.
  3. Lightly pat down your hair to set the fibers in place, which will be invisible to the naked eye. For extra hold, you can add a spritz of hair holding spray.

Going bald stinks, but have you finally found a temporary solution with Andras Fibers? Are there other hair fibers in the marketplace, and if so, how do they compare? Take a few minutes to read this brief article, and you'll have everything you need to make a more informed decision.

How Common Is Hair Loss?

In How to Choose a Hair Loss Product, we explain that there are many causes of hair loss—everything from less-than-stellar lifestyle and grooming habits to medications and genetics—although the most common reason is male and female pattern baldness.

This condition, which is the result of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causing follicles to slowly stop hair production, is thought to affect roughly 40 million U.S. men, and about 40 percent of women over the age of 40.

Pro tip: Although this is the most common cause of hair loss, which is rarely a medical concern, it’s always important to discuss the situation with your doctor to make sure you’re not experiencing something more severe.

In the article, we also discuss that while there’s currently no cure for pattern baldness, there are dozens of ways to address the issue, including medications like Propecia, topical products like Minoxidil, surgeries, and cosmetic options like toupees, wigs, weaves, and fibers like Andras.

With this in mind, is the product in question up against some stiff competition? Let’s quickly discuss the cost and the company before answering this important question.

How Much Does Andras Fiber Cost?

The only way to purchase Andras Fiber is through the company’s trial program, where you’ll initially pay $1.99 handling, plus $4.99 for regular shipping (or, $9.99 Express shipping). For this price, you’ll receive a full-size bottle of hair fibers, which we learned from customer service weighs 12g.

Fourteen days after placing your order, you’ll be charged the full price of $74.99. You’ll also be enrolled in an autoship program, where you’ll continue receiving a new order of fibers once per month, and charged $74.99 plus S&H each time.

Per their website’s terms, Andras Fibers are only eligible for returns within your initial 14-day trial, and only in their original packaging, fully sealed and unused. Important: Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay return shipping to the company, who will also deduct an additional $7 S&H charge once your package is received, as well as a $10 restocking fee.

In order to cancel your trial, request a refund, or stop your automatic shipments, customer support can be reached at 866-258-3924.

What Do We Know About the Company Behind Andras Fiber?

Andras Fiber is manufactured by National Supplement Beauty Solutions Ltd. based out of Edinburgh, Scotland and has been in business since 2016. In that time, they’ve released a variety of Apex Vitality-branded supplements and skincare products like Forskolin, Booty Pop, Serum of Life, Serum of Youth, and Mastermind.

NSBSL Ltd. wasn’t listed with the Better Business Bureau at the time of our research, although there was a listing present for Apex Vitality. There, the company held an F rating, based on 27 customer reviews and 57 closed complaints, as of 2/12/18. Most appeared to revolve around difficulties with trials.

Now, what about the competition?

Andras vs. Other Hair Fibers

Although Andras Fiber’s approach to concealing bald spots and thinning hair is compelling, it’s far from unique. In fact, there are perhaps dozens of keratin hair fiber brands currently on the market, including popular options like Toppik, Caboki, XFusion, Hair Cubed, Hair Illusion, Bosley Professional, Miracle Hair, Kerafy, Keranique, and Viviscal, to name only a handful.

And based on our in-depth investigations into these products, while some are made from different plant-based materials other than keratin (and even real human hair), we’ve found that customer feedback regarding their performance largely seems equal. In other words, it doesn’t appear that paying more will necessarily deliver better performance.

Instead, the biggest differences seem to be 1) how much you'll pay and 2) how much product you'll get. Let's use these core criteria to shed some light on how Andras compares:

Company Quantity Price
Andras Fiber 412g $75
Toppik 3g - 55g $7.95 - $79.95
Caboki 6g - 30g $9 - $35
XFusion 3g - 28g $7 - $30
Bosley Professional 11g $135
Kerafy 12g $40
Viviscal 15g $42

As we can see, Andras’ fibers are priced at about $6.25 per gram, while options like Bosley and Hair Illusion come in meaningfully lower at $1.18 and $1.39 per gram, respectively. In the end, what does this mean for you?

Our Final Thoughts About Andras Fiber

While these are technically fibers, we think it's important to mention that many customers for third-party brands report these products have a consistency more akin to a fine powder. As such, if too much is applied, it might not look natural and could be seen by the naked eye.

Also, customers frequently point out that you’ll need at least some hairs (however fine) in place for these fibers to attach to. So, if you’ve gone completely bald in an area, they might not represent a viable solution.

Next, because it can be difficult to create a realistic-looking hairline with hair fibers (some companies also sell specialized combs for this purpose), customers frequently indicate that they deliver best results on the top and crown portions of the head.

Finally, while we didn’t test the product in question ourselves, we think there are some factors that set Andras Fibers apart from the competition—although they’re not necessarily positive. For example:

  • They come with the highest per-gram price of any other fibers we’ve written about
  • They’re only available through a 14-day trial, the details about which were only available in fine print on the ordering page, or buried within the terms
  • The manufacturer seems to have almost a wholly positive negative online customer reputation
  • Refunds are only available within the trial, and only if unopened. In other words, once you try it, you own it
  • The manufacturer will deduct an additional $7 S&H charge, as well as a $10 restocking fee, when requesting a refund

Taken together, although the Andras Fiber representative we spoke with during our research was helpful, as consumers ourselves, we’re not sure they’ll necessarily translate into the best value for the money.

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