What Is Aqua Silk?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Mar 6, 2018

Aqua Silk is a cordless, waterproof wet /dry epilator that promises to gently lift and extract hair the proper way, without worrying about painful waxing or tedious tweezing. Despite this, the website advertises that the device delivers results as effective as waxing, keeping you hair-free for up to six weeks.

This way, the manufacturer tells us you can use Aqua Silk in the shower (with no gel or lather), or even for quick touch-ups any time, any place. And unlike other devices, you won’t damage your skin or cause your hair to grow back thicker.

But, will it really deliver flawless arms and legs that are as smooth as silk, as claimed on the website? Is an epilator your best hair removal option in the first place? Let’s dive in and take a look at functionality.

How Do Wet /Dry Epilators Like Aqua Silk Work?

Razor blades work by quickly lifting hairs and cutting them so close to the skin that once the hair’s release, it returns to a position slightly underneath the skin. This results in the classic ‘baby smooth’ feel and appearance.

On the other hand, epilators like Aqua Silk work the same as tweezing or waxing; they completely remove the hair follicle from the skin, including the root.

Instead of manually locating and plucking hairs one-by-one, though, these devices “use spinning discs or springs to capture hair on the skin level while the rotating motion of the moving parts pulls away the hairs straight from the root, leaving the skin smooth.” For these reasons, you’ll sometimes see epilators referred to as ‘electronic tweezers.’

And just like when pulling hairs from their roots using other methods, the reality is that epilators will likely cause some level of discomfort, depending on your pain threshold. But, the good news is that it seems to subside over time. Self’s Alexandra Samuel explains:

“So, doesn't using a tweezer on steroids hurt? Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. It kind of sucks the first few times. But once you get used to it, it's so not a big deal. (Like waxing, in my book.) In fact, my mom's been doing it for decades and thinks I'm super lame for saying it hurts at all.”

Compared to shaving, which could leave you with noticeable stubble in as little as a few hours, removing hair from the root can leave you with smooth skin for anywhere between one and six weeks, depending on your hair type.

Pro tip: Despite what’s mentioned in the Aqua Silk commercial, shaving or removing hair from the root does not “change its thickness, color or rate of growth.”

So, despite this potential pain, they might be an ideal solution, depending on your needs and preferences. We’ll return to this thought in just a moment, but let’s first discuss price and manufacturer.

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How Much Does Aqua Silk Cost?

Two Aqua Silk wet-dry epilators are priced at $19.99, plus $13.98 S&H, bringing your total to $33.97.

All orders come with a 90-day money back guarantee, less S&H, which you can request by calling customer support at 844-771-2614.

Who Makes Aqua Silk?

As a company, Spark Innovators has been in business since 2008 and is based out of Fairfield, NJ (the same area as many other As Seen on TV companies), during which time they’ve released popular products like Active Bright, Engrave-It Pro, and Zip Trim.

In fact, while we didn’t test any devices ourselves to provide firsthand feedback, it appears that Aqua Silk might be a smaller version of Spark’s EpiSmooth Epilator.

Spark Innovators held an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, based on one negative customer review and 13 closed complaints, as of 3/5/17. Most appeared to reference customer service issues and ordering problems, although an employee responded in each instance with a resolution.

Are There Other Waterproof Epilators Like Aqua Silk?

You won’t have to look much further than your favorite search engine to realize there are perhaps hundreds of wet /dry epilators in the same niche as Aqua Silk, including from popular manufacturers like Epilady, Panasonic, Philips, Braun, and Remington. Price-wise, you’ll typically pay somewhere between $20 and $70, putting Aqua Silk’s $16.99 per-device price at the bottom of the spectrum. Does this necessarily mean it’s the ‘best’ option for you, though?

According to Consumer Reports, epilators typically work best on legs and forearms. In addition, any models you’re considering should come with at least a 30-day refund policy if it (or epilating in general) doesn’t meet your needs.

Christina Woodger at Which? reports that many epilator systems also come with interchangeable attachments, depending on the area of the body you’re tweezing. Along these same lines, some feature multiple speeds, as well as lighting for better visibility and a variety of head widths.

Pro tip: According to the Self article cited earlier, if you have a lower pain threshold, “choose an epilator with a slow speed and a smaller head. That way, you'll pull less hair out at a time so it hurts less. Another good tip for sensitive-skinned gals? Hold skin taut when you're epilating.”

And of course, models like Aqua Silk are advertised as waterproof and safe to use in the shower, if this is one of your top priorities.

A final important consideration is if you want a corded model (you don’t have to worry about battery life, but you’re tethered to an outlet), a rechargeable version (a built-in battery, but recharging a dead one can take hours), or one that uses replaceable batteries (can become expensive over time, but might provide the greatest flexibility when on the go).

Our Final Thoughts About Aqua Silk

As we can see, the ‘best’ epilator for you will largely depend on which factors you find most important. But, if the price is your number one factor, it might be difficult to beat Aqua Silk.

And because the manufacturer gives you 30 days to try it, you won’t have much more to lose than S&H charges (original and return) if you give it a shot and find it’s not a good fit.

With this said, if you’d like to hold something in your hand before giving someone your hard-earned money, it might be worth a drive to your nearest pharmacy or big box retailer to explore local options.

Or, if multi-functionality is what you need, a full kit might be exactly what you need to achieve the “flawless arms and legs that are as smooth as silk” advertised by Aqua Silk’s manufacturer.

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