About AquaSeat

The AquaSeat claims to be a woman’s best friend by automatically lowering the toilet seat after each flush. Purchase the entire AquaSeat Deluxe, which includes seat and cover, or purchase a “Go and Go” adaptor that fits on any existing toilet. Either way, you will put the “lid” on any bathroom-related arguments.

The AquaSeat is manufactured and marketed by Gomez España Collingon, based in Jalisco, Mexico. There is no other information about the company.

How The AquaSeat Works

The AquaSeat Deluxe comes with its own toilet seat, as well as the patented “Go and Go” Adaptor. Either way, installation requires no special tools. The AquaSeat needs no batteries or electricity and appears to use the toilet seat flushing mechanism itself to work.

To use, simply do your “duty”. Then, flush the handle, and, voila! the seat automatically lowers to a closed position. AquaSeat has 3 modes - seat and cover, seat only, and “manual” (no seat closing). 

The AquaSeat Deluxe Comes with:

  • AquaSeat toilet seat
  • Go and Go Adaptor
  • Installation guide
  • Hose attachment
  • Washers
  • Pads
  • Adaptor Screws
  • Pin
  • Instruction Manual

The Go and Go Adaptor comes with:

  • One adaptor
  • Buy one, get one free with additional S & H

AquaSeat Deluxe Pricing and Shipping Policies

The AquaSeat Deluxe is available for a “free” 30-Day trial of $19.99 plus $14.95 plus S & H. After 30 days, you can return it for the $19.95 back, or you will be billed for 2 additional payments of $19.95 for a total of $74.84. (You must obtain RMA number for returns.) If you are happy with your own toilet seat and just want the Go and Go “technology”, pay $19.95 plus $14.95 S & H. for a total of $34.90 - you will receive a 2nd Go and Go Adaptor.

Privacy Policy

AquaSeat claims it will not sell or share your information with anyone but their “affiliates and marketing partners.” There is no opt-out information.

Bottom Line: Is AquaSeat a Scam?

The position of a toilet seat is only important if a) you are a woman or b) in a relationship with one. Let’s face it, men are slobs. But, they can be TRAINED to take the nanoseconds needed to close a toilet lid by reminding them nicely, or perhaps even by placing a small “Close Me” sign on the lid. Both of these options are much less expensive than this Rube Goldberg-like device that really does nothing that special. The toilet seat itself is ordinary, so if their concept of the “bathroom of the future” does still appeal to you, opt for just the adaptors. 

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