What Is Arc Styler?

By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Nov 26, 2016

Created by Michel Mercier, the Arc Styler straightening brush claims to deliver beautifully straight, shiny, frizz-free results on all hair types, without crimping or flattening.

To accomplish this, we’re told Arc Styler features more than 50 precision heated discs that are staggered like brush bristles. Unlike normal bristles, though, these discs reduce tangling and tension, while ensuring that every strand is heated and straightened.

As a result, the company claims Arc Styler makes the straightening process as easy as brushing and allows it to work with even the thickest, most stubborn hair.

Finally, Arc Styler features something called variable heating technology that “automatically adjusts to the perfect temp for your hair type.” All you have to do is select your hair type on the screen (e.g. Puffy Curly, Thick Wavy, Soft Wavy, Fine Puffy, etc.) and get to it.

There’s no doubt that Arc Styler’s features seem useful and at first glance, and there doesn’t seem to be anything else quite like it. Does this mean it’ll provide you with a solid value, though? Can you expect to “say goodbye to fried hair forever”?

That’s exactly what we’ll spend our time helping you answer.

How Do Hair Straighteners Like Arc Styler Work? Which Features Should You Look For?

While the commercial mentioned Arc Styler works like “magic,” the reality is that there’s some pretty cool science behind it, so let’s quickly discuss.

Traditional straightening irons (also commonly called flat irons) accomplish this using two heated plates, between which strands of hair are placed. These plates are located at the end of a hinged ‘V,' allowing the user to close and open them as needed.

Hot brushes, on the other hand, look a lot like large traditional brushes with a cord at one end. These devices typically feature heated bristles and a heated base plate, which are intended to make straightening as easy as brushing your hair.

Now, many of your hair’s features (texture, bounce, curliness, etc.) are the result of three “ingredients”: keratin proteins, natural oils, and hydrogen bonds. Different hair types have different mixtures of these ingredients.

When you apply sufficient heat to your hair, regardless of the device used, it temporarily breaks down the hydrogen bonds and strips the oils and proteins. Once this occurs, the hair can be shaped at will, until it cools and the hydrogen bonds re-form.

Compared to traditional hot brushes with bristles, the manufacturer tells us that Arc Styler’s heated plates can reduce the pulling tension need to straighten your hair, while also ensuring more thorough heating.

Arc StylerArc Styler features 50+ heated plates the company claims can make the straightening process easier and less damaging.

Unanswered Questions About Arc Styler

However, the manufacturer doesn’t tell us a whole lot of information about many of Arc Styler’s key features.

For example, we’re not told exactly how Arc Styler’s bristles can reduce pulling tension (e.g. Are they spaced farther apart? Are they otherwise arranged in a special pattern? Does their flat design have anything to do with it?), so we can’t know if this claim is anything more than marketing hype.

Furthermore, we’re not told what material Arc Styler’s base plate is made from, which can make a big difference in your results:

  • Ceramic – This material is known to distribute heat evenly and prevent burning hair. You want plates that are solid and not simply ceramic-coated aluminum.
  • Tourmaline – As a coating, tourmaline heats evenly and prevents damage, but also generates negative ions to prevent frizz and deliver a sleek shine.
  • Titanium – This material is especially good at holding heat without creating hot spots, as well as delivering a sleek shine. It’s also very lightweight, which could make styling easier.

Lastly, while it’s positive that Arc Styler’s Variable Heating Technology allows you to change temperature based on your general hair type, it doesn’t appear that you’ll know exactly what temperature you’ll be working with. Again, this can make a big difference in your results, as well as potential damage to your hair.

For an in-depth discussion about plate materials and other must-have features (like a temperature gauge) in your next straightening tool, be sure to read How to Pick the Best Flat Iron for Your Hair Type & Budget!

Are There Other Hair Straighteners Like Arc Styler?

If you’re looking for a traditional flat iron or heated brush, you have hundreds of options to choose from. You’ll almost certainly find a meaningful number in the beauty sections of most local retailers, as well.

Many of these choices feature the same adjustable temperature settings as Arc Styler, but also add useful features like tourmaline plates and ionic heat that can help reduce hair damage and frizz.

We’ve even reviewed some of the more popular versions here at HighYa, including the Simply Straight Brush, Prestige Ionic Styler, Hot Fusion Brush, Maximizer Styler, and more. In fact, we performed some in-depth testing on the Simply Straight Brush, which might help you better gauge many of Arc Styler’s claims:

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However, if you’re looking for something exactly like Arc Styler’s 50+ heated, flat plates (in place of traditional bristles), it appears to be your only option.

From a price perspective, you’ll find traditional hair straightening tools fall somewhere in the $50 to $130+ range. Comparatively, what will you pay for Arc Styler?

How Much Does Arc Styler Cost?

One Arc Styler straightening brush is priced at $39.95, plus free S&H. During checkout, you’ll be able to purchase a second for an additional $10 fee.

All Arc Stylers come with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H. In order to request one, customer service can be reached at 888-326-0974.

Who, exactly, will you be calling?

Where Are All the Arc Styler Reviews? What Do We Know About the Manufacturer?

Despite its unique design, Arc Styler was too new at the time of our research for any customer reviews to accumulate. As a result, we can’t know if its heated plates will perform better in the real world than more traditional options.

However, most of the competition mentioned earlier come with 3-star average ratings or lower here on HighYa.

Some customers seemed to find that these heated brushes worked as advertised, although common complaints referenced less-than-stellar results (including damaged hair); especially that these devices tend to pull hair instead of straightening it.

Obviously, since Arc Styler’s heated plate design seems to be unique in the world of heated brushes, and it also comes from a completely different company, we’re certainly not saying you can expect the same.

Speaking of which, we’re also told very little about Arc Styler’s manufacturer. Based on their customer service phone number, though, it appears to be Emson Inc., the same company behind hugely popular As Seen on TV products like Gotham Steel Pans, XHOSE, Big Boss Insta Mop, TacLight, and many more.

Like nearly every product in this industry (not just those from Emson), these tend to come with 2-star or lower average ratings from HighYa readers. Common complaints reference lower quality than expected, limited usefulness, and less-than-stellar customer service experiences.

Don’t let this taint your view on Arc Styler, though, since it’s a brand new product and there’s no guarantee you’ll experience any of the same.

Who is Michel Mercier?

Michel Mercier originally studied hairdressing at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Paris, later opening his first salon in Israel at the age of 23.

Since that time, Michel has become a serial entrepreneur, first with the ColoRight system (sold to L’Oreal in 2014), as well as with a patented detangling brush originally marketed in 2006.

Today, Michel continues to develop products like the Arc Styler for worldwide companies like L’Oreal, Wella, and Procter & Gamble.

Will Arc Styler Deliver Results?

For the most part, flat irons and hot brushes should be able to provide the straightening results you’re looking for.

However, many consumers appear to agree that heated brushes present less opportunity to damage hair since you’re not pressing it in between plates. But heated brushes also aren’t as efficient at straightening as a flat iron, so if you have especially curly hair, you might not be pleased with the results.

Another potential downfall is that heated brushes are often more expensive than comparable flat irons. Although at $40 and free S&H, Arc Styler seems to have largely removed this stumbling block.

For the money, though, will it provide similar ease of use as these other options, while avoiding many of the disadvantages? We’ll have to wait until customer reviews start rolling in to find out.

With this said, Emson Inc. is a massive name in the ASOTV industry, who sells millions of units per year and they seem to stand behind Arc Styler with a 30-day refund policy— although you’ll have to pay to ship it back to the company.

In the end, only you can decide if it’s worth this small risk to try Arc Styler’s heated plates for yourself.

If you tried Arc Styler, be sure to share your experience by writing a review below!

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