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By HighYa Research Team
Published on: Jul 17, 2014

Have you recently watched an infomercial about Arthri-D3 and are wondering if it really is a revolutionary anti-inflammation supplement that can help give you a better quality of life? Are you also wondering if Arthri-D3’s N-Acetyl-Glucosamine and other natural ingredients can provide you with relief, or if it’s just a waste of money?

In order to answer these questions and many others about Arthri-D3, we performed some in-depth research and here’s what we found.

How Arthri-D3 Works

When compared to other joint health supplements such as Whole Body Joint Stimuflex and Omega XL, Arthri-D3 claims to be different by including N-Acetyl-Glucosamine, a derivative of glucose that may be helpful for joint health. In addition Arthri-D3 is also claimed to include other all-natural antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals in order to help you feel good and to remain active.

To accomplish this, Arthri-D3 is claimed to include the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin C 7mg
  • Vitamin D 1,000IU
  • Magnesium 40mg
  • Proprietary Blend: NAG (N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine), Chondroitin Sulfate, Tumeric Extract, Rice Flour, Boswellia Serrata, Ashwaganda, Yucca (root), Bromelain, Evening Primrose oil, Perna Canaliculus, Hyaluronic Acid

According to the Arthri-D3 website, you should take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening, preferably with food. The manufacturer also claims that Arthri-D3 causes no side effects, and that it should be used for three months in order to realize full benefits.

Arthri-D3 Pricing & Refund Policy

Each bottle of Arthri-D3 constitutes a one-month supply (120 capsules), and is available through several different purchasing options:

  • 1 Bottle: $99.99 plus $9.99 S&H
  • 1 Bottle w/Autoship: $89.99 plus $9.99 S&H
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free: $199.98 plus $17.99 S&H
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free w/Autoship: $199.98 plus $17.99 S&H
  • Buy 3 Get 3 Free: $299.97 plus $17.99 S&H

If you choose a purchasing option that includes the autoship program, this means that you’ll continue receiving 1 bottle of Arthri-D3 each month, and your credit card will be billed $79.99 plus $7.99 S&H each time. According to the Arthri-D3 website, your autoship program can be cancelled at any time.

If purchased directly through the manufacturer, Arthri-D3 comes with a 30 or 90-day refund policy, less S&H charges and a $10 restocking fee, depending on the number of bottles you purchased. In order to initiate the refund process, you’ll need to contact customer service at 800-824-4155 in order to obtain an RMA number.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About Arthri-D3?

Based on our research, it appears that Arthri-D3 has an evenly mixed online customer reputation, with the most common compliments citing that the supplement works well and that inflammation/joint pain was reduced. On the other hand, by far the most common complaints were failure to experience results, high price, and difficulty processing refunds/cancelling autoship programs.

What’s the Bottom Line About Arthri-D3?

With all of this in mind, if you suffer from arthritis or other types of joint pain, is Arthri-D3 worth the high price? Maybe, but we strongly recommend considering the following prior to placing your order.

Ingredients & Clinical Evidence

First, the N-Acetyl-Glucosamine found in Arthri-D3 is derived from crustacean shells, so it should not be considered suitable for individuals with shellfish allergies.

With this in mind, there is very little clinical evidence showing that N-Acetyl-Glucosamine has any effect on arthritis or any other types of joint inflammation, so this “revolutionary” ingredient may not make Arthri-D3 very different from most of the other joint supplements available. In fact, other than Chondroitin, there is very little evidence showing that any of the ingredients contained in Arthri-D3 have any effect on joint inflammation whatsoever. For additional information about supplement claims and clinical evidence, be sure to read through HighYa’s Nutritional Supplements Buyer’s Guide.

The Overall Value

Next, Arthri-D3 comes at a steep price; one which may not necessarily be in line with its benefits, according to many consumers. In fact, we read several reviews claiming that many of the supplement’s ingredients can be purchased from a health food store for much less.

Your Personal Information

Finally, according to Arthri-D3’s Privacy Policy, your information may be shared with “other unrelated outside third parties” who might then contact you in an attempt to sell you their services. In other words, after ordering Arthri-D3, it’s likely that you can expect some unwanted sales calls.

And the Bottom line

Between murky clinical evidence for its ingredients and high price, you may want to speak with your physician about all your joint inflammation options before settling on Arthri-D3.


  • Claims to feature all-natural ingredients that can help reduce joint inflammation and pain.
  • Claims to provide whole food nutrition, including glucosamine and key plant extracts.
  • 30 or 90-day return policy, depending on the number of bottles purchased.


  • Murky clinical evidence for the ingredients contained in Arthri-D3.
  • High price and S&H fees.
  • All refunds are subject to a $10 restocking fee.

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  • 64 out 66 people found this review helpful

    Rip Off

    • Denver, CO,
    • Jul 15, 2016
    • Verified Reviewer

    Used these products for 3 months and did not have any better results than with less expensive products. At 3 months, called to cancel and discovered I had been put on an auto ship program.

    They are delinquent in providing refund policy. I had paid $247.96 plus $17.99 shipping & handling, and only received less than $137 as refund. High price for this product and their customer service department is not very pleasant to deal with. Choose any one of other similar products to test.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 70 out 71 people found this review helpful


    Not worth the purchase.

    The product is 1000mg Vitamin D, 7mg Vitamin C, 40mg Magnesium.

    Blend of: Naag, Chondroitin​, Rice Flower, Turmeric​, Boswellia, Ashwagandha, Yucca, Bromelain, Evening Primrose​ Oil, Perna Canaliculus, Hyaluronic Acid (sodium).

    You can buy a bottle Vitamin D with the exact ingredients way cheaper. This product is simply a  1000mg Vitamin D.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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  • 24 out 32 people found this review helpful

    Good Stuff

    • Santa Rosa, CA,
    • Jul 15, 2015

    I have arthritis in my neck. After 42 visits to different forms of therapy within six months, I was told I had it in my neck.

    I can not move my head more than a few inches; it's like it's frozen and cannot be moved. The doctors prescribed Gabapentin and it helped but I was reading the side effects which included memory loss and poor eyesight. I heard an infomercial on TV one morning and it said if it didn't help you could get your money back and the ingredients were all natural.

    I called and decided to try it. I have found that I still have a little discomfort but it works just as well as the prescription drugs without all the side effects. My eyesight was starting to get worse so I went to get glasses. I couldn't wear the glasses and I stopped taking the drug. My eyesight is back to where it was before I started taking prescription drugs.

    It may not work for everyone. It is pricey but without having to worry about side effects, it's worth it to me.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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  • 56 out 60 people found this review helpful

    This is a scam!

    • Midvale, UT,
    • Feb 23, 2015

    This product is way over priced. I took it for a few weeks and it did nothing to help my arthritis. I have researched it and found that it can do more harm to your body than good. Having too much vitamin D can be very harmful to ones body. Stay away from this product. It is a scam

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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