A Deeper Look into Solavei Through a Stay at Home Mom

I was one of those people that bought the first iPhone right when it came out, and with it came the two-year contract. Every time a new one came out I bought it, along with a brand new contract. I paid about $280 per month for two lines, which I was fine with for years, because I had the best phone available. And who can live without a cell phone or internet service these days? Then, we started going over our allowable usage, and my bill suddenly crept up to about $320 per month! That’s when it hit me—that’s more than I pay for my car! All of a sudden my comfort with high cell phone bills disappeared, and something inside of me was stirred. There just had to be a better way!

While my husband uses the phone for business, I’m a stay at home mom, so I was certain that I could find cheaper service. So, in June of last year, I started looking into prepaid service providers. As I do with everything else, I was posting about my experience on Facebook when a friend emailed me to tell me about a new company that was launching. And that’s how I first got started with Solavei.

Become Part of Something

I was so excited to learn that my bill could be reduced to only $49 (plus tax) per line. My husband was a bit leery of the service, so I agreed to get my phone first. Because I was one of the first few thousand people to join, we got our service about a month early and were members of the beta test team. It was a great feeling to be an active part in something new and exciting. I was immediately very pleased with the service, although I did have to replace my beloved iPhone with a Galaxy S3 (back then Androids still worked faster on Solavei). It took a few days to figure out my new monster-sized phone, but I quickly realized that bigger really is better!

How Solavei Works

So after we found that the service was great and that I loved my new phone, my husband finally decided to join me. As business owners we were very interested in the compensation plan, and in really working the business side of Solavei, which sounds like a great deal. For every three people you sign up for the service, you will make $20 per month! That’s right; per month! Everything is done using what Solavei has named a “trio,” which just means any three people who have signed up for service. And as long as those people keep using their cell phones on Solavei, you continue to get paid.

But that’s not even the best part! Most people have friends or family who would be interested in the program as well, so after signing them up, you get paid $10 for every trio your people sign up. Below these two levels the compensation plan gets much broader, which is something I will explain later in one of my follow up articles. So, not only are you able to make money, but you also show people they can do it too! And I’m telling you, it’s a great feeling to watch them start to save money at the beginning, and then to actually make some as time goes on.

To get started, we did as Solavei recommends and used the outreach manager feature through Solavei.com, which helped us to send out emails to all of our friends and contacts; we told everyone! Some were eager to join us, while some accused us of taking part in a pyramid scheme. Now, eight months later, many have joined us, and we have five free lines in our house, in addition to making a few hundred extra dollars per month.

Now that we have pretty much signed up all our family and most of our friends, we are looking into ways to market to a bigger audience. Friends of ours have wrapped their cars, and we are certainly considering doing the same. Hey, if your cell company is paying your car payment, why not make it into a big advertisement? Maybe someday soon it will pay your mortgage as well. The new motto with a lot of leaders in Solavei is “all in,” because we realize the time is now. If we do everything we can, we can build a successful business that will impact our future, as well as those for generations to come.

Put Money Back in Your Pocket

I agreed to write a series of these articles, and in the near future I will write more about what we have tried as far as marketing, and outline what worked and what failed. Solavei is a big team, and I love the willingness of the leaders to share information. If it succeeds, it will be good for all of us! This is not a competition—this is all of us working together toward making things better, taking back money from big ad companies, and putting it back into our pockets. That’s why they call it the “revolution;” because the idea is big. It starts with cell service (almost like Amazon started with just books), but its future is big and bright, and has the potential to reach far beyond just phones.

Solavei marketplace was just announced a couple days ago, and it’s definitely a game changer, because they are brining an experience close to other online sites and apps that feature savings for their members. Big name companies like Kohl’s, Home Depot, Starbucks and more have already signed up, and we will be able to save 2%-15% at these retailers when we shop using our Solavei card!  The other side of this is that when people we signed up shop there, we get paid too! The whole thing is set to roll out in September, and we will get more specific information as the date approaches. I can’t wait to find out more and to add that as another source of income with Solavei.

Why Wait?

So far, it has been nothing short of a great experience. Good service, good people, and new experiences. Whether you want to make this a full time pursuit or just make your cell phone bill disappear, I highly recommend you look at Solavei. It is a great company, featuring a great product, and is doing commerce like no one has done it before.

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